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  • Dead Trigger 2

    Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie themed first person survival horror video game developed and published by Madfinger Games. It was released for Android and iOS devices on October 23, 2013, and for Facebook on February 20, 2014. As with the original Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 is a single player zombie themed shooter. Nvidia showcased  as the first tech demo for their upcoming Tegra 4 mobile system-on-a-chip; Slide to Play and Android Police compared the graphical quality to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and utilizes the Unity game engine. It was released as a free to play game; microtransactions are included in the final product, but the developers had tested the game without in app purchases to make sure the core gameplay works without them. Read More

  • How to Play Dead Trigger 2

    W,A,S,D to move / Q = Switch Weapon / 1,2,3 use secondary Weapons like Granades etc.
  • Dead Trigger 2 Wiki

    Dead Trigger 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by MADFINGER Games a.s. Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to the game that started the series, Dead Trigger. It was announced January 6th, 2013, and released on October 23 2013 for Android and iOS devices. It is the 8th game developed by Madfinger Games, a.s. for Android and iOS devices. It runs on the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 engine, and is powered by Unity. Dead Trigger 2 was later ported onto Facebook on February 20 2014.



    The story starts with Kyle, the protagonist of the original game, in the middle of an abandoned city, armed only with a rusty wrench. After having to kill a survivor that got bitten and turned into a zombie, the hero has to go through an underground garage, where he meets a survivor. She tells him to meet her on the roof of an abandoned apartment building. He does so successfully and almost doesn't make it to her car. She then reveals that she is a medic and takes the Kyle to the hideout to escape the Titan.

    From there, the hero is tasked with rebuilding the hideout and finding the additional crew for the hideout. After saving the engineer, the gunsmith, the smuggler, and the scientist. He and the crew are forced to abandon the American hideout and join the Resistance in their war against the zombies across the globe.

    Now, Kyle is tasked to help liberating cities across the globe, meeting allies along the way. Slowly, they are trying to find the source of the virus, to produce a cure and erase the infected threat from the world.



    Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie-apocalypse-themed first-person shooter, currently available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Running on the Unity game engine, the game features a progression system, numerous environments, unlockable and upgradable weapons, and various story-based and quick-play mission types.

    Dead Trigger 2 is a free-movement shooter; rather than the on-rails gameplay typical of mobile zombie shooters, the player controls the character's movement like a typical console or PC FPS. The game features two dramatically different control paradigms; with the default controls, the player merely aims at zombies - his or her weapons will fire automatically when a zombie is underneath the crosshair. The advanced control scheme functions like the first game - the player presses a button to fire the weapon, and an additional button lets the player aim down the weapon's sights for greater accuracy.

    Gameplay typically revolves around completing objectives while killing zombies (occasionally killing zombies is the only objective). The player has a limited amount of health that is refreshed at the start of each mission. The player loses health when hit by zombies or by certain environmental hazards (e.g. radiation). The player can regain health by taking pain killers or getting a health powerup from a Special zombie.

    Enemies come in two flavors, standard zombies and Special zombies. Standard zombies often plod along at a slow pace and attack with their arms, but some may sprint or carry melee weapons for increased damage. Special zombies have distinct appearances and unique traits; they are deadlier and tougher to kill, but drop blueprints or large amounts of cash (and sometimes health) when killed.

    In addition to carrying two primary weapons, the player also carries a melee weapon and up to three types of consumable items. Consumables include health pills, grenades, exploding chickens, and others.

    Progression and in-game economy

    As players kill zombies and complete objectives, they gain cash and experience. Experience goes into leveling up, a process outside of the player's control. Each time the player levels up, he or she gains an additional point of max health and some cash. The game will gradually increase the damage and health of the zombies as the player levels up, meaning the game will slowly get more difficult if the player does not upgrade his or her inventory.

