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Feudal Wars is an epic online military RTS game (Age of Empires Clone) in which you must build and command your very own army to fight other players around the world. You must build a variety of different structures such as resource production facilities, military training facilities and research facilities in Feudal Wars - each building has a different use and will help contribute to your economy and army. Train and research new units and use them to conquer territories and enemy bases. Think carefully about how you deploy your forces and always consider your strategy. This game has fantastic and simple RTS gameplay and lets you choose from a range of different kingdoms to control. Can you conquer the land and show your military skill?

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Use left mouse button to play.

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Feudal Wars is developed by Chris Scott.


* Real-time strategy game that is inspired by the famous title, Age of Empires
* Featuring original soundtrack
* Simple gameplay without resource gathering, just plan on placing buildings and marching your army
* Many kingdoms to choose with different abilities
* Upgradeable units that will also change its appearance
* Play with friends, AI, or worldwide players


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