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    Krunker.io is a cartoon first person shooter in which you are thrown into the boots of a pixel soldier in the midst of battle. Use your warfare tactics and sharp shooter aim to defeat all of your enemies in Krunker.io. Watch cool animations appear on screen as you kill enemies and gain points. In this real-time multiplayer .io game, you have a selection of up to 5 characters to choose from. Jump into a game and prove that you are the ultimate soldier. For added fun, get out your spray gun and spray paint on walls or on your enemies! Browser Based Competitive First Person Shooter. Select a class that fits your playstyle and jump into the arena. The player with the most points at the end of a round wins. Krunker is made by Sidney de Vries.Read More


  • How to Play Krunker.io

    W A S D keys to move / R key to fill weapons / Left mouse button to shoot / Right mouse button to aim / Spacebar to jump / Shift key to crouch / Spray is controlled with the F key. You can also make your own map after selecting the server. The image quality of the game etc. You can edit things from the settings section.

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    One out of the nine main combat classes, Triggerman is a man wearing a black suit with a white shirt, and it is the default class upon loading the game as a guest. As such, it is the one jack-of-all-trades class, with no great strengths, but also no definite weaknesses.


    Triggerman's Assault Rifle is the most versatile weapon in the game, effective at all but the very long ranges. As such, the best approach when fighting the players using different classes is to move to the range their class is the worst at. This means hopping backward from Vince, Run N Gun, Agent, and Detective, and closing distances against the Rocketeer, Hunter, and Marksman, all while shooting at them all, of course. In the latter case, just remember that while moving from cover to cover can be a valid strategy against the sniper classes, you need to be as much in the open as possible versus the Rocketeer, as it's easier to aim the rocket at a wall or a crate to hit you with splash damage.

    If a Triggerman manages to sneak up on an unaware player, or come across a heavily wounded one, they are advised to switch to a pistol for the sake of the score boost it offers. Deagle offers no such boost: however, it is a more effective option than the AR at shorter ranges, one-shotting most classes if they have less than <50% health.

    During the team matches, Triggerman can provide support to pretty much any class. However, it seems that the most effective combination is multiple Triggermen fighting together, as they can focus their fire and overwhelm anyone at any range.


    One of the nine main combat classes, the Hunter wears brown clothing and a hat. It has the lowest HP of any class in the game, but its bolt-action sniper, which has only 3 rounds in its magazine, can kill the enemy with one body or head shot. It is the only class that comes with a crosshair scope.

    Playing as a Hunter is all about having the accuracy and the reflexes to pull off a successful first shot. If you fail to shoot in time, or you miss, virtually any other class in the hands of a competent player will shred your character's 60 HP in no time at all. If you succeed, however, then the enemy player will seemingly die before they could even do anything, which is understandably frustrating, and makes Hunters one of the most overpowered classes in the game, often on par with Detective. Revolver is considered Sniper's natural counter, as they can both one-shot each other.Another reason why Hunters tend to dominate the game is because of the scoring system. Not only is it easier to score a long-distance headshot through their scope, but they can also get quick scope bonuses for 25 extra points and no scope bonuses for 100 points. Moreover, Hunter is the easiest class to do a 360 with, since its high damage means that you do not have to attempt a 360 headshot or seek out a wounded target.Hunters often tend to pick an obscure spot in the map and stay there, for obvious reasons. However, the most obvious locations (i.e. high-placed windows or ledges) can be easily swept with rockets. Rocketeer is generally considered one of Hunter's hard counters, as their 130 HP allows them to survive all but the best-aimed shots, and their rocket will almost certainly kill the Hunter due to his low health. Players who normally hate Rocketeers may switch to them just to dislodge an annoying sniper, especially since the walls, windows, etc. only make it easier for the Rocketeer to aim, and provide an additional surface off which they can bounce off splash damage. Hence, the more experienced Hunters tend to stay at the ground level, but somewhere where they'll be obscured by objects like stacks of crates (which are nevertheless far enough away to avoid reflecting splash damage.)Hunter is the best at solo play and doesn't really need to cooperate with the team even during the team modes. Hunters and Marksmen are also notoriously effective on the custom maps, as many of them are so large and open that the other classes will often have to run a good distance through exposed ground before getting in range to deal with the Hunters.

