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  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a 2D side scrolling beat’em up, based on the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs animated series. The game has 4 playable characters: Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Mustapha Cairo and Mess O’Bradovich. Gameplay is similar to Capcom‘s other beat’em ups (for example Final Fight) players go right, fight against enemies and bosses, collect bonuses and weapons (knives, UZIs etc). In one level, players get into the Cadillac, and can squash enemies. They are done in the same way for all the characters, but have varying degrees of effectiveness per character. By pressing attack and jump together, the player performs a 360 attack with momentary invulnerability that knocks down nearby enemies. Read More

  • How to Play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load
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  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Wiki

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, released in Japan as Cadillacs Kyouryuu Shinseiki (キャディラックス 恐竜新世紀 Kyadirakkusu Kyōryū Shinseki?) is an arcade game developed and published by Capcom. Released in April 1993,[1] it is a side-scrolling beat 'em up based on the American comic book series Xenozoic Tales. The game was produced as a tie-in to the short-lived Cadillacs and Dinosaurs animated series which was aired during the same year the game was released. The game has to date never been ported to any consoles.


    Up to three players can play at once, guiding their selected characters through eight stages, battling various enemies and bosses. There are four playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: Jack (balanced type), Hannah (skill type), Mustapha (speed type), and Mess (power type). The game's titular dinosaurs make appearances as neutral characters that may attack both player characters and enemies.

    In Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, the player has access to several attacks. Each character has two special moves including one that depletes a character's health upon contact with an enemy and when two or more players play together, they can trigger a team-attack. Players can also find and use various firearms, throwing weapons such as rocks and explosives, and melee weapons such as clubs.


    The plot is based on the comic "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" and takes place in the "City In The Sea" and its neighboring nearby jungle. The story starts 500 years from the 20th century, when an ensemble gang called the Black Marketeers begin hunting the dinosaurs to serve their unknown purpose. The continuous hunting process has made the dinosaurs violent and now they have started attacking villages and people.

    In order to get things sorted again, mechanic and shaman Jack Tenrec, diplomat and explorer by profession Hannah Dundee, friend and engineer Mustapha Cairo, and mysterious Mess O'Bradovich have decided to team up against the evil deeds of the Black Marketeers. The protagonists reach "the City in the Sea" where they suspect the whole hunting network being operating from. They finds themselves surrounded by Vice Terhune's men as they reach the top of Eastcoast 2513 building. Vice orders his men to attack the group to keep them away from the business. Fighting all the men, the four finally get their hands on Vice Terhune. After being beaten, Vice tells them about Butcher, who had been hunting in the northern woods.

    Following the information provided by Vice Terhune, the heroes reaches the swamp forest where they find a lot of dead dinosaurs. Proceeding through the forest they finally reach the place where the butcher is chopping a dead dinosaur with his two machetes. The butcher attacks but ends up being beaten lifeless. Meanwhile, another big name in the hunting network, Hogg, realizes that Jack is busy in the swamp forest and decides to take over Jack's Garage.

    Proceeding with the mission, the heroes go through the desert of death, where they use their car to travel safely. But then the car is chased by Hogg on his cruiser motorcycle. Hogg attacks the car with hand grenades while they try to hit him back with the car. After defeating Hogg, Jack realizes that the gangsters have taken over his garage.

    The entrance of the garage is blocked with barrels, but the heroes drives through the barrels using their car. They clear out the garage, killing all the gangsters there where they confront Slice, a Mohawk haired guy with boomerangs; the team manages to defeat Slice, regaining control of their garage. This is when they receive a message from an old villager who tells them about the weird behavior of the dinosaurs and asks for help.

    In response to the villager's call, the heroes reaches the village where they notice dinosaurs violently attacking the people. They also notice that the village has been set on fire by someone. Going ahead further, they meet the old villager who asked for the help. The villager tells about the whole network and as soon as he is about to reveal the name of the person behind all these activities, he is shot dead with an Uzi by Morgan. Morgan attacks the group as well with Uzi, rocks, grenades and knives, but the four manage to beat him. After receiving some beating from the team, Morgan talks about the powers of "doctor" transforms himself into a dinosaur-like creature called Morgue. The Morgue is beaten lifeless. By now, they have come to know that some doctor is trying to create new lifeforms.

    Proceeding ahead, the heroes reach the coal mine and another jungle, where they face a dinosaur trying to stomp them. They eventually reach a place where they encounter a few gangsters with a metal box. The metal box breaks open and a creature with tentacles, named Tyrog, comes out of it. Tyrog attaches itself to the body of one of the gangsters and transforms it into an acid and ember spitting dinosaur-human hybrid. Tyrog keeps itself attached to the gangster until his body is able to take the beating. After that, Tyrog detaches itself from the exhausted body of gangster and attaches to another gangster, transforming him; the same happens for another time. Finally, Tyrog itself dies.

