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Lego Ninjago
Description:Lego Ninjago The Final Battle - If you love your lego and ninja fighting games then The Final Battle Masters of Spinjitsu is a high quality lego ninja game you will enjoy where you are in the final battle fight against different enemies You will have to hack and slash at your enemies using your ninja skills to kill them before they kill you. Are you a true ninja? Can you master the elemental powers of Spinjitzu weapons in Lego's The Final Battle? As you fight and battle the enemies, your character will be able to collect upgrades to improve their fighting skills with during combat.
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Game Category: Fighting, Unity

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How to Play Lego Ninjago

Move around with WASD keys. Use Space bar or Left Mouse Button to attack. But be careful! One wrong hit from an enemy and you're battle days are over!

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