    During the course of the game, the player will find blueprints dropped by special zombies. When all the blueprints for a weapon or item have been found, the player may pay in-game cash to purchase that weapon/item. The player can further upgrade most weapons and items by paying additional cash.

    There are several NPCs in the game associated with the availability and upgradability of given items. The player must upgrade these NPCs to gain access to new equipment and upgrades. The Tech NPC must be upgraded to unlock upgrades for the other NPCs. In this manner the player may have to pay three separate fees to upgrade a weapon - one to upgrade the Tech, one to upgrade the weapon NPC, and one to upgrade the weapon itself.

    Building a new weapon/item, or upgrading any existing weapon, item, or NPC, takes real world time to complete. This ranges from 10 seconds to make Painkillers , to 24 hours or more to upgrade NPCs and some weapons. The player may pay Gold to bypass the waiting period. The player may continue playing missions or exit the game during the waiting period.

    Free-to-play mechanics

    As a free-to-play game, several aspects of the game design are oriented around getting the player to spend real money on the game. The player may buy in-game Cash or Gold with real money. Gold can only be acquired by spending real money or completing "bonus" offers (such as watching advertisements or downloading featured apps).

    Gold can be traded for cash (which is extremely wasteful, as the player will gain far more cash by buying a Money Booster upgrade with the Gold), used to purchase blueprints, or used to skip the waiting period for building or upgrading something. In this sense, the blueprint and waiting mechanics may be seen as an effort to waste the player's time in the hopes that the player will spend money to get around these mechanics.

    Players should be extremely cautious when buying in-game cash with real currency. The developers have created artificial inflation at least once, significantly increasing the cost of weapons and upgrades without increasing the player's current cash when the China update was introduced in December. A player who spent real money on in-game cash before the update may have suddenly found their in-game cash could only buy half as much as previously.


    Missions can be broken into two categories, story-based missions and quick-play missions. In either case the player may choose a difficulty before playing each mission; the difficulty also affects the reward for completing the mission.

    Missions are broken into regions (for example, the US, Africa, China, Europe, South America etc ), each which contains four or more environments. Each mission will take place in one of the environments in that region. An environment is a large map, but the playable area is often restricted during the course of the mission. By restricting the player to different parts of the environment at different times, the game offers more variety and the feeling of having more levels.

    Quick-play missions are randomly placed on the map and may be played at any time. A quick-play mission will have a single focus, for example collecting supply crates or killing a certain number of zombies in the area. At any given time there is generally a target city the resistance is trying to take control of. Players may select quick-play missions at this city to participate in the battle. The player gains increasing rewards as he or she kills more zombies in the target city, with the rewards given out when all zombies in the city are killed. Each player participating contributes to the overall depletion of the zombies in the city.

    Story missions are a part of the overall narrative; they include some background and briefing information given by NPCs, and must be completed in sequence. Story missions typically feature larger portions of an environment and have the player completing several types of objectives (each which would be a separate quick-play mission) in a single mission. If the player fails a story mission, the campaign does not progress but the mission remains available. Completing certain stages of the story will give the player additional bonus cash and consumable items.

    Although the player is generally on foot, some missions have the player manning a weapon emplacement instead. In these circumstances the player might control a fixed-position turret or sniper rifle with unlimited ammunition. In these missions there is often no risk to the player unless you are mounted on a turret on a car and had to shoot down a kamikaze(2 kamikazes if possible) at close-medium range; the player must simply kill the requisite number of zombies or defend a position for the allotted time.


    • Kyle
    • Tara
    • Buck
    • Roberto
    • Yusif
    • Herman
    • Dr. Adamos
    • Eddie
    • T.N.T.

