Freefall Tournament

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W or Up Arrow: Move Forward A or Left Arrow: Move Left S or Down Arrow: Move Back D or Right Arrow: Move Right Spacebar: Jump/Jetpack Left Click: Fire Right Click: Alt Fire 1: Weapon 1 2: Weapon 2 Mouse Wheel: Change Weapons R: Reload/Special Q or Mouse Button 5: Ultimate (Qtility) E or Mouse Button 4: Melee Left Shift: Thrust Down (Fall Faster). Hold to activate Sliding (maintains momentum, but hard to turn) F: Class Specific Bomb (F-Bomb) T: Chat G: Team Chat C: Switch to Class Select Tab: Switch to Team O: Switch to Settings
Freefall TournamentFreefall Tournament

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Game Details

Freefall Tournament

FreeFall Tournament is a fast-paced, space marines third person shooter (TPS). It’s a free to play browser game made by Free Range Games in Unity3D. (Ureal Tournament Clone) There are 8 classes with unique bombs, weapons, and special abilities. Jetpack through 3 low gravity maps and lock-on target to defeat your opponents in aerial combat. There are ranks, which unlock armor upgrades, all the way up to general. Good luck in the Freefall Tournament!

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