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Rail Rush Worlds
Description:Rail Rush Worlds is an endless runner driving game except this time you are not running, you are travelling in a mine. And you will go on an adventure travelling through mysterious mines whilst dodging barriers and broken rail tracks that you are trying to stay on! In Rail Rush Worlds online game you have to try to stay on the rails in your mine cart for as long as you can collecting gold nuggets and other treasures. Avoid the barriers and other obstacles and go on a thrill ride of a lifetime! Dodge all the machinery in the Steam Factory. Go back in time as well in the Jurassic Jungle. Tip: If you fall off. Quickly press Space bar to put yourself back on the rails again (costs 1 hear)
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Game Category: Driving, Unity

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A - Lean left / D - Lean right / Up cursor - Jump / Right cursor - Jump left / Left cursor - Jump right / Down cursor - Crouch / spacebar - Use items

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