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Happy Room is a terribly violent, but funny ragdoll game, where you can release your anger without hurting anybody. It is completely free and available Online-. Enter a happy room and start torturing the ragdoll man as cruel as you want to! Your objective in the game is to cause as much damage as possible to a dummy. The game also allows you to see how much did you hurt a particular body part of the dummy, you just have to click on the man icon in the left upper corner of the screen. Happy Room is a game made by Mana Potion Studios, a small indie game studio. Mana Potion Studios is the continuation of Pegas Games.

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Spielkategorie: Physik, Einheit, WebGL

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Use a MOUSE to choose and place traps and weapons and click on the play button in the bottom of the screen to let the dummy fall. In the HAPPY ROOM you can also control the speed of the experiment, just press on the numbers next to play button. When the exp (...)

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Guide 1. Unlock Portals. 2. Place a portal on top and one below, and place saws in between to stop him from falling out of the loop. 3. Leave on double speed until you get Piranhas and Monsters. 4. Upgrade: Launch Pads, Monsters and Piranhas. 5. Put Piranhas right below where you start, with a mace in each corner. Put one Portal below and one Portal above the character. Put monsters everywhere. (While pads aren't necessary, you might want to place them on both sides to speed things up a bit.)Step 6, Leave on double speed (if your computer can handle it) until you get POISONALITY or MONSTRALITY. . . . . . Once you have unlocked Black Hole another option becomes available.Upgrades: Black Hole, Monsters, Launch pads, Portals.Replace Piranhas with Black Hole (Still needs to have a mace in each corner.), Place launch pads across the floor so they all point toward the center. Place monsters on all available spots on the screen.P.S. You can also win using only Portals, one on top and one below.

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