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    Battleboats.io is an intense sea battle game in which you compete against other players from around the world. The goal is to destroy your enemies’ base! You need to move the big bomb to the enemy’s headquarters by picking up the mine crates; the bomb moves closer with each crate you pick up. In Battleboats.io you can level up your boat by collecting enough experience crates. At certain levels, your boat is upgraded with a better cannon. Shoot down big cannons and other players on the map. You have limited ammo but you can always restock by picking up the ammo crates. Don’t let the enemies get in your way to glory! BattleBoats is developed by Electronauts. It’s currently in Beta, so you can expect frequent updates and improvements! Read More

  • How to Play Battleboats.io

    W or up arrow to accelerate, AD or left/right arrow to rotate, Space bar to open fire directions. Q and E to fire bombs. Left click to move freely or shoot enemies
  • Battleboats.io Wiki

    Battleboats.io Overview

    Battleboats.io is a beautiful war themed team battle .io game found online. Like other .io games, it is played directly in your internet browser without the need to download to your desktop or mobile devices. However, there is a mobile app available and we recommend you download it if playing via mobile because it affects the gameplay. If playing on desktop, there is no need to register either. All that is required is to give yourself a nickname. However, if you do register, you can track your stats and open up additional bonuses for the game. In the game, you play as a war ship tasked with taking out the enemy combantants' headquarters. You get to team up with 3 other players for a 4 on 4 battle. Overall, we enjoyed the graphics (very much, in fact). No, seriously, the graphics are perfect in this game. Additionally, the movements of your ship was very smooth with no lag. Finally, the clear objectives, power-ups, and teamwork capabilities brought battleboats.io over the top for us. You have to try this game out the next time you have a chance!

    Battleboats.io Strategy

    We came up with a batteboats.io strategy or two to definitely give you an advantage when playing. The first strategy or tip is get comfortable dropping mines. Unlike many other .io games in this genre, you actually do not have guns to fire on the enemy. Instead, you drop mines in the water for them to crash in to. Trigger the mine feature with the space bar and deploy the mines with either the q or e keys (depending on which side you want to drop them). The second strategy is to stay out of the radius of the enemy HQ until you are ready! The HQ has powerful cannons that will blow you out of the water. We learned this the hard way, but now you can use these battleboats.io strategies to your advantage!

    Right now there are two modes: HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch.

    In HQ Destruction the goal is to destroy the enemy HQ by moving the own big sea mine towards the enemy base. To achieve this goal, you not only have to destroy enemy ships by using your canons or torpedoes, but also by collecting different kind of chest that are floating on the surface.

    In Team Deathmatch the goal is to destroy more enemy ships within a certain timeframe than the opposing team.

    Collect the following crates:

    Mine crates: They shine in the colour of your team and move your own mine towards the enemy HQ.

    XP crates: Collect them to upgrade your ship. The more your ship evolves the more damage it deals and the more it can take.

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  • Battleboats.io Walkthrough

    How to play

    The aim of the Battleboats io is to bring your mine to the base of the enemy. Look attentively: your boat appears in the red circle. A huge water mine is swimming near your base. To move this mine to the enemy’s base, collect 50 boxes with the sign of the mine. They are located in the center of the map (the cursor is guiding you there) and protected by shooting cannons and laser systems. To destroy the cannon, approach the cannon for a distance of the shot and click it. Then, your ship starts shooting at the cannon. But if the cannon is destroyed, some time passes, and it appears again. Laser systems can’t be destroyed. Just try to escape them, because the damage from a laser is huge.

    Collect health and ammo boxes to restore your HP or to get new ammo. Also, collect the boxes with XP in order to upgrade the level, your boat will become stronger and more powerful.

    Battleboats io has an original system of battle with other players. Press the Space, to choose the direction of bombes. They can be thrown from the left board or from the right board. Press Q or E, and your boat will shoot with three mines. The damage of three mines is huge.


    Use WASD to move
    Make a click to attack the cannons (when you approach for a distance of the shot)
    Use Space to prepare for throwing the mines
    Use Q E to choose direction of the mines

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  • Battleboats.io Cheats

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