    For their details go to:




    • M1 Garand
    • Winchester '94

    Assault Rifles

    • AK 74
    • FN 2000
    • M-4
    • M-16
    • Metal Storm
    • SA80
    • SCAR
    • Steyr AUG
    • Taurus CT G2
    • Tavor TAR-21
    • XM8


    • Beneli 828U
    • Coach Shotgun
    • Ithaca
    • Jackhammer
    • KSG
    • Lupara
    • SPAS

    Machine Guns

    • Lewis
    • Mac M1931
    • Minigun (featuring a new model)
    • Type 92

    Submachine Guns

    Special Weapons

    Miscellaneous Weapons

    • Heavy Machine Gun (Static weapon)
    • Sniper Rifle (No viewmodel)



    • Painkillers
    • Autoheal
    • Frag Grenade
    • Mine
    • Boom Chicken
    • Rocket Chicken
    • Sentry Chicken
    • Ammo Chicken
    • Sentry Gun


    • Damage Booster (1 Hour or 1 Day)
    • Health Booster (1 Hour or 1 Day)
    • Money Booster (1 Hour or 1 Day)
    • Speed Booster (1 Hour or 1 Day)
    • Second Chance


    The game features NPCs, repairable wooden barricades, helicopter missions, sniper missions and usable static weapons.


    iOS 7.0.0 or later. Android 4.0 or later.


    • It is released after the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and is well optimized for the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display, as well as iOS 7, therefore making it compatible and operational with both.
      • Upon release on iOS, it requires a minimum OS of iOS 7 or higher.
    • It has been optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus form factors.
    • It introduces the Knife and Wrench, melee weapons, a first for the Dead Trigger series that are useful when players are attempting to conserve ammo or when they have depleted such supplies.
    • This is the first game to feature NPC's during a mission.
    • This is the first time real cities are featured in the game.
    • There is a bug in Version 0.2.1; The first time the player signs into their account for Dead Trigger 2, the menu does not redirect after the "authorization was successful" message appears.
    • This game was released 2 hours before it was announced on Madfinger's Facebook page. Something similar happened with the Android version.
    • In the Launch Trailer there is a Unknown character near the end of the video. (Check Gallery for more info)
    • The Tegra 4 trailer revealed that the life counter was originally going to be a life bar.

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  • Dead Trigger 2 Walkthrough

    Explanations Walkthrough

    Gameplay – The harder the difficulty the faster and more damaging the zombie. Upgrade your TECH for the fastest advancement. Money earned is the same on all difficulties accept for mission reward so farming easy mode can be very efficient.

    Money – You can earn money from head shots, limb shots, finding pigs randomly, drops from zombies, mission rewards, and by purchasing it with Gold.

    Gold – You can get Gold from free offers, purchased or trial offers, and by buying directly with real money.

    Zombies – These are the regular zombies that will be all over the place. Sometimes they carry pipes for extra damage. They will only drop money and ammo.

    Special Zombie’s – These are like mini bosses that will pop out randomly during missions. They are all weak against explosive damage which will usually impare their movement and expose their weakness.

    Intro Missions

    1. Training – Learn the basic controls.

    2. Meeting Alice – Help Alice by killing zombies and repairing the barricade.

    3. Get to Car – After the first wave of enemies a 2 minute timer starts.

    USA Campaign

    Establish your base

    Story Mission Quests

    1. Meet the Medic: Produce PAINKILLERS in the HIDEOUT – Alice walks you through the steps to make painkillers.

    2. Tools of the Trade: Find the stolen toolbox – You can take your time finding the stolen toolbox and use it take make extra cash fixing barricades and killing zombies with head shots.

    3. Meet the Gunsmith: Manufacture MP5 in the HIDEOUT – Learn how to make guns.

    4. Wrenched Out: Find the lost Engineer – After Reaching the Engineer stay ahead of him and defeat the first wave, they can kill Engineer easy right away. After that just focus on killing zombies closes to the Engineer.

    5. Meet the Engineer: Craft GRENADE in HIDEOUT – Learn how to make a GRENADE.

    6. Science is Fun: Locate the Scientist – You can take your time killing and searching. Only need to reach end to complete.

