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It's time for some violent 1 on 1 combats to the death in this cool fighting game Art of Free Fight! Choose your fighter and start kicking some butts performing all kinds of combos. Play against the CPU or one of your best friends. Have fun in Art of Free Fight! Puplisher A10 . Your main goal is to defeat your opponents. It won’t be that easy though, because you can get matched against either a beginner level fighter or the closest thing to a greek god you’ll see in your lifetime. You can play the single player mode, a tournament or a two-player mode where you fight against your friend on the same keyboard. Find out who’s the strongest by killing your opponent. Duck and cover at the right moment and deal the deadliest of blows. It’s all up to you.

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Game Category: Fighting, WebGL

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Player 1: Arrows = move / jump / crouch, 1/2/4/5 = attack. Player 2: ESDF = move / jump/ crouch, Y/U/H/J = attack

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