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    Final Blow is a boxing retro arcade game created in 1988 by Taito. The name would remain the same for all ported platforms, except for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis versions, which Sega released outside Japan as James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing featuring Buster Douglas himself in 1990 immediately after his victory over Mike Tyson. In this boxing game, you get to choose to be one of five boxers: Dynamite Joe, Fernando Gomez, Kim Nang, King Jason or The Detroit Kid. After you have selected a boxer, you must fight the other four in four respective matches. Beat them all and you will become the champion.
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    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load
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    The camera shall now pan down to the two chosen boxers in the ring (which has Taito's then-new triangular logo on its floor) as the crowd of fans cheer in the background, and the referee says "In this corner, wearing red trunks, and weighing (1P's chosen boxer's weight) pounds, (1P's boxer's nickname), (1P's boxer's name)!" from the Yamaha YM-2610 as 1P's boxer taunts his opponent - and the referee will then say "And in this corner, wearing blue trunks, and weighing (2P's chosen boxer's weight) pounds, (2P's boxer's nickname), (2P's boxer's name)!" from of the Yamaha YM-2610, as he taunts his opponent. Both boxers' names will then fly into view from the left and right sides of the screen as the referee says "Fight!" from the Yamaha YM-2610; the game's first main theme shall now start to be heard from it as a timer appears between the two names at the top of the screen and starts counting downwards from 3:00 (in one-player games) or upwards from 0:00 (in two-player games). Both players must use the 8-directional joysticks, to direct their two boxers around their respective halves of the screen while pressing the three buttons to make them punch out at each other and duck - and the referee shall give them encouragement as they do so. Once either boxer's energy has been drained to two-thirds he will go down and the referee will start counting from 1 to 7; however, he shall get back up again, and can continue fighting his opponent until his energy has been drained to one-third, at which point the same thing will happen again. Once his energy has been completely drained, the text "3 DOWN" will appear on the screen, and the referee will count from 1 to 10, before calling "Out!" from the Yamaha YM-2610 - and the winning boxer will then say "I won!" or "I did it!" from it. In a one-player game, if it was your boxer who lost, your game will be over - but if he won, you will proceed on to the next match. If he manages to defeat the three remaining boxers in their respective matches, he will be declared "Heavyweight Champion of the World"; however, in a two-player game, the game will immediately end after one match. This game has a total of five different ending sequences (one for each boxer), showing them being interviewed by the press while the credits roll:
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