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    In Epic War 2 TD you have to build 25 levels each of which has three different difficulties. Find a way to prevent the enemies from crossing. Build various defense mechanisms in order to prevent the enemy robots from getting where they’re headed. If everything goes well you will be able to unlock new towers. At the beginning of the game you can choose what difficulty you want. The game is separated into two modes: Arcade Mode where tower slots are unlimited, and Hard (or PRO) mode where there is only a limited number of slots, and you can’t sell the tower placed. The game features 40 different units that will attack your settlement, 50 brain-puzzling missions, and over 100 hours of challenging fun. Enjoy the cool graphics right in Epic War 2 TD. Read More

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    Mouse = interaction
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    Balancing a tower defense title properly is a pretty tough task. Make a game too easy and players may lose interest in advancing through the game’s missions and difficulty. On the other hand, an incredibly difficult TD title can potentially alienate a lot of prospective players. Epic War TD 2 (Free) by AMT Games leans heavily on the difficult side in terms of the TD spectrum. However, the game is balanced well enough that most TD gamers can succeed while optional modes provide a challenge for the hardcore fans.A sequel to a 2011 title, Epic War TD 2 gives off some pretty cool vibes with its art style and presentation. The visuals are a mix of Starcraft and Fallout in terms of futuristic elements mixed with a post apocalyptic setting. Alas, whatever tale you make up in your head in regards to the setting is all you’re going to get as Epic War TD 2 is devoid of any formal narrative. Granted, epic tales are rarely told in a TD setting but I found it interesting that Epic War 2 chose to bypass any attempt. Thankfully, the actual gameplay shines well enough.When it comes to towers, Epic War TD 2 has a good mix of classic tower tropes (basic gatling gun, AoE flame thrower, etc) mixed with a few interesting options (Tesla and Laser). Towers are unlocked via a progressive upgrade scheme that requires stars to unlock the next tower in the sequence. Stars are earned by playing and completing missions. Some advanced towers require player interaction in order to successfully use them, but most towers are on the standard auto-target that’s found in most TD games.

    Overall, I thought the game did a decent job of providing specific detail on each of the towers as well as what the upgrades would unlock. Each enemy has a weakness in terms of tower type and it’s pretty easy for most players to understand that part of the gameplay strategy. One of the bigger annoyances I found, however, dealt with the lack of introductory tutorials for each tower. Folks that have played enough TD titles can probably guess as to what the majority of the towers do, but the lack of descriptive text makes for a lot of trial and error. This is especially true considering the game’s tendency to create situations that call for a “specific” solution to get past waves.

    Where I think Epic War TD 2 absolutely shines is in its difficulty balance from map to map. Simply put, this is a pretty tough addition to the genre. Most maps have at least one or two waves that require a specific combination of towers (which aren’t too hard to figure out if you analyze the types of enemies coming at you) but otherwise the game provides some margin of error as far as the types of towers that you should use. The fact that most towers serve a particular purpose and have a specific enemy that it’s strong against means that alert players should be able to quickly read and place towers in the correct sequence.

    In this regard the gameplay is almost like a puzzle in some respects that requires some critical thought in order to pass individual waves. There’s also no IAP and no way to bypass maps, meaning that players will have to beat maps in succession. Personally, I found the difficulty to be exhilarating without being overbearing. Maps are certainly difficult, but it’s not too hard to play with combinations of towers to find the right combination. The game’s ‘Pro’ mode, however, truly is a strict puzzle environment as exact combinations of towers in the proper locations are required in order to succeed.

    Epic War TD 2 is a pretty straight-forward tower defense title. There aren’t any RPG-like elements, story, or anything other than good, difficult gameplay. However, I do think that gameplay is good enough to carry the lack of a comprehensive tutorial or the reuse of maps across missions. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a tough, nice looking TD title, and I recommend folks looking for such to give Epic War TD 2 a try.

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    EWTD2 follows a very standard tower defense design. You'll have to build your murder-Towers along the fixed enemy paths and prevent them from exiting the map. Enemy units can't attack or destroy your towers. You only have 10 lives and each enemy that escapes the map, regardless of size/type, will deduct one life. Unlike other tower defense games, you don't have special abilities or special moves that you can use in case of emergencies; you'll have to rely on your towers for the entire battle. Defeating enemies will earn you cash that you can use to build more towers or upgrade them.

    There are 25 maps per mode. Each map has three checkpoints, represented by stars. Each checkpoint has around 3-5 waves each. And the maps, though beautifully designed, are very limited. You'll find yourself fighting on recycled maps every so often. These maps doesn't have fixed spots where you can place Towers. You can drag and drop the towers to allowed spaces. While this gives players freedom to move their towers around, it's pretty easy to miscalculate the spacing between the towers, wasting precious space. This is true when you're deploying the larger, mega towers. Towers don't change appearances when upgraded.

    The entire game is pretty straightforward. "Linear" is the best word to describe the whole gameplay. You don't have that much freedom what Towers to deploy and where to deploy them because of VERY limited funds. There are even missions where you can't win unless you follow very strict steps or sequences on what towers to buy first, when to sell them to get enough funds to buy a new one, when to upgrade one, etc. SPECIFIC tower placements and TIMING are important too. If you build a necessary tower too far or too late, it can ruin the flow of the mission. It can be quite annoying since your options will be very limited. You're technically forced to play how the developers designed the map / mission instead of letting you devise your own approach to a situation.


    There are nine towers in the game and two mega towers. These towers can be upgraded to LV4. Before you can upgrade a tower, you should spend collected Stars in the Lab to unlock various towers and their next upgrade level. For each upgrade, the cost and resell value of the tower also skyrockets. Unfortunately, only the damage of the towers are increased per upgrade; their firing rate and range stays the same.

    EWTD2 allows players to spend collected "Stars" from missions to unlock new towers and upgrades. These upgrades are laid out in a straight line instead of a "skill tree" format; you must unlock the currently available upgrade before you can unlock the next one. There's also no point of farming Stars since you'll earn just enough to unlock stuff from the Lab as you progress. Replaying a mission doesn't earn you anything worthwhile so basically, every map is a forgettable affair.


    The game offers two game-modes: Arcade and Pro. Arcade has medium difficulty, unlimited Towers, and the ability to sell towers. In the other hand, Pro mode restricts players with limited towers and banning them from selling unneeded towers, on top of having to play through hard mode.

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