King of Fighters Wing EX

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=Player 1 = J: Heavy Punch K: Heavy Kick L: Emergency Escape U: Weak Punch I: Weak Kick O: Power burst =Player 2 = Arrow Keys: move 1: Heavy Punch 2: Heavy Kick 3: Emergency Escape 4: Weak Punch 5: Weak Kick 6: Power burst Train and try to figure out special key combinations. All control can be changed by going to “config” menu.
King of Fighters Wing EXKing of Fighters Wing EX

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King of Fighters Wing EX

Kof-wing-exKing of Fighters Wing EX is a new step in the field of KOF with more action, new combinations.It has been 7 Years since the first KOF wing was born (2007). Now in 2014 with the release of KOF Wing Ex, we take the next step into the future.Choose your favorite character and try to beat your opponents with your fighting skills.

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