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Guns of Anarchy
Description:Guns of Anarchy, Blast a path through your enemies with guns blazing and teddy bears booming in Guns of Anarchy, a gritty shoot ‘em up on rails. Take control of a minigun to devastate opponents. Leave no man standing with your Teddyboom grenade, an explosive attached to an otherwise cuddly toy bear. Bring down helicopters and blow up trucks. Let nothing stand in your way! Speed, accuracy and efficiency will gain you bonus points, so move quickly, aim well and save your energy wherever possible. Score even more points by destroying banners. Can you prove yourself to be a master of destruction? How much havoc can you wreak?
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Game Category: Action, Shockwave, Shooting

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Aim/Shoot with mouse | A/D Sidestep/Strafe | S/cover | Space/Teddyboom

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