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    Aero Fighters Arcade  (known as Sonic Wings in Japan) is a vertical scrolling shoot ’em up arcade game released in 1992 by Video System, ported to the Super Famicom in 1993 and the Super Nintendo in 1994.Have fun playing this great retro shoot’em up game . The pixelized retro graphics, and beepy noises, will bring back some memories. Aero Fighters is a vertical scrolling shooter. There are four pilots from four countries (Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States) involved in a war. Each country has their own plane: F18, FSX, AJ-37 or AV-8. Every plane has a different upgradeable primary and special weapon. The Game is famous for its large cast of characters, unheard of in 1992. Each pair of characters represents one of four nations. Read More

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    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load
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    Aero Fighters, known as Sonic Wings (ソニックウィングス Sonikku~uingusu) in Japan, is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game originally released in 1992 by Video System and ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. It was the first in the Aero Fighters series, and a spiritual successor to the 1991 Turbo Force.


    This game uses basic shooter mechanics. Press button 1 to fire normal weapons; this can be upgraded by collecting P or the rare F items, though the maximum power level has a hidden ammo count, after which you will return to the previous power level. Press button 2 to use a powerful special attack; uses are limited to how many B items you've collected (every life starts with two). Some ground enemies will drop score items when destroyed; they appear as the currency of the selected character's nation. By default, you start with three lives, and can acquire one more at 200,000 points.

    Aero Fighters is famous for its large cast of characters, unheard of in 1992. Each pair of characters represents one of four nations. The two player sides may only select the four characters given (one for each nation). In a two player game, only a single nation can be chosen.

    The game has seven stages divided into two parts. The first three stages are selected randomly from a group of four, with one for each character's nation; however, a character will never go to its nation's stage. The other four stages are fixed. After beating all seven stages, you see the character's ending, then play much harder versions of those stages, after which the game truly ends.


    Although Video System's main headquarters opened in Japan, they eventually opened a U.S. branch office. Sometime in 1992, Video System's U.S. office changed its name to McO'River, Inc., and was given the licensing rights to distribute Aero Fighters arcade machines throughout the United States. Aero Fighters was ported to the Super NES in 1993, first released in Japan. This version is different from the arcade original, but based heavily on it. It adds Rabio (player 1 side) and Lepus (player 2 side) from Video System's earlier Rabio Lepus as playable characters. The same year, McO'River was supposed to publish 3 Super Famicom ports of arcade games in the U.S. While Video System developed and published numerous titles in Japan, McO'River was only able to publish 2 of them in the U.S.: Hyper V-Ball in June, 1994; and Aero Fighters in November, 1994. While the former is an easy-to-find game, the latter is considered by video game collectors to be one of the rarest games ever released on the Super NES.

    An emulated version of the game was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 as part of the Japan-exclusive Oretachi Gēsen Zoku series.


    GamePro gave the Super NES version a negative review, saying the weapons are imaginative but the game suffers from slowdown, mediocre graphics, weak sound effects, and "monotonous" music, concluding "Aero Fighters' action won't stay with you - it's a temporary thrill that eventually retreats to the hanger."


    Main articles: Aero Fighters 2, Aero Fighters 3, Sonic Wings Special, and Aero Fighters AssaultSee also: Psikyo

    Shin Nakamura, the main designer of Aero Fighters and a number of other Video System games, disliked the company's plan to start developing on the Neo Geo. He wanted to make more vertical games like Aero Fighters, but found it hard to do so on a horizontal monitor. He and other like-minded employees left to found Psikyo, with the similar Samurai Aces being their first game.

    McO'River would never publish another title under that name. Back at Video System, meanwhile, other employees teamed up with the remaining Aero Fighters staff to begin work on sequels. Aero Fighters 2 and Aero Fighters 3 were released for the Neo Geo. Sonic Wings Special, a sort of "dream match" game based on the three previous entries, was released for the Sega Saturn and later for the PlayStation. Soon after, Special was reworked for the arcades into Sonic Wings Limited. In 1997, McO'River, Inc. changed its name to Video System U.S.A., Inc. A year later, Paradigm Entertainment developed Aero Fighters Assault for Video System. Sonic Wings Special and Limited were both made for a vertical monitor like the first game. Similarly, Nakamura would make Strikers 1945 Plus for the Neo Geo a few years later.


    Video System Co., Ltd. (ビデオシステム株式会社) was a software company that was founded and ran by software designer Koji Furukawa in Kyoto, Japan in December 1984. It was best known for making video game titles for the arcades,[4] though it also made games for other platforms, including the Super NES, Neo-Geo and Nintendo 64.

    Video System released arcade games throughout Japan and the U.S., such as Tail to Nose, the F1 Grand Prix series, Karate Blazers, Tao Taido, Rabbit Punch (known as Rabio Lepus in Japan), Turbo Force, Super Volleyball, Super Slams (published by Kaneko), and the Aero Fighters series.