    With all the leads and hints, Jack has now realized that Dr. Simon Fessenden is the mastermind behind all that is happening. He also identifies the place in a photograph they find while fighting Tyrog. The team heads towards this underground place, which again is somewhere in "The City In The Sea".

    The heroes head towards the basement, going through the library and the computer lab. In the latter, they are interrupted by Slisaurs (hybrids of slice and dinosaurs). The doctor appears on the computer screen, calling himself the creator of a new world and ordering the Slisaurs to finish off the team; however, the Slisaurs fail in their attempt, and the heroes moves deeper in the basement.

    Deep down is a bio-lab with different organisms in big jars, including dinosaurs, like Rock Hopper, and hybrids, like Bludges and Tyrogs. Below is a cave, which finally leads to Dr. Fessenden's lab. Seeing the team, he transforms himself into a Morgue-like creature, but is beaten. By now, the transforming serum's effect reaches its peak, and Fessenden transforms into a 3-headed creature. He is said to have the strength of a dinosaur and the brains of the doctor; however, the heroes manage to defeat him. Crippled by his defeat, Fessenden sets the whole laboratory on explosives.

    As the laboratory starts exploding, the heroes run for their lives; however, Hannah falls down while running and Jack stops to help her. Only Mustapha and Mess are able to make it out of the laboratory as it is destroyed. As they are walking back to their homes, thinking about Jack and Hannah, the latter two come from behind in the car, alive. The heroes return home.

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  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Walkthrough


    Weapons are subdivided into 3 distinct classes: melee weapons, throwing weapons and firearms. Melee ones can have their attacks "delayed for extra damage", implying that the longer the player keeps the attack button pressed, the more damage it deals when hitting. Firearms, on the other hand, are mostly limited to their ammunition: when having their ammo fully depleted, they will lay on the ground (with exception of the Bazooka, which disappears right after), waiting for a reload, in which state they can be used as throwing weapons until reloaded (except for Rifle and M-16A1, which will be melee weapons). Bullet boxes will only reload firearms: if there are several firearms scattered around and the player grabs a bullet box, the first firearm picked up right after will be the reloaded one, with full ammo. Throwing weapons usually can be used only once, unless it can be used for melee attacks at close range (like Knife and a broken Rod).

    Pistol - standard firearm which does minimal damage, sometimes dropped by a defeated Walther. It holds 6 bullets. Shotgun - a powerful roomsweeper PGS-12-like firearm which can damage multiple enemies if these are "concentrated" within the gun's firing path. It holds 6 cartridges.
    Rifle - a "less-powerful-but-not-worse" variant of Shotgun, it can occur naturally or (very rarely) be dropped by defeated Poacher J. / Gutter / Skinner enemies. When out of ammo, a Rifle will serve as a melee weapon. It holds 6 bullets. Uzi - automatic rapid-firing sub-machinegun which can hold up to 48 bullets.
    M-16A1 - a firearm that occurs very rarely in the game. Holds up to 48 bullets just like the Uzi (but its shots are slightly more powerful than the former) and can be used as a melee weapon when out of ammo just like the Rifle.
    Bazooka - the rarest and most powerful weapon of the game. It only holds up 4 shots and vanishes instantly after expending its load, unless it's reloaded before the last shot is expired. The player will gain a Bazooka automatically by choosing to continue after losing his last life. Just like Grenade and TNT (see below), Bazooka shots can disintegrate to pieces enemies with low remaining health.

    Throwing weapons
    Grenade and TNT - very powerful. If used on enemies with low health, they will disintegate into pieces, just like Bazooka shots. These powerful explosives can appear on their own or dropped by defeated Punk / Thug enemies. Grenades can be thrown the same fashion as Stones (see below), and can even hit other enemies who are "horizontally aligned" within its throw trajectory; TNT bundles, on the other hand, can physically bash at enemies' heads before igniting into explosion. Barrel - both Steel Barrel (red) and Wood Barrel (brown) can be picked up and thrown at enemies if the player gets close enough to grab and lift it. Barrels usually contain useful items inside.
    TNT Barrel - it looks like a standard Steel Barrel or Wood Barrel, but players can easily distinguish it because of the red flashing on it. Once it is hit by anyone or anything, it starts to ignite and then explodes right a second after, damaging or disintegrating everybody caught in the radius of the blast. Just like default Barrels, TNT Barrels can be picked up and thrown. Bucket - a smaller Steel Barrel, it has the same uses of one.
    Stone - a fairly common but the weakest throwing weapon, each one can only be used a single time. It can hit multiple enemies if they are "aligned horizontally" just like the Grenade.
    Knife - for a distance it's a deadly throwing weapon; at close range (when it flashes orange in player's hands) it can be used to stab enemies only once - except fot Hannah, who can stab up to 3 times at melee range. These can be found naturally or dropped by Blade / Razor enemies.

