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Cyber Gears

Engranajes cibernética es una multijugador driving game. It's a side-scrolling bike racing game in which you battle other players from all over the world. Discover weapons and upgrades in the game Cyber Gears, and come up with a winning strategy. The game has tons of different stages, three different vehicle classes, and a lot of weapons. You can choose to focus on defensive upgrades or more offensive ones . It's up to you! Prepare for an all-out, winner takes all, explosive race! Choose from one of several racers, each with their own special attacks and defenses and use them to blast past your opponents for the victory!

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La categoría del juego: Multijugador, Racing, WebGL

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How to Play Cyber Gears

A = Ataque / S = Toma de tierra / Espacio = saltar

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