    Run N Gun

    Run N Gun is one of the nine combat-oriented classes. As its name suggests, it is designed for a mobile playstyle, with fastest movement speed in the game and a weapon that has the fastest rate of fire, which is balanced through dealing the lowest damage per shot. It also provides no bonus headshot damage, though you still get the scoring boost.


    Your greatest advantage is speed, so use it! Don't just run fast, but bunny-hop across the map, ideally from corner to corner, object to object, to increase the time you spend "in cover" and minimize the time you may be exposed to fire. Do not stop moving when the enemy is in sight, but keep bunny-hopping towards them, ideally trying to get on their opposite side so that they are forced to turn around, all while shooting at them.

    Closing distance is especially important when facing Rocketeers, who are at a major disadvantage whether they end up switching to Pistol or damaging themselves with point-blank blasts. This can also work against Hunters and Marksmen, though the more experienced players will expect you to get close and aim accordingly, so you may be better off jumping sideways, or randomly, to throw off their aim. As soon as you see Vince or Agent, though, you should immediately bunny-hop backward to get out of the effective range of the shotgun/Uzis, while continually raining bullets on them.

    A very hard to master trick is the drift, which allows you to switch directions very quickly. This easily throws off many long and medium range players. To do this, you have to crouch (LShift) right before landing. It will give you around half a second of effective drifting. Change movement direction at this point. This is an extremely effective tactic, as well as giving Driftkill (+50) bonuses if you end up getting close enough.

    In Team Deathmatch, pairing up with a Detective may be a good idea: you are both fast-moving classes, and your low-damaging, rapid-fire shots can easily finish off the players wounded by Detective's first shot, or vice versa. In the Hardpoint mode, Run N Gun can obviously get to the hardpoint faster than anybody other than Agent, though it is not the best class when it comes to holding it. During the Infected mode, you can keep infected players off your back longer than just about anybody else, by bunny-hopping backward while shooting at the approaching zombies, though it only works on the relatively open maps. In Capture the Flag, it can get and retrieve the flag in seconds. This works especially well if another Run N Gun is ready to get the next flag as you capture the first one.

    Spray N Pray

    Spray N Pray is one of the nine main combat classes in the game, and it is also one of the three classes that currently wear green clothing - the other two are Marksman and Rocketeer. It is essentially a tank class, which has the largest health and whose LMG has by far the largest amount of ammunition with 100 bullets, but is also by far the slowest class in the game. It is also the only class that cannot jump on top of any objects, even small crates.


    Spray N Pray's greatest advantage lies in his LMG's enormous ammo belt. You can continuously shoot it for around 12 seconds before finally needing to reload. However, novice players usually don't take advantage of it, as they either charge in like they would with any other class, only shooting when they already sighted an enemy, and potentially not even using the iron sights when they do. This means that when the other class is already doing damage, your LMG's bullets will literally go everywhere, and you'll be lucky to land a single low-damage hit before dying.

    Instead, you must first remember that iron sights (somehow) work with LMG, and drastically raise its accuracy, to the point it even becomes a decent long-range weapon. However, firing with iron sights reduces your already-slow character to a crawl, and raising the gun takes time, while its slow fire rate means it'll be a couple of seconds before you'll finally be able to blow the other classes away. Hence, the solution is to usually start shooting with an LMG, unscoped, before you actually sight any enemies, but as you are about to turn a corner to where they are likely to be, then raise the iron sights as you come in. You would gain a massive advantage over any enemy players present in the area. If there are none, do not hurry to reload your weapon; while other classes are often advised to reload theirs whenever they are out of immediate action, your reloads take enough time to leave you truly vulnerable, while having "only" 20 bullets out of a 100 still leaves more than enough to kill a full-health player. Only reload when you are sure to be out of any action for at least a few seconds.

    Tactics for this class do not really change on team modes. You can certainly provide good fire support for your team-mates, but modes that require fast movement across the whole map like Hardpoint may leave you struggling to catch up. However, Spray N Pray should be your starting class on Boss Hunt mode, in case you are picked as a boss, as then you do not need to worry about moving fast and concentrate on blasting away the other players while they try whittling down your 5000 HP. On the other hand, Spray N Pray is a questionable class for Infected mode: it may be very useful on maps with long lines of sight and if you have a well-coordinated team. However, once your team-mates start falling, LMG's damage output will likely be too slow and spread-out (spray) to deal with the fast Infected, while your high health becomes useless (pray).


