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    Burnin Rubber Cartapult is the awesome catapult game in which you get the oppurtunity to cause chaos in the inner city. You have set up your catapult on the roof of a skyscraper building with burnin rubber as your ammunition.

    Have fun destroying the city as you pick your targets and fire at will. The more destruction that you cause with the gasoline filled barrels the points that you get. Pick high value objects and targets to really rack up your score. Enjoy this arcade game and every bit of destruction that comes with it. Burnin Rubber Cartapult was developed by XForm

  • How to Play Burnin Rubber Cartapult

    Arrow keys = Aim / Space or Z = Fire / X or Shift = Add Gas Cans
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    The player is supposed to launch vehicles into the traffic of The City.

    Before launching a vehicle, the player has a certain amount of barrels next to the catapult which can be placed on the vehicle. Once they level up, they can place more barrels on the vehicle.

    The player is supposed to launch vehicles into the traffic to level up and unlock more vehicles, barrels, and more vehicles to destroy.

    The player starts off with the Nemesis, Hound, or the Giant. Some of these vehicles that the player will unlock later have special abilities such as causing heavy destruction (BT One), shooting (Tank), and jumping fast (Panini).

    There are also big signs spread all over in the city. Blue signs give the player more vehicles, red signs give the player more barrels, and green signs give the player cash. The player cannot do anything with the cash, it is only used for the total score.


    This is the only Burnin' Rubber game that does not feature free roam or missions driving since this game is focused on launching cars to destroy objects, hence the name Cartapult.

    This is the third spin-off from the Burnin' Rubber series after Burnin' Rubber Shift and Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn.

    Apparently, the negative reviews on Xform's discord server make this game look like it is not appreciated by the community at all, due to its "boring" gameplay, as they call it.

    The game features a bug, where the player can level up extremely fast and unlock everything quickly. It was the last Burnin' Rubber game in 2018.
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