    Melee weapons
    Rod - a purely melee weapon, it breaks in half after 3-5 hits, when it gains all functionalities of a Knife (see above), including Hannah's close-range stabbing ability.
    Torch - another rare weapon, it sets enemies on fire but, unlike Grenade or TNT, it does not disintegrate them in case of low health.
    Club - perhaps the second best weapon found through the game, it's basically like the Torch but without fire. It has the particularity of hitting the same enemy 2-3 times per strike, thus causing better damage.
    Butchery Knives - they only exist during the boss battle with The Butcher in Stage 2, and are melee only, just like Torch and Club. They are the only weapons which never disappear, due to The Butcher's constant use of them. They are probably the worst weapons in the game.


    Joystick - used for moving character in all eight directions.

    Attack Button - press to punch.

    Jump Button - press to jump.

    Other MovesRun - press the joystick any direction once, then press and hold it in the samedirection again to run (e.g. press Right, hold Right to run to the right). Youcan run in all eight directions. While running, you are also able to switch yourdirections without stopping. Like if you're running to the right, you can rotatethe joystick to the Up/Right Diagonal position and continue to rotate it more tothe Left, causing you to switch to the left. This can be useful at times, ratherthan stopping and pressing a direction twice. By doing this, it is also possibleto run around in a circle.

    Defensive Move - usually called a special by most people, press the Attack andJump buttons simultaneously to perform this move. Your character does an attackthat hits all enemies in front and back. Your character will also be invincibleduring this move. This move is useful when surrounded by enemies or for breakingout of enemy attack combos. Like in practically all beat-em-up games, this movewill consume a little of your health each time it's used and it hits something.

    Offensive Move - press Down, Up + Attack. Jack does a forward flip kick, Hannahrolls on the ground and ends with an elbow attack, Mustapha a back flip kick,and Mess a forward flip where he comes down crushing enemies. Only Hannah's andMustapha's offensive moves are useful; Jack and Mess' are hard to hit with. Thebest one is Mustapha's. You can link it to combos for major damage and it alsoalmost acts like a defensive move. It can even knock away enemies that jump atyou to try to crush you. Hannah's is good for hitting small enemies or if you'resurrounded and need to knock away some enemies fast.

    Grab Enemy - simply walk all the way to an enemy and you'll automatically grabthem. It's best to approach bosses and sub-bosses from the top or bottom sincethey're likely to attack you from the front. With the exception of the dinosaurbosses, regular dinosaur enemies can't be grabbed.

    Throw - with the enemy grabbed, press Left or Right + Attack to throw them. Theywill be thrown in the direction you pressed.

    Grab Combo - with the enemy grabbed, press the Attack button up to three timesto punch/knee/head bash them. There are three ways to end the grab combo. Youcan give the enemy another bash, throw them, or link your offensive move. Formaximum damage, give the enemy two bashes and end with an offensive move if youare Mustapha. With the others, end with a throw.

    Attack Combo - hit an enemy by pressing the Attack button up to four times to doa combo. Unlike other beat-em-ups, this move does major damage in this game anddecent damage to bosses. This is one of the moves you'll want to use a lot. Likeyour grab combo, you can also end this combo three ways: another punch/kick, anoffensive move, or throw. Another punch/kick is the easiest way to end it. Youcan link an offensive move anytime during the first three hits, but before thefourth. It can be hard to link the offensive move after the third hit, though.For a throw, you must hit an enemy three times, then press Up + Attack to throwthem forward or Down + Attack to throw them behind you.

    Jump Kick - jump and press the Attack button while in the air. This move is weakand doesn't really seem to be useful. Stick to dive kicks instead.

    Dive Kick - a better version of the jump kick, press the Attack button while atthe peak of your jump. The attack does decent damage and will knock down regularenemies. Bosses will get knocked down only if the attack hits as a counter. Theattack also does more damage when it hits as a counter (e.g. it does about 40%damage if you hit a charging fat boy, otherwise it does about 20% damage).

    Dash Attack - press the Attack button while running. Jack will do a slide kick,Hannah a flying knee bash, Mustapha a flying kick, and Mess does a flying bodydive attack. This is also another great move in the game. It can hit multipletimes doing major damage from a distance. At close range, it hits once and doesdecent damage. Mustapha has the best one and also his has the longest range andgreat priority over many enemy attacks. You can just keep dash attacking enemiesback and forth with him. Mess' is also good, only it has shorter range and lesspriority. Jack and Hannah's dash attacks are okay. Hannah seems to get knockedout of her dash attack quite a lot by certain bosses and sometimes even regularenemies knock her out of it. Jack is the least likely one to get knocked out ofhis dash attack since his is a slide kick that hits low, but his is the hardestto hit with since it has the shortest range.

    Running Jump Kick - a little better than the regular jump kick, while running,jump and press the Attack button while in the air. Mess does a dash uppercut,instead of a jump kick. This attack is also weak, but it can hit multiple timesand it also knocks down enemies, even most bosses. Mess has the best one and isthe easiest to hit multiple times with. The other three characters do jump kickswith shorter range and are harder to hit with. This move is the most useful forfighting the last boss. Against the last boss, though, it's Hannah who has thebest running jump attack.

