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  • Superhex.io

    Superhex.io is a multiplayer IO game in which you conquer territory using your moving ヘビ. To conquer territory you must move your hexagonal snake to an empty region and create a complete ring. Build up your hexagonal base and become the number 1 player. Do not touch your own line however as this will kill you! Think carefully and stay within your boundaries to protect your territory and stop invaders. Despite this game’s seemingly simple gameplay, you will find yourself playing over and over again! You can play with your friends, or with people from all over the world Superhex.io. Enemy hex snakes can eliminate you by simply touching your line so watch out when attempting to conquer other player’s regions. Puplisher: Tekko Studios

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    Use the mouse to control your character. Create territory by drawing shapes with your character and connecting them back to your existing territory. You have a weak spot, your line. If an enemy touches it, it's game over for you. Stealing hexagons is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so.

  • Superhex.ioウィキ

    Superhex.io though a remake of splix.io has more directions for moving in. The maps happen to be small and the numbers of players are less when weighed against Splix.io. Nevertheless, in this game, you’re the least likely to experience lag. Below we share some facts about this game.ゲームの概要SuperHex.ioは、1つの以上の領土掛けるゲームであり、ここで、あなたはあなたのコントロールを拡張する必要があります。 あなたは地形を得るためにそれをロック、あなたのゾーン動き回ります。 しばらくのセキュアゾーンの外、失敗した以上のゲームすべての敵があなたとの接触を行うことができません。 生き続けるとについてのあなたのスーパーヘクスを乗じて得点を構築します。Superhex.io戦略ゲームであなたの目的は、あなたの色の証跡を使用してそれをロックすることにより、プロット上に横たわって六角形を引き継ぐことです。 しかし、あなたは注意を払う必要があります。 あなたの道に触れる他のプレイヤーのイベントでは、敗者として終わるつもりだとあなたはもう一度すべて最初からやり直す必要があります。 あなたは試してみて、画面全体を引き継ぐ必要があります。 使用して戦術を採用しながらゲームであなたは、マップ全体を引き継ぐことができるようになりますこれは、あなたの土地を守る必要があります。 これは、敵がしようとすると、これをやってからあなたを停止しますと、この時間、あなたが注意を払うことが重要です。 六角形の窃盗は、このゲームでは許可されており、敵が戻ってこれをやってから自分自身を保持するつもりはありません。コントロールあなたのキャラクターを制御するために、マウスを使用してください。 あなたのキャラクターを使用して形状をスケッチし、あなたが現在持っている領土に戻ってそれらを結合して領土を生成します。 あなたはこのゲームで持っている弱点は、あなたのラインです。 イベントでは敵がそれに触れた場合、あなたのゲームが終了します。

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    The series of "io" games emphasizes the ease of connection and fun in multiplayer games through the browser, for those who want to kill time without any complication when starting to play. SUPERHEX.IO follows the same principle and delivers fast and creepy fun in a game where you must guide a circular point on a huge map, go through some space drawing a line and then return to your territory, making the new space yours through Your color. The premise is simple yet extremely addictive.

    The great Superhex.io unblocked at school footprint is that you should be patient. When starting a new game, the respawn can happen in the middle of the map or in some of the corners and soon of face you can meet with ygbjmrkllzcxother players, thirst for territory and any vacillity is certain death. To avoid being killed, the idea is that you conquer small territories at a time, instead of going with everything and want to take a large portion of the map, opening up possibilities for another player to take you down. When you are traversing a territory that is not yours, even empty or filled with a color different from yours, as long as you do not actually achieve that space by closing the drawing from one end to another, if any enemy passes over your line, it is game over .

    So when you have plenty of vacant space on your side, it's best to go through small portions of it and keep an eye on the territories your opponents are building. If any of them try to grab a lot more space than they could, you will have the chance to get over the opponent line, take the face off of the game and earn a lot of points from that. Or else simply pick up part of the opponent's territory until he realizes that there is an invader on their land. That is, in SUPERHEX.IO the best way to earn points is to be aggressive, but if you make mistakes and enter the enemy territory without any care, just the fact that one hits the other, without the need to go over any line, will do the attacker loses time.

    Yes, SUPERHEX.IO is an extremely strategic game in which you have to be very careful. As we always start with little space on the map, the idea is to evolve quickly and without care and strategy you can lose very fast. There are several types of metrics, such as the percentage of the map you've captured, your score, the number of blocks you've won, how many kills you have, and your live ranking, which is a great incentive to keep playing. Killing is a great option to advance your score more quickly, but whoever is more patient and strategic is playing the "camper", just waiting for the opponent to hesitate and then take down the opponent.

    Honestly, even with such graphic simplicity, I could not see so many problems in SUPERHEX.IO besides the lack of sound effects. The game is mute, totally, but it seems that this helps you to pay more attention to what is happening on the screen. And the concentration is a determining factor for your strategy to be well applied, since the gameplay of SUPERHEX.IO is extremely simple. It is necessary to use only the mouse and go directing its point on the screen, being careful not to pass over its own line.

    If I leave, I play SUPERHEX.IO for a long time of such fun that it is immersive, even with such general simplicity of the game. Maybe it's from all the games in the "io" line that I liked the most and had fun and would have no reason not to point out to you in those moments that your head no longer works for you and you need that 10-minute break for yourself have fun with some little game.

    You can play SUPERHEX.IO directly on your browser by clicking here. Fast, easy and addictive. Be careful not to lose your whole day in the game!

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