    7. Meet the Scientist: Upgrade TECH level of HIDEOUT – Upgrade your new Tech to increase the upgrade level of other station. Afterwards I would upgrade your Gunsmith for better weapons.


    8. Our House: Protect the Hideout – Kill zombies with a infinite ammo sniper rifle. Aim for head or limbs to earn more cash. Complete to unlock side missions.

    9. Transmission: Make contact with Resistance HQ – This level can be difficult. Upgrade MP5K or purchase new weapon to beat quickest.

    10. EVAC: Mark landing zone with flares – Reach helipad then fight zombies for 1m30s.

    Side Missions

    Assault – Fight a limited number of zombies. Ignore special enemies to speed things up and save ammo but should kill for Blueprint.

    Defend – Fight off waves of zombies until timer runs out. Has stronger zombie for BP chance.

    Escort – Find person then protect them until they reach the end. Use pre-wave time to repair barriers and find piggy’s.

    Seek & Destroy – Probably the easiest side mission. Speakers are always in the same spots.

    Supply Run – The best thing to do is run and gun.

    Africa Campaign

    Resolve mutations problem

    Story Mission Quests

    1. Fresh Air: Land in Oasis – Easy on Hard mode. Zombies are in same places each time you go around building in helicopter.

    2. Anybody Home?: Make contact with local survivors – Might wanna bring a couple grenades and painkillers along with a M-16.

    3. The Big Restoration: Establish power supply and find any water – Grab furthest gas can first then 2 closes for best advantage. Focus on moving fast between objectives for and easy victory.

    4. Got Your Six: Protect the Engineer while he repairs the car – Try not to miss.

    5. Into the Well: Find Leader of the local group – Getting to the Leader is the hardest part.

    6. Water Before Gold: Open 3 Valves to ensure the water supply – Stay by valve to fight and move fast. After 3rd valve just keep running.

    7. Scientific Peek: Explore the mine – This is the longest mission so far and you’ll fight many zombies plus 2 or 3 specials. Good idea to have PK’s and Gernades along with a MK3 M-16.

    8. The Fixer: Prepare the mine for the research team – Grab the first gas can then follow arrow to other gas cans after that. After 3rd gas can they will spawn close to generator making time not much of an issue. Watch out for green radioactive material on the ground as it lowers health.

    9. Blow Out: Blow up the Mine – A lot of running is involved so try not to take damage. Lead the hord outside to the big open space for easy killing.

    10. Terror from the Deep: Protect the city from the giant mutant – Walk across the boards over the roof tops the the mounted gun. Use controlled bursts so not to over heat. Kill zombies that try to flank you while shooting the giant mutant.

    Side Missions

    Tripoli – Complete side mission to participate. When goal is met you’ll receive reward.

    Accra – Unlocked after finishing Tripoli. Complete side mission to participate

    Dead Trigger 2 Best Weapons & Guns


    Here is a list of the Dead Trigger 2 Best Weapons & Guns. It includes some guns that were available for a limited time and are suppose to be released again in a future update.

    Keep in mind you can find Blueprints that are 2 levels higher than your Tech. So when your weapons tech is level 7 you can find MK 9 BP’s. You’ll still need to wait until the required level to build it though.

    There is an absolute ton of weapons to choose from and knowing whats gonna be the best in the end is important. Focusing your spending and not wasting money will save you a lot of time in the long run. Choosing some thing your comfortable with can be just as important as using the best weapon.

    Thankfully some are much better than others. Below I rank the most useful killing tools starting with #1. Check out the survey below and vote on your 3 best weapons. For more info check out our Dead Trigger 2 Wiki.