    Wall Jump Kick - with Hannah or Mustapha, jump towards a wall, then jump awayfrom the wall when you touch it and press the Attack button while in the air.After jumping off a wall, you can either do a regular jump kick or a dive kick.It's a little harder to do a dive kick from here, though. For a dive kick, youstill press the Attack button while at the peak of jumping off the wall. Thismove can only be done by Hannah and Mustapha.

    Pick Up Item - press the Attack button while standing over an item.

    Pick Up Barrel - press Forward + Attack while standing beside a barrel.

    Disarm - do your defensive move when you have a weapon to disarm yourself. Youwon't lose any health doing this, just as long as you don't hit anything.


    You have four characters to choose from. Like in many games, each character hastheir own strengths and weaknesses. At the character select screen, you can seethat the game rates their power, speed, skill and lists their special ability.Power is how strong a character is, speed is how fast they move, skill is howeasy they are to use, and special ability is their greatest strength. Jack andMess' ratings are about right, but some of Hannah's and Mustapha's are somewhatoff. Mainly their power rating is what's completely off.

    -Jack Tenrec-
    Power: 4
    Speed: 3
    Skill: 3
    Ability: Good Ability
    Overall: I think what they mean by "Good Ability" is that Jack's supposed to bethe balanced character of the game. By looking at his ratings, you can see thathe is balanced. He does have a weakness, though, and that is he's the hardest touse. He isn't hard to use, just a little harder than the other three. He doesn'treally have any problems dealing with regular enemies. It's against some bosseswhere he may have more trouble than the others. Usually the balanced characterwould be the best choice for beginners, but not this time. Jack is still good,but is best used by intermediate players.

    -Hannah Dundee-
    Power: 2, should really be a 4
    Speed: 4
    Skill: 5, more like a 4
    Ability: Item Skilled
    Overall: Do not be fooled by her power rating; she is not that weak. She is justas strong as Jack and Mustapha and should have a 4 for her power rating. None ofthe characters are actually weak at all. The way Hannah's ability is listed mayhave you think that she has several abilities with several different items thatthe other characters don't have. She really only has a special ability with twoweapons, the knife and broken stick. She is able to stab multiple times, whilethe other characters stab once, knocking the enemy away. If you take a look ather ratings, which should all be 4's, you'll see that she is overall a powerfulcharacter. She does still have a weakness and it's not power. Her true weaknessis range; she has the shortest range of the characters. Range isn't really anyproblem against regular enemies, but against certain bosses like Vice T., shetends to get knocked around quite a lot. She is still a great character and isa great choice for beginners.

    -Mustapha Cairo-
    Power: 3, should be a 4
    Speed: 5
    Skill: 3, should definitely be a 5
    Ability: Flying Kicks
    Overall: Like Hannah, his power rating should also really be a 4. This guy hasnothing but strengths. Besides being strong like everyone else, he's also thefastest, has the longest range, and has some of the best moves in the game withgreat priority. His ability is listed as "Flying Kicks". His flying kick is oneof the best, if not the best move in the game. It has great range and priorityover many attacks that you can just keep dash kicking enemies back and forth.Mustapha's other best moves are his dive kick, defensive attack, and offensiveattack which can be linked to combos for major damage. As for any weaknesses, Idon't know; he doesn't appear to have any. All these strengths and no weaknessesmake him the easiest to use and best character in the game. He's definitely thebest choice for beginners.

    -Mess O'Bradovich-
    Power: 5
    Speed: 2
    Skill: 4
    Ability: High Powered
    Overall: Just like his power rating says, he's the strongest of the characters.His strength isn't too noticeable on regular enemies, though. He only has to hitthem one time less than the others to defeat them. Fighting bosses is where histrue power shows. Being "High Powered", he is able to defeat them faster. Mess'attack combo does about 75% damage to bosses, while the others do about 50%. Hisother moves will also do a little more damage. Besides being the strongest, healso has a little more stamina than the other characters. He takes slightly lessdamage from attacks, allowing him to take one more hit or two. It may just be alittle, but sometimes a little can make a difference. Mess' weakness would be inhis speed. He's the slowest, but not that slow like Max from Streets of Rage. Sodon't let that stop you from selecting him. He can still run like everyone elseand if you abuse his running jump attack, you can get around a lot faster. Youcan just fly through the level. He is another great choice for beginners and isprobably the best to use for speedruns.


    There are eight levels in the game. Like with any game, the early levels will beeasy and get harder as you progress through the game. Most levels have multiplescenes, while others have only one scene. The names of the levels are taken fromthe game, which can be seen after completing a level, when a map appears.

    |Level 1: City in the Sea|
    -Scene 1-
    Before the level begins, you'll get a cutscene. Hold the Attack or Jump buttonto speed it up. This level is short and easy, and so is this scene. All you doafter the cutscene is defeat four punk enemies, which aren't too aggressive andhardly attack at all. Defeat them however you want and your character will go tothe next scene automatically.

