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Pixel Warfare

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Pixel Warfare
Description:Pixel Warfare is a pixelated 3D-Shooter inspired by games like Minecraft and Modern Warfare. Take a weapon and kill everything that moves. The retro graphics are inspired by Minecraft, and the gameplay by games such as Modern Warfare. Grab one of the many weapons, pick a map among the many options, and shoot at everything that moves. Use WASD to move around, R to reload, 1-6 number keys to select your weapon. Press tab to go to the menu. Enjoy Pixel Warfare by Pacogames, or check out its awesome sequel: Pixel Warfare 3! Minecraft like characters and terrain in team vs team combat. Multiple game modes, weapons and arenas, with tools to create maps of your own making.
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Game Category: Multiplayer, Shooter, Unity

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Image Pixel WarfareImage Pixel Warfare

How to Play Pixel Warfare

WASD = move / r= reload / Tab= menu / p= fullscreen / 1-9 = weapons / SPACE= jump / CTRL= crouch / t= chat

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