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    International Karate Plus was released in 1988 and was a massive hit on the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST.In this great remake of the famous 16 bit martial arts game from 1988 the player controls a karateka who must fight against two other fighters. The one who scores six points first wins the match.In the game, three karateka fight against each other on a beach, trying to be the first to score six points. After every two rounds, there is a bonus game which is either deflecting bouncing balls or kicking away bombs. The C64 version of the game only has the ball bouncing bonus game, and not the bomb bonus game. The game can be played by one or two human players, at least one fighter is always controlled by the computer.

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    Use arrow left and right to move. Use arrow up to jump and arrow down to kick. Press arrow left or right with arrow up or down to perform different attacks. Press 1 to start game. Then press 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0 to set speed. Press T to drop trousers.

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    Another generic fighting game. Except, you barely do anything in this game, and turning can be confusing, if you ever see this game anywhere, either run away or sacrifice it to your local evil cult. I'm sorry Ignition Entertainment, but this game just isn't worthy for the GBA, it would be better for the GBC. I'm sure you could even do a direct port to the GameBoy Color without hesitation, of course you'll just need to change the header files to the GBC headers.

    - Train, keep training, build up your skills as an International Karate person. Better skills means a better player.

    - Watch what the enemies are doing, you'll eventually notice a pattern, I pattern is different but they're all basically the same throughout each of the levels.

    - If the game is getting too hard, change the speed to BORING which will make it go very slow, during this speed type you can see exactly what each enemy is about to do.

    - If the game is too easy, change the speed to TURBO, lets see how long you will last now!

    - Keep using the same attacks (well there aren't many anyway), this will make the enemy move back and possibly fall to the ground.

    - The game is very repetitive, so just pay attention to the patterns and you should be able to win quickly.
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