    Vince wears a purple overall, and he is the only dark-skinned character in the game right now. He is also the only class out of all ten who has a real name, as opposed to the name of a military sub-unit (law enforcement in case of a Detective) like the rest of them. This is likely a reference to the developer's brother, Vince De Vries, who is also active in the development of the game. However, he is white, as can be seen in his spray, unlike the character.


    Vince is a shotgun user, and so is clearly a short-range class. While pro players can do decently at medium or even medium-long ranges with a pistol, this is only a desperation strategy is they are caught in the open and the enemy player will clearly shred them before they can get close. Having said that, his shotgun's effective range is also not as short as some of the old-school shooters: you still have a very good chance of killing someone at ~7 or even 10 meters away. If you have reached level 15, though, you'll have unlocked Deagle, which provides you with a decent medium-to-long range option, at the cost of forfeiting pistol's scoring bonus potential.

    Still, playing as Vince is all about moving fast and finding shortcuts and alternate routes, in order to minimize time spent at ranges where your shotgun wouldn't be immediately effective, and to flank other players, shredding them before they can react. If you miss with your first shot, or it only does limited damage (more likely, given shotgun's high and semi-random damage spread), you'll be able to almost immediately fire with your second barrel before needing to reload. This ability is what makes Vince so feared and reviled up close; rare is the player who can successfully dodge both shots. If the enemy player fails to shoot at Vince first, before he's gotten into his effective range, or doesn't manage to kill him in between the two blasts, then their character is likely dead.

    If you manage to sneak up on another player, it's advised to maximize the point bonus potential through either going for a pistol headshot (impossible if you have Deagle equipped) or trying to get a 360 kill with a shotgun. Its combination of high damage and sizeable area-of-effect make a 360 headshot easier to achieve than with any other weapon in the game.

    Like Hunter, Vince is a class that excels at solo play. While it lacks the unique scoring opportunities of Hunter and Marksman, it has an increased chance of scoring headshots due to the shotgun's high spread. During the team modes, they usually don't need the support from the other players anyway, and so will likely play the same way as they do in FFA. The exceptions are during Hardpoint matches, where the defending Vince player might crouch somewhere in the corner to blast away at those storming the Hardpoint. On the custom maps with badly designed spawn points, Vince players will also find some corner where they can spawn kill with abandon -- something not even Spray N Pray or the Rocketeer -- can do quite as well.


    The Detective is one of the nine primary classes. He is styled after the classic late 19th century Private Eyes, and so he wears a brown coat and only uses a revolver.


    The detective is a fast class due to the light weight of his weapon and can bunny-hop almost as fast as Run N Gun. However, his weapon has a slow rate of fire, but does incredible damage, and is effective at medium to medium-long ranges. This makes Detective into a great ambush class because when you turn a corner to face an enemy, you do not need to spend further time on closing distance, like Vince or Run N Gun or going into the scope mode like Hunters or Marksmen: you can just shoot them. If they are are a Hunter or already halfway wounded, any shot will do; otherwise, aim for the head to leave them with residual HP, bunny-hop to the side (ideally behind some object) to dodge retaliation while your revolver readies for a second shot, then finish them.

    If you are facing Vince at a close to medium range, it's best to hop backward while shooting, to deny him his devastating close-range blast. Against other classes, you can just fire at the enemy without using the sights if at very close ranges. At long ranges, you can get Longshot points, but this necessitates you standing mostly still and becoming an easy target, so don't try this against Hunters or Marksmen unless you are certain they haven't noticed you yet; try finding cover and alternate routes to close distance, if possible.

    Detective is often considered a Hunter counter because both classes one-shot each other with a head or body shot (shots to arms or legs usually leave either target with a sliver of health left). The detective has an additional advantage of having 6 shots instead of 3 and a slightly better fire rate. Hunter is obviously advantaged at long and very long ranges, but the default maps are carefully engineered to avoid those, so this is only relevant during the custom games.