    Dead Trigger 2 Best Weapons & Guns


    KSG1. KSG

    A tactical shotgun that will blow you away. Considered by many the strongest and most over powered weapon in Dead Trigger 2. You’ll need $1,125,000 and a Gunsmith Level 10 to build. When you buy this it starts out with max stats and can’t be upgraded more. If your ever not sure what to do with some extra spending cash this will not be a loss.
    Stats – Mk10 13,056 Damage $1,125,000, 12 in clip with 48 holding and 9 on pickup, need Tech Lv 10. Has Red Dot Sight and Fore Grip with 6 BP’s.
    Pros – High damage and magazine size.
    Cons – Slow reload with low accuracy and fire rate. The most expensive gun beside the ones that cost real money.

    Minigun2. Minigun

    A must have in any Zombie Apocalypse. You can prime the fire rate by tapping the trigger to keep it running so to speak.
    Stats – Mk9 3686 DMG $1.1M , Mk10 7373 DMG, 300 in the clip and that’s it with 24 pickup max and 8 BP’s Tech 9. There are no attachments.
    Pros – Fastest fire rate, great accuracy, long range, and large ammo capacity.
    Cons – .5 second start up so you’ll need to prime the pump if you you are on high alert. You’ll also move slow and should conserve ammo in small bursts as it’s lost rapidly on max fire.



    Jackhammer1. Jackhammer

    Get this early and continue to make it better and you won’t be disappointed. Later you can upgrade to the Crossbow and Desert Eagle for some verity.
    Stats – 576 DMG Mk6, 9,216 DMG Mk10, 12 Mag with 60 Res and up to 10 on a pickup. Need Tech Lv 4 with 4 BP’s.
    Pros – Biggest ammo capacity and best range of any shotgun, automatic, no aim loss when moving.
    Cons – Lowest damage of all shotguns.

    Crossbow2. Crossbow

    For a secondary side are this guy can serve you well for crowd control as the arrows pierce going through everything in the way.
    Stats – 96 DMG Mk4 6,144 DMG Mk10, 20 in the mag with 80 backup and up to 16 on the pickup. Need Tech Lv 2 and 4 BP’s for $50K.
    Pros – Peirce’s targets, No loss in accuracy when moving.
    Cons – 3 round burst fire requiring unnecessary use of available ammo. Bad accuracy with the bolts dropping in the distance requiring you to aim up for long range targets.

    Desert Eagle3. Desert Eagle

    This little buddy packs quite the punch killing regular Zombies in one hit in almost everyplace you hit and specials in 2 to 3 shots.
    Stats – 1065 DAM Mk7, 844 DAM Mk10, 7 Mag with 20 Res and up to 4 on a pickup. Cost 2 2 BP’s and $200K.
    Pros – Very High Power and range.
    Cons – Small ammo pool and slower fire rate.


    Hard hitting stopping power when maxed out and the 2nd best shotgun in the gun, next to the KSG above.
    Stats – 3072 DMG Mk8, 12,288 DMG Mk10, 7 Mag with 35 Res and up to 6 on a pickup. Need Tech Lv 6 with 4 BP’s.
    Pros – Very High Damage with upgraded ammo supply.
    Cons – Slow reload and fire rate with poor range.

    Check out a ton more info for Weapons & Guns on the Official Dead Trigger 2 Weapons page. You might need some ad blocker as there are tons.

