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Jack The Giant Slayer
Description: If you liked Jack the Giant Slayer movie, then you will love to play the game called Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon's Fury. In Jack the Giant Slayer: Fallon's Fury, you are Fallon, the two headed-leader of the giants and your task is to raise havok by running to the castle and smash everything on your way.Fallon can become enraged by eating livestock. Try to click on as many cows and sheep within reach of Fallon and fill the 'rage' counter. When enraged, each object smashed will award you three times as many points!
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Pour jouer Jack le tueur de géant: Fallon \ 's Fury, vous contrôlerez en pointant le Fallon curseur de la souris où il a besoin de courir et de casser des objets en cliquant dessus. Gagnez plus de points en cliquant précisément sur les objets et les personnages.

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