Ultimate Spiderman Iron Spider

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ARROW = Move / C = Web swing / X = Web shoot / Attack / SPACE = Teammate attack
Ultimate Spiderman Iron SpiderUltimate Spiderman Iron Spider

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Ultimate Spiderman Iron Spider

Ultimate SpidermanUltimate Spiderman – Someone has stolen from the Helicarrier! No one messes with Spider-Man’s team or his stuff. Let’s do it! Marvel has made again a great Spiderman Game, featured by this hero, but playable with other heroes too. Game which story begins when someone enter in the Helicarrier and stole the Spider Armor. You will count with the help of Power Man and other heroes which has lost their items too. Find them to unlock those heroes. No one messes with Spiderman. Someone has stolen the Iron Spider armor! Help Ultimate Spiderman get it back!

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