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    Shadow Dancer Arcade is a side scrolling action game produced by Sega lanzado originalmente como un juego de arcade en 1989. Es la segunda y la final arcada juego de la serie Shinobi, siguiendo el mismo Shinobi originales. El jugador controla a un ninja con la ayuda de un perro de ataque, que está luchando para salvar la ciudad de una organización terrorista. La mecánica de juego de bailarín de la sombra son similares a las que desempeña la versión arcade del original shinobi. The controls and almost all of the player’s moves from the original Shinobi are present here as well.The player’s weapons consists of an unlimited supply of shuriken and a sword which is used when adjacent to an enemy. The first few stages of each round has the player collecting the time bombs that are being guarded by the terrorists.

  • How to Play Shadow Dancer Arcade

    Mayús Dr = Insert Coin / Enter = Inicio / Configuración de los controles de juego hasta 4 jugadores / Opciones suported = Gamepad, a pantalla completa, Salvar y Cargar

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    Shadow Dancer (シャドー・ダンサー)is a side-scrolling action game produced by Sega originally released as an arcade game in 1989. It is the second and the final arcade game in the Shinobi series, following the original Shinobi itself. The player controls a ninja aided by an attack dog, who is fighting to save the city from a terrorist organization.

    Shadow Dancer was developed on the Sega System 18 motherboard hardware and its generally well received home versions were released for the Master System console and several home computer systems in 1991. A loose adaptation titled Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi was released exclusively for the Mega Drive/Genesis.


    The play mechanics of Shadow Dancer are similar to these of the arcade version of the original Shinobi. The controls and almost all of the player's moves from the original Shinobi are present here as well.

    The biggest change is the addition of a canine companion that follows the protagonist around. When the dog barks towards an enemy, the player can sic the dog on the enemy by pressing the attack button while crouching, allowing the player an opportunity to attack the enemy while it is being bitten by the dog. However, if the player takes too long to attack the bitten enemy or the enemy has a strong defense, then the dog will be hurt and turn into a harmless pup. The dog will then remain in pup form until the player acquires the next time bomb or finishes the stage.

    The player's weapons consists of an unlimited supply of shuriken and a sword which is used when adjacent to an enemy. When the player collects half of the time bombs in each stage, stronger weapons are granted until the player finishes the stage or loses a life. The player can also use from one of three random ninja magic (ninpo) techniques that will clear the entire screen of enemies. Normally, these techniques can only be used once per stage, but if the player continues the game by inserting more coins and pressing START, the protagonist restarts the stage with two units instead of one. Bonus points are awarded if the player completes the game without using shuriken or ninja magic.

    There are four different missions, consisting of three stages for the first mission and four stages each for the remaining three. In the first few stages of each mission, the player must collect a certain amount of time bombs scattered throughout the stage in order to proceed to the goal. The final stage in each mission is a confrontation between him and the one of the four bosses: an armoured giant throwing energy balls, a weaponized tank engine, a woman armed with a shield/weapon device, and a female ninja using magic and a naginata (the dog does not appear during boss battles).

    Between each mission, there is a bonus stage minigame seen from the character's perspective as he tosses shuriken at enemy ninjas dropping down from a building. The player is awarded extra lives after successfully completing this minigame.

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  • Shadow Dancer Arcade Walkthrough

    Stage 1: Airport POWER UP: Easy, just kill everyone and you'll get it at the end. BOSS: Stand so the first ball will travel over you after bouncing, then jump straight up to avoid the ground ball while firing shuriken. Repeat until dead. With the other bouncing balls, move back & forth slightly to avoid being hit. Level 2: Freight Train POWER UP: The first 4 bombs are easy to come by. To get the fifth one, walk forward and make the red ninja jump. It appears where he was. You can then kill the ninja with magic or just avoid him. BOSS: When the engine is far away, just jump up between shots and throw shuriken. If it's right next to you, duck and when the HIGHEST SHOT from the gun has JUST passed over you, quickly jump and fire. Repeat until destroyed. Level 3: Sewer POWER UP: The first three bombs are held by the knife men near the start of the level. Kill the first one, then high-jump onto the above pipe. Then quickly jump down onto the ledge to grab the bomb, then immediately high jump back up. Walk along and kill the next guy along. Now jump down behind the third man and slash him. The forth bomb is held by the second machine gunner - easy to get. To get the fifth bomb, stand near the next alligator so its tail swings. Immediately jump straight up and fire shurikens. The alligator should turn upside down and the power-up will appear on the other side (no..I don't understand it either!!). BOSS: Get close to him and when the shield stops moving, hesitate a split second then fire a shuriken. Hopefully it should hit him when he turns the shield off quickly. Jump straight up if you miss to avoid the disc and then move back to dodge the falling missile. Don't get too mad if you die: work on the timing of your shuriken throw and he'll become a pussycat (especially with those boots....meowwww!!). Level 4: Shuttle Station POWER UP: When you see the high platform, jump up. Now walk along until you see a blue ninja. Let him near you (not too close), then kill him and grab the bomb. Now jump down and walk along. Kill the ninja on the ground for the second bomb. For the third and forth bombs, when you see the exhaust pipes of the shuttle, jump up to the high area. Kill the knifeman and grab the bomb, then position yourself so you are in front of the guy on the ground. Jump down and immediately slash to kill him. There may be a small chance he could kill you as you land, so if you are too scared, use magic instead (CHICKEN!!). The last bomb is with the ninja at the end - easy to get. BOSS: Move left to the back of the screen. Avoid the first two low projectiles, then jump and shoot at the higher ones. If you think you can't hit a projectile, just jump/avoid it. For his second form, move towards him and when he begins to move his stick, duck and fire. Repeat until dead. Do not duck prematurely: he will hit the ground with his stick, killing you at any distance!! If you beat him, sit back and watch an incredibly sh**e ending!! Now go and track down the Genesis/Megadrive version of Shadow's a completely different game and much better for it!Bonus Stages Just a quick note to say if you can complete the bonus stage after level 1 & 3, you're a better player than me: the last ninja always seems immune to my shuriken! Stage 2 is easy: just fire quickly and when the ninjas get close, go to the middle and fire two shots, hesitate, fire two shots, hesitate....repeat until the end. Get the timing right and you can't fail!!

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