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Description:Aero Fighters (known as Sonic Wings in Japan) is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released in 1992 by Video System, ported to the Super Famicom in 1993 and the Super Nintendo in 1994.Have fun playing this great retro shoot'em up game . The pixelized retro graphics, and beepy noises, will bring back some memories. Aero Fighters is a vertical scrolling shooter. There are four pilots from four countries (Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States) involved in a war. Each country has their own plane: F18, FSX, AJ-37 or AV-8. Every plane has a different upgradeable primary and special weapon.
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RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load

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After choosing either "1 Player" or "2 Player" from the title screen, players will be able to choose their character. A player can only chose a fighter from their respective side (that is, each player can only choose 4 of the 8 characters). In a 2-player game, the player that begins the game determines the available nation of both fighters, until the game ends.

There are 8 stages in this game. The beginning stages consists of randomly chosen areas from nations of unselected fighters (assuming those fighters have nations). If Rabio or Lepus is chosen, all 4 rival nation stages become playable. After completing all rival nation stages, there are 4 more stages.

In the SNES version, the are 2 stage loops, and the order of rival nations is fixed. In the 2nd loop, the game's difficulty increased, except in the very hard difficulty, where the 2nd loop is easier.

Player and team-specific endings occur after completing the 1st loop. After completing the 2nd loop, the ending consists of all pilot pairs giving a speech, with the 2nd pilot in the last pair giving a cheat code.

The SNES version adds hidden boss attack and time attack modes, and 2 hidden playable fighters, Rabio and Lepus (from Rabio Lepus, known outside of Japan as Rabbit Punch).

This version was released in limited quantities outside of Japan, and is one of the rarest cartridges for the SNES.

The Japanese version does not use kanji in text as in the arcade version.

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