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  • Dead Trigger 2 Cheats



    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    #01 - Brawler IKill 200 enemies using melee weapons
    #02 - Brawler IIKill 2000 enemies using melee weapons
    #03 - Brawler IIIKill 15000 enemies using melee weapons
    #04 - Gunslinger IKill 200 enemies with the pistol
    #05 - Gunslinger IIKill 2000 enemies with the pistol
    #06 - Gunslinger IIIKill 15000 enemies with the pistol
    #07 - Sprayer IKill 200 enemies with submachine guns
    #08 - Sprayer IIKill 2000 enemies with submachine guns
    #09 - Sprayer IIIKill 15000 enemies with submachine guns
    #10 - Machine Gunner IKill 200 enemies with a machine gun
    #11 - Machine Gunner IIKill 2000 enemies with a machine gun
    #12 - Machine Gunner IIIKill 15000 enemies with a machine gun
    #13 - Shock Trooper IKill 200 enemies with a shotgun
    #14 - Shock Trooper IIKill 2000 enemies with a shotgun
    #15 - Shock Trooper IIIKill 15000 enemies with a shotgun
    #16 - Infantryman IKill 200 enemies with an assault rifle
    #17 - Infantryman IIKill 2000 enemies with an assault rifle
    #18 - Infantryman IIIKill 15000 enemies with an assault rifle
    #19 - Rifleman IKill 200 enemies with a rifle
    #20 - Rifleman IIKill 2000 enemies with a rifle
    #21 - Rifleman IIIKill 15000 enemies with a rifle
    #22 - Weapon Specialist IKill 200 enemies using special weapons (Crossbow, Grenade Launcher...)
    #23 - Weapon Specialist IIKill 2000 enemies using special weapons (Crossbow, Grenade Launcher...)
    #24 - Weapon Specialist IIIKill 15000 enemies using special weapons (Crossbow, Grenade Launcher...)
    #25 - Saviour IComplete 15 Escort missions
    #26 - Saviour IIComplete 75 Escort missions
    #27 - Saviour IIIComplete 350 Escort missions
    #28 - Supplier IComplete 15 Power/ Supply run missions
    #29 - Supplier IIComplete 75 Power / Supply run missions
    #30 - Supplier IIIComplete 350 Power / Supply run missions
    #31 - Guardian IComplete 15 Sentinel missions
    #32 - Guardian IIComplete 75 Sentinel missions
    #33 - Guardian IIIComplete 350 Sentinel missions
    #34 - Destructor IComplete 15 Seek & Destroy missions
    #35 - Destructor IIComplete 75 Seek & Destroy missions
    #36 - Destructor IIIComplete 350 Seek & Destroy missions
    #37 - Zombie Hunter IComplete 15 Assault missions
    #38 - Zombie Hunter IIComplete 75 Assault missions
    #39 - Zombie Hunter IIIComplete 350 Assault missions
    #40 - Defender IComplete 15 Defend missions
    #41 - Defender IIComplete 75 Defend missions
    #42 - Defender IIIComplete 350 Defend missions
    #43 - Operative IComplete 15 Operations missions
    #44 - Operative IIComplete 75 Operations missions
    #45 - Operative IIIComplete 350 Operations missions
    #46 - Survival Instinct IComplete 20 missions without loosing any health (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #47 - Survival Instinct IIComplete 100 missions without loosing any health (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #48 - Survival Instinct IIIComplete 500 missions without loosing any health (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #49 - Tough Guy IComplete 20 missions using only melee weapons (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #50 - Tough Guy IIComplete 150 missions using only melee weapons (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #51 - Tough Guy IIIComplete 1000 missions using only melee weapons (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #52 - No Fear IComplete 20 missions on hard difficulty (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #53 - No Fear IIComplete 150 missions on hard difficulty (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #54 - No Fear IIIComplete 1000 missions on hard difficulty (all gameplay except mounted gun missions)
    #55 - Action Man ISpend 10 minutes building barricades or refilling ammo
    #56 - Action Man IISpend 60 minutes building barricades or refilling ammo
    #57 - Action Man IIISpend 360 minutes building barricades or refilling ammo
    #58 - Sharpshooter IExecute 500 headshots
    #59 - Sharpshooter IIExecute 5000 headshots
    #60 - Sharpshooter IIIExecute 50000 headshots
    #61 - Technician IUse 200 gadgets in missions
    #62 - Technician IIUse 1200 gadgets in missions
    #63 - Technician IIIUse 7000 gadgets in missions.
    #64 - Detective IFind 30 hidden pigs
    #65 - Detective IIFind 150 hidden pigs
    #66 - Detective IIIFind 750 hidden pigs
    #67 - ImproverPerform 30 worker upgrades
    #68 - FarmerProduce or receive 1000 chicken gadgets
    #69 - ResearcherComplete 20 blueprints
    #70 - Gun NutUpgrade any weapon to level 8
    #71 - Diehard Fan ISuccesfully finish 100 missions
    #72 - Diehard Fan IISuccesfully finish 1000 missions
    #73 - Diehard Fan IIISuccesfully finish 5000 missions
    #74 - Gladiator IAchieve a TOTAL score of 30.000 in multiple Arena matches.
    #75 - Gladiator IIAchieve a TOTAL score of 300.000 in multiple Arena matches.
    #76 - Gladiator IIIAchieve a TOTAL score of 3.000.000 in multiple Arena matches.
    #77 - VeteranFight in 5 Arena tournaments.
    #78 - Brother in ArmsHave 20 friends in total.
    #79 - RecruiterInvite 10 Facebook friends into the game.
    #80 - Freedom FighterComplete the Freedom Fighter Event
    #81 - Gold MedallistComplete the Gold Medalist Event
    #82 - Flesh MaulerComplete the Flesh Mauler Event
    #83 - Spooky SurvivorComplete the Spooky Survivor Event
    #84 - Perfect PilgrimComplete the Perfect Pilgrim Event
    #85 - Santa CrusaderComplete the Santa Crusader Event
    #86 - Party PopperComplete the Party Popper Event


