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    19XX: The War Against Destiny Phoenix Edition (カプコン) is a 2D vertical scrolling shooter game taking place against a fictional background, unlike the preceding installments of the series, which used a World War II setting.The game offers three planes to choose from - Lightning, Mosquito and Shinden. Each aircraft has it's own statistics and special weapon. As usual, there are upgrades and a supply of bombs. The bombs can be charged up for more powerful effects. Another familiar element are boss battles at the end of stages, where a particularly strong enemy must be defeated to advance. As with most games in the series, the player can maneuver the plane with the 8-way joystick, and there are two buttons; one for firing the main weapon, and the other for a secondary function.

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    RSHIFT =インサートコイン/ 4プレーヤー/ Suportedオプション=ゲームパッド、フルスクリーン、保存と読み込みまでのゲームに=スタート/セットアップあなたのコントロールを入力します。

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    Special WeaponsThere are three types of Special Weapons that can be used in the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, also replacing the standard machine guns when collected. By collecting more of the same type of weapon icon, it becomes stronger. The weapon can be made even stronger when used with the plane that it works the most efficiently with. Unlike in the previous games before it, a Special Weapon has no time limit, and it could only be lost if the player loses a life.4 FireThe 4 Fire is a Special Weapon that rapidly fires a four-way spray of projectiles with a medium spread. It is the strongest when used with the P-38 Lightning, and is the most versatile. At full power with the Lightning, it becomes a six-way spread.Super ShellThe Super Shell, returning from 1941: Counter Attack, fires a stream of piercing, laser-like energy blasts in a straight pattern with no spread. It is stronger when used with the Shinden, and is good against bosses. When this Special Weapon's power is at its peak with the Shinden, it becomes a double blast.3 WayThe 3 Way power-up returns in the form of rapid-fire rockets that are shot in a fan pattern. Has the widest spread of fire, but tends to miss lesser enemies in the gaps between the projectiles. This can be averted by moving the spread as the player fire the weapon. Useful at close-range, and is even more powerful when used with the Mosquito. When fully powered up with the Mosquito, it fires rockets in a five-way fan pattern with triple rockets in the center of the spread.
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