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    Backflipper is a sports game in which you need to make backflips. It is similar in gameplay to Flip Diving and Flip Master, and is made by MotionVolt . This time, you are challenged to do backflips on top of various platforms! You need to flip beautifully and land perfectly to get a good score. Earn money as you play and unlock more locations with beautiful views.Perform backflips at the rooftops, park, over speeding cars, on moving elevators and over airplanes and be the best Backflipper ever!With a custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll Physics, now first time at small snackable size mobile game with edgy graphical style, the Backflipper is the most dynamic and entertaining backflipping experience ever created!
  • How to Play Backflipper

    Mouse - Click, hold, and move to flip and land
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    Most people get down from things in the same tired old ways: using the elevator, carefully climbing, cautiously treading. YAWN.

    Backflipper on is for the dreamers. This casual physics game, playable right now for free on Poki, lets you get down from things in pretty much the most dangerous way possible: by backflipping.

    Here’s how it works. You play as an adorably cuboid person (a boy at first, but you can unlock a girl too) who’s standing on the top of a skyscraper with an arrow passing shakily over their head.

    This arrow determines the trajectory you’ll launch yourself at, and as soon as you click your left mouse button you’re away, tumbling through the air until you tap the left button a second time to slow your tumble right down.

    The aim, of course, is to land on your feet on the next highest flat surface. Whenever this happens, you’re rewarded with a satisfying on-screen boom and an internal surge of adrenalin because you are absolutely crushing it.

    While you don’t need to think about power, your launch angle is crucial. It’s all too easy to get the trajectory wrong and end up crunchily bouncing to your death like a sobbing ragdoll. Equally, if you get the timing of your second mouse click wrong you’ll end up hitting your target head-first, which also results in death and, worse, failure.

    On the way down you’ll come across coins hovering in mid-air, and birds swooping across the screen. Collide with these and you’ll earn currency that you can spend on unlocking extra characters and maps.

    These come at various different prices, with the relatively basic Tree Flips costing a mere 25 coins, and Jet Flips – where you jump from plane to plane – coming in at a cool 200.

    There’s plenty to unlock in Backflipper, and each new map is its own high score table, so you’ve always got plenty to keep you occupied.

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