    Dead Trigger 2 Hacks

    Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK


    Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK is a teeth-rattling first person Zombie shooting game. It offers irresistible adventure and action thrill to keep you ready with guns all day long. Your objective in the game is to fight with Undead Zombies and save the world from the apocalypse. You may play similar action games like Shadow fight 2 Apk, Clash of Clans Apk, or Clash Royale Apk.


    Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK


    Dead Trigger 2 Mod Game comes with advanced graphics and better gameplay in its second installment. With a wide variety of weapons and more daunting Zombies, the game soon becomes an addiction for all the action game lovers out there. Those who love to play endless running games must try Temple Run 2 Apk and Subway Surfers Apk.


    Gameplay – The War Against Zombies!

    Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK is based on a similar story as its predecessor, wherein the whole world is infected with some fatal virus. Species affected with this virus has now become dreadful Zombies. Those who are saved, join the Global Resistance to kill all the Zombies and fight for survival till the last breath.

    The game equips you with shooting ammunition to attack the Zombies. Zombies are very powerful and can’t always be a soft target. As you progress in the game, Zombies become more brutal and powerful. Players can also timely upgrade their weapons to be equally lethal to them. Download TutuApp for Android and get your Dead Trigger 2 Apk file now.

    Best of Mod – Unlimited Coins, Money, Weapons, And Health

    Playing the Mod version, you’ll have unlimited coins and money in the game. With unlimited coins and money, there’d be no restrictions. Everything in the game would be unlocked, be it an array of weapons or exciting game modes. You may play & enjoy unstoppable shooting of Zombies in the Modified version of Dead Trigger 2. Shoot in Over 33 Battlefields And More Than 600 War Scenarios.

    Upon Dead Trigger 2 Mod Free Download, you may combat with Zombies across places in all over the world. The game has 10 horrible locations to explore in. Besides that, there’re 33+ environments to take on the assault against Evil Deads. To hit up the fever of action, there’s around 600 gameplay which includes Global mission, side quests, and solo campaign. Another way to modify your game values is through Lucky Patcher.


    At the start, players have to combat with Zombies in the ‘Story Mode’. This’s the basic game mode with initial challenges and target attacks. To add up a bit of horror and excitement level in the game, players can also take part in ‘Sniper Mode’. This mode is more challenging and adventurous than the ‘Story Mode’. The locations in the game provide for large areas to move freely unlike narrow tracks in other similar games. The ultimate aim is to stay unkilled among the mob of Zombies. Love racing games? Check out Traffic Rider Apk or Hill Climb Racing Apk. For a change, Minecraft PE is not a bad idea!