    In popular culture

    YouTube celebrity and famous author John Green, having coming across the game in the Savannah Airport, mistakenly read the title as "Nerd Fighters" while filming a video post addressing his brother Hank Green on the popular YouTube channel Vlogbrothers on February 17, 2007 "Nerdfighters" and "Nerdfighteria" eventually became the collective title of the Vlogbrothers' fan community.[6] On September 2013, he was given an Aero Fighters arcade cabinet as a gift.

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  • Aero Fighters Walkthrough


    There are a total of 7 stages, taking place in various locations around theworld. What follows is a description of each stage; the places, the enemies,and the bosses.

    First, it should be noted that the first 3 stages are arranged randomly. Thereare actually 4 random stages, but you'll only play 3 of them; the only one youwon't be playing is the stage that's the same country as that of your chosenplane (e.g., if you play as Hien or Mao, you won't encounter the Japan stage).

    And now, the stages...

    STAGE: U.S.A.

    The stage begins with you flying high over the city before descending close tothe sea. You'll be battling helicopters, jets, and submarines before taking onthe boss, a large battleship with plenty of gun turrets and missile launchers.You'll slowly make your way to the battleship's bridge as you battle its manyweapons and support choppers that occasionally show up.


    In this stage, you'll be flying close to the city. You can destroy buildingsand vehicles as you go; just be careful of the tanks and the choppers that aremoving around behind the buildings. Soon, you'll come across a giant building;and that's when you fight the boss, a weird-looking green machine. Watch out,because it'll burst out of the building with its laser attack (and yes, thiscan kill you). It'll then fly across the devastated city as it tries to shootyou down with its guns, extending harpoons, and laser cannon. Be sure to keepan eye on the ground for enemy tanks as you fight this boss.

    STAGE: SWEDENYou'll be flying high over the sea and mountains in this stage. Lots of jetsto shoot down here, some of them emerging from hangars in the mountain range.Also, be wary of hidden guns that emerge from the forests. Soon, you'll reacha small base; that's the boss, and it's packed with lots of gun turrets. Don'tbe fooled though, because this base is actually much bigger than it looks...


    Choppers, turrets, and lots of tanks in this stage. You'll be flying overgrasslands, an old castle, and a field before arriving at an air base; there,you'll take on some jets before chasing after the boss, a large bomber that'sabout to take off. It's got plenty of guns, some of which are on its wings(they're destroyable, by the way); enemy jets will also occasionally lift offfrom the runway below and support the bomber.


    You'll be taking on choppers, jets, and tanks as you fly over this arid place.You'll encounter a couple of gun towers and then fly on into the desert whereyou battle the boss, a gigantic armored vehicle. It starts out with only acouple of cannons and a turret, but it'll expose more weapons once it expands.Support choppers will also occasionally launch from the boss to pester you.


    Over the sea you go as you face battleships, gunboats, jets, and an aircraftcarrier. And then you fly on to battle the boss, a large hovercraft with manygun turrets. This hovercraft shoots a lot, launches gunboats, and moves prettyfast for its size; all that, and support jets will occasionally come in toharass you. This boss is quite difficult...


    This stage has choppers, jets, and many tanks. Not only that, but even thebuildings are out to get you; towers will launch and try to collide with you,and a couple of palaces will attack you with guns and hovering structures.Once you get past all that, you'll fly high into the sky and battle the boss,a large black jet. After a while, a second similar jet will join it (you'llsee it flying below over the sea before emerging). Aside from shooting down atyou, both of these jets also launch missiles that go forward but fire bulletsdownwards at you. This is quite a hard battle, but you can make it easier bytaking down the first jet before the second jet appears.


    You'll be flying high above the planet in this final stage. Lots of strangemachines to take on as you make your way to a great satellite platform; in themiddle, you'll encounter a big machine. This is the sub-boss, and it's quitedangerous as it lets loose with fast waves of bullets and two cannons thatfire straight down. Once you get past it, you'll fight some more machinesbefore arriving at the end of the satellite; there, a space shuttle will takeoff. This is another sub-boss, and it'll take you on with plenty of guns; andonce it's damaged enough, it'll start sending down electric barriers. Twoprobes will also detach from the shuttle and attack you as well.

    Once the shuttle has had enough, it'll release the final boss; a large rocketwith a lot of different segments. You'll fight these segments (some of whichwill detach from the rocket) until you finally reach the skull-shaped warhead.If the both of you start falling through the atmosphere, that means you betterhurry up because the boss will escape soon!

    Sometimes though, you won't get the rocket. Instead, the shuttle will releasea capsule; and from that capsule will break out a monkey. Yes, a monkey. Itshoots at you with palm attacks, it unleashes bullet waves, and it summonssmaller monkeys to attack you. This is the Aero Fighters games' very firstinstance of a silly final boss, and it won't be the last ;)

    And in case you're wondering, the bad endings of the rocket and monkey areindeed different.

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