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    R-Type es un desplazamiento lateral disparar em up arcada juego producido por Irem en 1987. El jugador controla a un espacio de combate llamado el R-9 para defender a la humanidad contra una forma de vida extraterrestre poderosa misteriosa conocida como la "Bydo" .El juego se compone de varios niveles secuenciales, con un enemigo jefe al final de cada . El jugador controla una pequeña nave espacial en R-Type y debe navegar el terreno y luchar contra los enemigos usando la nave diversos weapons.R-Type se establece en el siglo 22, y el jugador vuela una nave de combate futurista llamado R-9a "punta de flecha", llamado así por su forma, y ​​porque es el noveno modelo de la serie 'R' de nave de combate (pero es la primera de la serie para ser utilizado realmente en combate; los modelos anteriores eran todos los prototipos).

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    Mayús Dr = Insert Coin / Enter = Inicio / Configuración de los controles de juego hasta 4 jugadores / Opciones suported = Gamepad, a pantalla completa, Salvar y Cargar

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    R-Type! A shooter that can be quite unforgiving, and is a member of one of myfavourite series. My actual experience with R-Type was latent, I always wantedto play Super R-Type, but we were always renting newer games. When I finallygot my hands on that game, I was hooked! So I've come full circle to this gameand the Master System because I feel they need some love.While R-Type has discrete levels, it can still be quite challenging at first.While learnign the ways of the stages certainly helps, the games can stillfrustrate. So before you dive into an R-Type game, be prepared for the roughspots.And this particular game, on the Master System it manages to stay beautiful andat times hard. The bosses are cool, the music is nice. It's everything I'vecome to expect from the series. So, get ready. Blast off and strike the EvilBydo Empire! D-Pad: Move R-9Button 1: ShootButton 1: (Rapid): Rapid FireButton 1: (Hold): Charge shotButton 2: (Force Device Attached): Detach Force DeviceButton 2: (Force Device Detached): Pull Force device back in.R-Type can be a fairly unforgiving series, but if you learn the stages you willdo much better than were you to make a blind run at it (uninspired, of course).While this game is simpler than the sequels in the path respect, it can stillhelp. Basically, survive until the boss of the the stage, deal with it, andcontinue.When you run out of lives, you will get to continue, you start with threecredits, the one you are playing on and two in reserve.Points are shown at the end of the stage, as usual you get extra lives frompoints. The lives are awarded at the end of the stage, when points are tallied.Points for lives are 50000, 150000, 250000, 400000, and 600000.
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