    -Scene 2-
    This scene is also short and easy. As you enter the building, a punk will comeat you by the entrance. The door in the background then opens with a midget andanother punk coming at you. Quickly defeat these three enemies anyway you want.The screen scrolls forward and a Gneiss punk comes at you. This enemy usuallydrops a shotgun, sometimes an uzi when defeated. Don't defeat him yet. Instead,dash forward to defeat a knife guy and a few more punks. After defeating them,some fat boys will come charging at you from both sides, so be careful. You caneasily take care of the fat boys with your dash attack or attack combo. Defeatthe fat boys and the punk that gives you the shotgun or uzi to automatically goto the next scene. Don't use the gun on any regular enemies at all; save it forthe boss since he can be tough sometimes.

    -Scene 3-
    After falling from the building and landing, a fat boy will fall out and a doorbreaks with a punk coming at you. Defeat these two by using your dash attack soyou don't shoot them with the gun you're holding. The screen scrolls forward andanother punk comes at you. He drops a grenade, so defeat him by using your grabcombo and finishing him off by throwing him offscreen to the right. Also, breakthe bucket with a dive kick before the screen moves to the boss that way you'llhave a health item close by.

    |Level 2: Swamp Forest|

    -Scene 1-
    This level is a little longer than the first, but is overall short and easy. Atthe beginning of the level, just behind the first tree is a diamond worth 10,000points. There are also other point items behind the other trees that you can getif you want. The first section is very easy that you can just dash attack yourway through. There will be two Mack dinosaurs ahead, but they're slow and don'treally have any priority, so that's why you can just keep dash attacking. Downthe way, you'll come to a sleeping dinosaur and some hunters. Defeat them andtwo fat boys and another hunter will show up. The fat boys will try to wake thesleeping dinosaur, so you'll want to take care of them first and quickly. As youare fighting them, some knife guys will appear on the left side and throw knivesat you. The knives can be avoided simply by punching them out of the air. Afterdefeating all enemies here, your character automatically moves forward into thewater. Here, there will be three hunters that show up. They're easy just likeall hunters, but watch out for the one on the buttom because he might sometimessurprise you with a jump kick. After defeating the hunters, a fat boy will comecharging from the right, so be sure you're not too close to the right to not gethit. Defeat the fat boy to move forward to the next section of enemies. At theend, you'll fight a Lash T. sub-boss, knife guy, and two hunters. Lash T. andthe knife guy appear first, then the hunters later. Lash T. is an easy sub-bosswho is easily defeated by grab or attack combos. Don't stand directly across himbecause he's likely to hit you with his long range attack. Stay close to him andapproach him from the top or bottom to combo him. You can also dash attack himfrom a mid distance. Defeat him and the others to go to the next scene.

    -Scene 2-
    This next scene is very short. All you do here is go all the way down to fighttwo hunters and the boss battle follows afterwards. Before you beat the hunters,pick up the middle barrel at the bottom and toss it offscreen to the right. Thisbarrel contains a food item, like a donut or gum, that restores a little health.It may be a little, but it will allow you to take an extra hit. The top-rightbarrel has a revolver gun, which you'll also want to take into the boss battle.So, break it first so you can grab the gun easily after defeating the hunters.

    |Level 3: Waste Land|

    This is the shortest and easiest level in the game. Well, it could also be oneof the hardest if you decide not to take the cadillac. Unless you're looking fora challenge, just take the cadillac. Dash attack the two enemies at the bottomand quickly get the transmitter in the first barrel you see. Depending on whoyou're playing, Jack or another character will bring the cadillac to you. Yourcharacter jumps in and drives away. As you're in the cadillac, you're invincibleto everything except Hogg's grenades. You can basically just run over everythingyou come across. Use Left on the joystick to slow down and Right to speed up.You can also move up and down. After passing several punk enemies and rollingbarrels, slow down because the boss is coming up.

    |Level 4: Jack's Garage|

    -Scene 1-
    From here on, the levels will be hard. The first scene is short and easy. Allyou do is fight some punks and a knife guy. Defeat them anyway you want to go tothe next scene. One of the barrels contains a shotgun; save it for a hard partearly in the next scene.

