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Pixel Warfare 3

Pixel Warfare 3 : Vegetta777 vs Pewdiepie is a tribute to two well known youtubers. Continue the FPS shooter game with minecraft-styled graphic and gameplay. Version 3 include, better graphics, new maps, and host locked rooms to play with only your friends, prompting them for a correct password on Pacogames. The multiplayer FPS Pixel Warfare 3 honors two Youtubeur Vegetta777 and PewDiePie in this third episode that is still improving. The minecraft style shooter offer better graphics, more fine, but always in a pixel-art style proper to the series. Many new maps have been added but also the ability to create private rooms with password to play only with his friends.

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Game Category: Multiplayer, Shooter, WebGL

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WASD = move / r= reload / Tab= menu / p= fullscreen / 1-9 = weapons / SPACE= jump / CTRL= crouch / t= chat

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