    In the team modes, Detective functions well when paired with a Run N Gun or Agent; they can both run around the map together, the former taking off much of the enemy players' health, and the latter finishing them off with his spray of bullets before Detective's second shot is ready. Triggerman can also provide the same covering fire, but may not always keep up with the Detective.


    The Marksman is one of the three classes in the game that currently wear green clothing - the other two are Spray N Pray and Rocketeer. The Marksman carries a Semi Auto as his primary weapon and a secondary weapon.


    The old version of Marksman was often seen as a "safer" alternative to Hunter: he had the same long-range capacity due to possessing a scope, but also had a full 100 HP, instead of 90, and his weapon had double the sniper's ammo capacity back then, along with a faster fire rate. Thus, while missing a first shot with a Hunter is often the end of the encounter (unless you are at a very long range, the player dodges behind cover in time, or faces a wounded enemy and switches to secondary weapon), Marksman was able take damage before firing again and hopefully finishing off the target. This was compensated by his inability to score one-shot kills (though at one point that was possible if the player was able to land a headshot) and thus needing to land multiple hits through the optical scope as your target closes in, or switching to a secondary weapon.

    However, the Semi Auto was first reworked to have a faster fire rate and an ammo count of 8 but to also deal lower damage per shot. This set-up proved very cumbersome with the optical scope, and so it has been reworked with the laser-dot sight. This makes the current version of the weapon very effective at medium range, and while it's far from the best short-range option, it also no longer has a crippling disadvantage if your opponent closes in. Yet, the Semi Auto is still very accurate at longer ranges (though it no longer has the same "infinite" range as the Sniper Rifle, which may be important during some Custom Games). While you now have to aim more carefully through its scope to get hits at such ranges, you will also get Longshot points if you do.

    During the team modes, Marksman can reliably wound enemy players at long ranges before fast-firing medium-range classes like Triggerman or Spray N Pray finish them off, and provide covering fire while he reloads.

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  • Krunker.io Walkthrough

    Krunker.io Controls and Keys

    Use of krunker.io controls can help the player to play their game effectively and make sure that the player gets enough knowledge which is required to play the game. Krunker.io is a shooting battle game and the player needs to defeat and kill the other players to get more points and win the game. In this IO game, many players can play online at the same time and it will increase their level of satisfaction while playing.

    What Do You Need To Know About Krunker.io?

    Krunker.io is an amazing and adventures game which can attract lots of people who love to play shooting games. As this game has great animation screen and the player can also use the spray paint to spray on the wall of the enemies. The game includes different levels and with the coming of next level, it will become tougher. The player needs to have the knowledge of various rules and strategies used in the game which can help them to defeat their enemy and keep themselves safe. Krunker.io guide will help you about controls and more features for the game. The krunker.io controls can help you live a long life and win the game.

    What Are The Various Krunker.io Controls?

    There are various krunker.io controls that can help you to play a smooth and effective game and this will also enhance your gaming experience. Every player what to win the game and defeat the enemy then there are some control keys that can help you and it is necessary to remember these keys which can take you less time and you can take the action immediately.

    • Aim: C
    • Next Weapon: Q
    • Previous Weapon: E
    • Chat: Enter
    • Voice: V
    • You can use WASD to move in the game to reach from one place to another.
    • If you want to take the shoot at any of another player in a short time then you should click left for the shoot.
    • When your weapon gets empty and you want to reload it then R is the key which you can use to reload your gun.
    • SPACEBAR is used to take a jump over the things to move from them.
    • You can press SHIFT for the crouch
    • F is the effective key which can help you to spray.

    Information About Controls

    There are many websites who aloe to play the game and you can find the information about these krunker.io controls there which can help you to get the required information to survive in the gameplay and win the game by defeating the other players.

    A game walkthrough is a guide aimed towards improving a players skill within a particular game and often designed to assist players in completing either an entire game or specific elements. Walkthroughs may alternatively be set up as a playthrough, where players record themselves playing through a game and upload or live-stream it to the internet. Walkthroughs may be considered guides on helping to enhance the experience of players, to assist towards unlocking game achievements or simply as a means to socialise with like-minded individuals as a distraction from everyday life. Walkthroughs originated as text-based descriptive instructions in magazines for playing through a video game.

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