    -Scene 2-
    Use a dive kick to get the pizza from the stack of tires if you need it. Get inbetween the stack of tires and barrels and disarm yourself. Walk forward just alittle and a fat boy will come from the left. Defeat him using your combo andbreak the barrels for a grenade. Pick the shotgun back up and now comes the hardpart. Move down and align yourself so you're across from the vent on the floor.Walk forward and the moment the Walter sub-boss appears, shoot him. Now, quicklymove upwards to the middle and shoot a punk and midget that come from the leftand right. Quickly move all the way to the top and keep shooting Walter and theother enemies that appear. Throw the grenade after you've run out of ammo. Keepusing dash attacks to defeat Walter and the other enemies. Punks on motorcycleswill be coming, but as long as you stay all the way at the top, they won't reachyou. After defeating all of them, move all the way to the bottom and continueforward. Use a dash attack to knock the punk at the bottom off his motorcyclebecause he usually drops a food item, which you'll probably need. Finish off thepunk and proceed forward to beat two hunters. Break the fence and beat two punksbefore proceeding. Here's another hard part. You'll fight some midgets and afterdefeating a few, knife guys will be dropping from above. Dash attack the midgetsback and forth and try using dive kicks. Throw any dynamites they may drop tohelp you. Be sure to save one, though, for a hard part early in the next scene.Do the same to defeat the knife guys and try throwing knives they drop back atthem. Sometimes one of the barrels in this area will have a rifle or a machinegun. Use the gun if you happen to get lucky. After defeating the enemies, you'llbe taken to the next scene. Don't forget to bring some dynamite.

    -Scene 3-
    Another hard part early in the scene, this is where you want to use dynamite.Align yourself across from the coin and throw the dynamite so it lands past thecoin. Wait a while, then run forward with a running jump attack. If you timed itright, the dynamite should have exploded and knocked away the fat boys on bothsides. Finish them off by dash attacking them back and forth. Get the uzi in thebarrel and move to the last section of enemies. You'll fight four punks, then afat boy with two hunters. Defeat them all anyway you want to go to the boss. Oneof the punks drops bullets, so you can use the guns on them if you want. You'llwant to take one of the guns to the boss. It's easier to hit him with the rifle,but you can take away one more lifebar from him if you more or less hit him withall 48 shots from the uzi.

    |Level 5: Village of Flame|

    The first section of enemies isn't hard; you just have to move slow and you'llbe able to fight them one by one. First, defeat the three enemies by the torchesbefore going any further. You shouldn't need any health items yet, so leave themeat alone for now. Don't try picking up the dinosaur egg yet either because itis so close to the meat items that you may end up accidentally picking up a meatitem instead. The torches should, of course, be avoided since they'll slow downyour attack. Move forward a little and you'll see a friendly dinosaur. He willbecome a threat later if you leave him alone, so get rid of him now. Punch himand move away, then combo him as he walks towards you. Move forward a little bitagain and a pterodactyl will come down to you. Use your defensive attack to beathim. Now, you can go ahead and get the meat items and if you want the dinosauregg. Walk forward slowly and a Mack dinosaur appears. Use your attack combo todefeat him. Walk forward slowly again and another one comes from the left. Beathim the same way. Move forward and you'll see another friendly dinosaur, whichyou should also beat before going on. Next, you'll face several enemies at once,most of them fat boys. This section isn't really hard, though, as the fat boysjust keep trying to wake the sleeping dinosaur. Don't let them wake him. Just bequick and attack them when they get near the dinosaur. You should also go slowtowards the next section of enemies. Defeat the enemies by the barrels. One ofthe barrels contains a bazooka, which you should save for the Buldge sub-boss upahead. Boulders will be falling and crumble into rocks you can pick up to throw.If you move slowly, only one boulder will fall at a time making them easier tododge. Use the bazooka to help you beat the Buldge sub-boss and other enemies.Throw the grenade from one of the barrels in this area after using all shots.Save the gun for the Walter sub-boss in the next section. Dash attacks and divekicks will also work well on Buldge. You'll fight Walter immediately in the nextsection after defeating Buldge. This section is hard. Shoot Walter three timesthe moment you see him. He'll be knocked away and three knife guys will show up.Dash attack them all back and forth and use the gun to help you some. Try to getrid of the knife guys fast because after a while, several hunters will fall fromabove and it will get very crowded. Beat the hunters the same way and throw anyknives dropped to help you. Right after this section of enemies will be severalbarrels. One contains an uzi, which you should try to take to the boss. The oneat the bottom, all the way at the right contains bullets. Grab the uzi and moveall the way to the right. Two fat boys will come from the left and the bulletswill still be in sight. Defeat the fat boys anyway you want and two midgets willshow up. The midgets are easier to defeat using the gun, so use it and get thebullets after beating them. Head down and use a dive kick to destroy the threebuckets. This is another hard section of enemies. First, stand near the door soyou can grab and combo a punk that comes out. One of the buckets has bullets, souse the uzi to help you defeat the punk, midgets, and fat boy. You should stayaway from the left because after a while, hunters will come from there with aroll attack. Try to get rid of the first group of enemies quickly so it doesn'tget crowded. The second group consists of three hunters and a Lash T. sub-boss.Use dash attacks on the hunters, combo Lash T., and use the uzi if you have anyshots left. The bullets from the bucket should be saved for the boss. Defeat allthe enemies to be taken to the boss.