    Huge Arsenal & Many Evil Zombies To Fight With.

    Zombie fighters in the game have the collection of over 50 deadly guns. Each of the guns has some unique shooting features. The better your gun, the sharper your shooting skills would be. Since you’re about to play in the mod version, there’s no limitation of guns and armory. You may pick any gun of your choice to match up your style & skills.

    For music freaks, Spotify Premium Apk brings a lot at their disposal.

    To add up an element of enough adventure and turn the game more challenging, MADFINGER Games have added different evil Zombies in the game. Those who’re less dangerous, won’t consume much of your health but for cruelest of Zombies, you might have to fight hard. The dangerous of all is Zombie bosses, for whom a single bullet is not just enough. They’re very powerful and horrified.

    Some of the other Zombies are Rampage – with mountain like body to mash anyone on its way, Vomitron – who vomits chemicals to defend itself, Panzer – his skin is very hard that can eat up as many bullets as in your gun, Kamikaze – who equip with immense ammunition to spread destruction all around, Radioactive scientist – and many more are there. These Zombies would give you a tough fight and is hard to survive against them.


    Graphics, Interface And Controls

    The graphics of Dead Trigger 2 Mod for Android are very impressive and are up to the mark for any FPS game like it. The environment in the game has been designed successfully to develop the feel of real horror from Zombies. If we talk about popular games like Hungry Shark World Mod Apk or 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk and GTA San Andreas Mod Apk, all these games hold a special place among gamers due to its superb and wonderful graphics and eye-catching visuals.

    Also, the animations of weapons, bloodthirsty Zombies, bloodsheds, etc. are so realistic to create a horrified action environment. High-quality 3D game visuals hook you up in the game for hours. Besides that, fire and sobbing sound effects are well-coordinating with the whole idea of the game.


    Coming to the interface of the game, it’s smoothly navigation at the touch of your finger. All the options and features are arranged in an easily accessible way. Controls of the game are not less than any gaming console. Using intuitive touch controls, simply trigger your guns and start firing. Controls are designed and placed perfectly in accordance with Android smartphone screens where you need to engage both of your hands and stick the eyes on screens. Alternatively, you may also make use of an enhanced virtual joystick. The gameplay is a bit faster and will keep you on your toes.

    Features At a Glance

    • Massive arsenal of guns and weapons.
    • Multiple game modes and environments.
    • Appealing 3D graphics and lifelike sound effects.
    • Dangerous and menacing animated Zombies.
    • Participate in tournaments to win real trophies.
    • Take help from Gunsmith, Scientist, Engineer and other personnel.
    • Never run out of coins, money, weapons, and health.
    • Everything unlocked at your disposal.

    Is Dead Trigger 2 Mod Game Download illegal?

    Of course not! Dead Trigger 2 Mod Download is not at all illegal in any way. It’s completely legitimate to play games in Mod version. However, video game lovers avoid installing Dead Trigger 2 Mod OBB files since they’re usually sourced from third-party applications. Even if you play Mod version of casual games like My Talking Tom Mod Apk, you’d not be alleged of any playing unethically.


    To lower down the risk of any malware or device damage, it’s best to protect your Android phone with some good security application. Rest, Dead Trigger 2 Mod Free Download is absolutely legit. In the table given below, you may read the Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK Data and other relevant info. Even you can make use of mod applications like WhatsApp Plus without worries.

    NameDead Trigger 2 Mod APK
    DeveloperMADFINGER Games
    App Versionv1.5.5
    App Size25.5 MB + 913 MB
    Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.0 & Higher
    License TypeFree


    Dead Trigger 2 Mod is a complete action-packed shooting game with the horrifying concept to battle against mortal Zombies. The graphics and animations make the game perfect to play if you’re looking for something in action + horror genre. The game is compatible with all the Android devices and requires around 1 GB of free space on your phone. Download Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK Free For Android and take over the insane Zombies.




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