    |Level 6: Jungle & Mine|

    -Scene 1-
    Proceed forward slowly and a knife guy will come from the left. Defeat him andmove forward slowy again and another knife guy will come from the right. Defeathim and head all the way right. You'll fight four punks now, two coming out fromdoors. The ones coming out the doors have the least health, so you should try tobeat them first. Beat the other two and break the door on the right to move on.You'll see some enemies by a row of barrels. The leftmost barrel has a grenadeand the rightmost has a pizza. Defeat the enemies using your combo before movingon. Here comes a hard part; you'll fight a Walter and Lash T. sub-boss at once.What makes this even harder is that the screen will move if you dash attack tothe right. Get the grenade and throw it at Walter. Use dash attacks on him andyour combo on Lash T. If possible, try to also combo Walter instead. You don'twant to end up having the screen advance forward because it will make it harderwith two hunters up ahead. Depending how much health you have, you also may notwant to break the barrel with the pizza just yet. It helps some if you stay atthe bottom of the barrels. Just do your best to beat them without breaking thebarrel with the pizza and without advancing forward. Next fight is two hunters,which is easy. Now, depending how much health you have, you should either getthe pizza now or carry the barrel with you all the way to the right. Pizza willrecover half your health, so carry the barrel to the right if your health is at70% or more to have a health item nearby for another hard part. Eat the pizza,otherwise. In the last section, you'll fight these enemies in this order: twofat boys, Lash T., another fat boy, Walter, and two hunters. Defeat them all thesame way you've been doing to go to the next scene. You fight the enemies two ata time and the next one shows up after defeating one. Walter is easier to fightwith a fat boy than when he's with Lash T., so you'll want to try to get rid ofLash T. before the fat boys.

    -Scene 2-
    You'll want to take it slow at the beginning of this scene. After going past thefirst tree, a hunter and three rolling barrels will come from the left. They'reeasy to take care of; just punch the barrel so it doesn't hit you. The reason togo slow here is because you want to get the items inside two of the barrels. Ifyou rush through here, the barrels will not appear. The top barrel in the firstset contains a grenade you'll want to take to the fat boys just way ahead. Themiddle barrel of the second set has a pizza, which you'll probably need afterthe two previous encounters with sub-bosses. These are the two barrels you'llwant to break. Afterwards, you'll fight a few enemies, which shouldn't be anyproblem. You can then just run through if you want. Hunters will be appearing;be sure to stop when the fourth one appears. Right after the fourth hunter, isthe fight with four fat boys, so you want to defeat the four hunters first. Trythrowing one hunter at the other three to knock them all down so you can disarmyourself without accidentally hitting them with your defensive attack. Use yourcombo to beat them. You can also fight the hunters one by one to make it easier.Also, watch out for the giant dinosaur's foot. You'll take major damage if hestomps you. The stomp is easy to avoid. Just watch his foot and never stand onthe shadow. The dinosaur can sometimes make the fight with the fat boys hard.While running, throw the grenade at the fat boys on the right and quickly dashattack the ones on the left. Keep dash attacking them back and forth, but you'llhave to watch for the dinosaur's foot. Next section, you'll fight three huntersand two Buldge sub-bosses. The Buldges appear a while after the hunters, so youwant to defeat the hunters quickly. Dash attack and use dive kicks to defeat theBuldges. You'll fight one punk at the end before the boss and a barrel will beclose by with salad. Salad recovers about 33% health; get it now if you need itor throw the barrel offscreen so you have it for the boss fight.

    |Level 7: The Basement|

    -Scene 1-
    Use your combo to beat the four punks before moving further. Before crossing thebridge, wait a while and a pterodactyl will appear. Use your defensive attack todefeat him. The next section is hard. You'll fight four knife guys and after awhile, some punks on motorcycles will come. Dash attack the knife guys and stayat the bottom and the first motorcycle won't reach you. Move to the top quicklyafter the first motorcycle passes, so the others don't reach you. Stay at thetop and go forward slowly. More motorcycle punks will come, but they won't reachyou as long as you're on top. Keep walking forward slowly until you barely see aknife guy ahead. Throw a knife at him if you have one or wait and he'll come toyou. Later, another one will come to you. Defeat both using your combo beforegoing any further. Now, you'll fight several midgets. Quickly run to the barreland get the bazooka to help you defeat the midgets. Soon after, you fight manyfat boys. Stand in front of the doorway and a fat boy will come charging. Combohim, ending your combo by throwing him behind you. Go in the doorway and move alittle up so you're by the wall inside. You'll be able to safely combo the fatboys from here. Next, are several hunters. You can fight most of them one at atime, but they shouldn't be a problem. The last section can be hard sometimes.You'll fight two groups of enemies consisting of punks and fat boys. Stay in thelower right corner and a fat boy will fall close to you from above a while afterthe first group of punks show up. Use your combo to beat them and stay towardsthe right, ready to punch knives that four knife guys will come throwing laterfrom the left. The second group, you can dash attack them back and forth. Knifeguys will fall from above a little later, so move out the way of shadows.

    -Scene 2-
    The next scene is short. You'll just fight several enemies, usually in groups offour, while going down the elevator. It isn't really hard, though. You can dashattack the enemies back and forth or combo them if you get them all to one side.A knife guy will fall from above after the midgets, so watch out for a shadowand stay out of the way.

    -Scene 3-
    Instead of going and beating the three punks by the fence, wait for the two thatfall from above. You'll have enough time to defeat one of them and get the otherto low health with your combo before the ones by the fence come to you. Breakthe fence once defeating them all to go on. You'll fight a lot of enemies andtwo Lash T. sub-bosses next, but this section actually isn't hard. Just stay atthe top and get rid of the midgets that come from the bookshelves quickly. Thehunters that come rolling from both sides will miss you. Eventually, they'll goup where you can attack them. Some of them may drop grenades, which you shoulduse on midgets or the sub-bosses. Two Lash T. sub-bosses appear on both sidesafter a while. This isn't hard. Simply keep moving up and down to avoid theirlong range attack and just try to get close to them to combo them. It will beeasier if you can get them both on the left side because they'll be up againstthe fence, which makes it easier to combo them. You'll want to proceed forwardslowly afterwards. Several barrels will be rolling by with some of them havingfood items that restore a little health. By going slow, usually only one willappear at a time, making it easier to break with a punch. At the end, will bethree Buldge sub-bosses. You can't fight them one by one, at least not for long.The other two eventually get up as you're fighting one, so you might as well goand get in a quick combo on all three while they're down. Later, some punks willcome from the bookshelf. Do the same thing you've been doing to defeat them all.Some barrels will roll by later and the bottom one will contain pudding, so youmay want to stay at the bottom to break the barrel easily.

    -Scene 4-
    This is a short scene and quite easy. The barrel all the way at the right has ahotdog that recovers half your health. Get it if you need to or carry the barrelover to the fat boys to have if you need it then. There will be six fat boys inlines of three. You can fight them one by one, but it seems you only have aboutone minute to clear this scene. So, you may want to fight them three at a time.Three fat boys at once shouldn't be much of a problem. The bottom one has lesshealth than the other two above him, so you should go up to him first and combohim. Combo the other two and just combo them once more to defeat them. Do thesame for the next line of fat boys. You'll fight four knife guys last before theboss. Beat them the same way you've been doing and take a knife with you if theyhappen to drop one.

    |Level 8: Deep Deep Down|

    -Scene 1-
    This entire scene consists of sub-boss battles. Walk forward slowly and a Buldgeand dinosaur break out of the glass cylinders. Immediately dash attack Buldgeand just defeat them the way you normally would. Try not to dash attack to theright too much because you don't want to advance forward where there is anotherBuldge fight. The second fight is another Buldge with some knife guys. Use thesame methods you've been using to defeat them. Three midgets will come and tossgrenades as you move forward, so be ready to avoid them. Next, are four fat boysthat come from the four corners of the screen. Quickly dash attack the one onthe lower right, then dash attack the one on the lower left. Finish them to goto the last section. The last section is a fight with Tyrog 2 and some hunters.Use the same strategy you used on the boss, Tyrog, to beat this sub-boss. Theonly regular enemies here are hunters, so the fight is easier.

    -Scene 2-
    The next scene is easy. You just fight regular enemies in each section and notmany, so it shouldn't be a problem. Use the same tactics you've been using tobeat them all. Get rid of enemies coming out of doors quickly with your combo,destroy exhaust pipes with your combo to make things easier, and that's all youreally have to do here. If you're low on health due to the previous sub-bosses,go slow here until you fight the second fat boy who drops a pizza. Right aroundhalfway through, when you first meet hunters, four knife guys will come throwingknives from both sides. Simply stay all the way at the top to avoid the knives.That's all to look out for here.

    -Scene 3-
    The first and last sections are easy. Defeat all the enemies around and get theuzi in the middle barrel. You'll want to take it to the sub-boss battle ahead.Before heading down the slope, defeat a hunter who appears behind with your dashattack. Run down the slope and use your running jump to get through faster. Byrunning down the slope, you'll cause the pterodactyls and most of the rollingbarrels to disappear. When you reach the bottom, only a few barrels will come,but they shouldn't be a problem. Destroy them with your dash attack if they getin your way. Beat the four punks with your dash attack and move forward slowly,staying in the middle. A fat boy will come charging from the left; quickly dashattack him the moment you see him. Move forward slowly again and do the same toanother fat boy who comes charging. Now, is the sub-boss fight with Walter andLash T. twice. Use the same strategy you've used to defeat them and use the uzimainly on Walter. After a while, another Walter and Lash T. will show up, so youwant to defeat the first two quickly so it doesn't get harder. Go to the middleand move forward slowly after defeating the sub-bosses. Like before you met thesub-bosses, a fat boy will come charging from the left, so dash attack as soonas he appears. Move forward slowly again and do the same to another fat boy. Youcan carry the barrel with meat over to the boss battle. The meat will completelyrestore all your health, so save it if you have 50% health or more. You'll fightsome hunters in the last section before the boss. After a while, some knife guyswill come from both sides and throw knives. Move to the bottom to avoid them.

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