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    Rastan Saga released as Rastan outside of Japan, is a fantasy-themed side-scrolling action game originally released for the arcades in 1987 by Taito and later ported to various platforms. Rastan features five levels of hacking and slashing gameplay with a boss at the end of each level. Numerous enemies assault you on your journey such as flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas, skeleton undead and more. Fight through to the end and save the land of Lograth from certain doom. The game features different weapons such as axes, maces and fire swords, each with its own attributes like extended range or attack power. Armour can also be picked up in the forms shields, cloaks and armour, reducing the damage from enemy attacks. Read More

  • How to Play Rastan

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Rom Load, Reset, Save and Load
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  • Rastan Wiki

    Rastan Saga (ラスタンサーガ), released as Rastan outside of Japan, is a fantasy-themed side-scrolling action game originally released for the arcades in 1987 by Taito and later ported to various platforms. The player controls a barbarian warrior who has embarked on a quest to slay a dragon. While on his way to the dragon's lair, Rastan must fight hordes of enemy monsters based on mythical creatures such as chimeras and harpies.


    The controls of Rastan consists of an eight-way joystick and two buttons for attacking and jumping. By using the joystick in combination with either buttons, the player can determine the height of Rastan's jumps, as well as the direction where There are a total six rounds, each consisting of three areas: an outdoor scene, a castle scene and a throne room where the player must confront the stage's boss. The backgrounds of the outdoor areas feature broad landscapes with changing sunlight effects with detail.

    The game's bosses (names according to the MSX2 version[1]), in order of appearance, consist of:

    1. King Graton, a halberd-wielding skeletal warrior;

    2. King Slay, a demonic winged sword-master;

    3. Symplegades, the wizard-king;

    4. Laios, the dragon-king;

    5. The Hydra, a five-headed snake-like monster;

    6. The Dragon

    The player can pick up any item by touching them, as well as new weapons by striking them with his current one. All the weapons and power-ups picked by Rastan will be equipped only for a limited time. When Rastan picks up any equipable item, an icon will appear on the lower right corner of the screen as an indicator of the item's effect until it wears out. Rastan can only wield one weapon at a time (which consists of a mace, an axe and a fireball-shooting sword in addition to his standard sword), as well as only one type of protector (a shield, a mantle or a body armor), but other items (such as the necklace and ring) can be worn at the same time. There are also jewels that gives out bonus points, as well potion bottles that will restore or deplete the player's health depending on the color. The rare golden sheep's head will restore Rastan's health completely.

    Rastan's Quotes

    "I used to be a thief and murderer. Otherwise, I could not survive in such difficult times. Sit beside me and listen to my story of days filled with adventure."


    "I succeeded in obtaining consent from the Princess of Ceim to exchange the Dragon's head for all her kingdom's treasures. I started on my quest for the Dragon's lair."

    Part 1
    "My journey has just begun. There is not a moment to lose. I must hurry."

    Part 2
    "They seem to be cursed by the Dragon, as expected; I have to kill the Dragon."

    Part 3
    "The situation is getting serious, but I cannot afford to die yet."

    Part 4
    "I regret making such a promise, but it is now too late to withdraw."

    Part 5
    "Now you are the only one who is still alive. Hang in there, Dragon; I will come right away to cut your head off."

    Part 6
    "After obtaining all the Princess's treasures, I left her Kingdom of Ceim in search of a country for myself to be ruler of."


    "This is a only part of my long story to becoming King. If I have the chance, I'll tell you more of my adventurous stories."

    Regional differences

    Rastan Saga (the Japanese version) features an opening sequence, when the player starts the game, which explains the purpose of Rastan's journey. It is not included in the export versions (which were simply titled Rastan). Also, in the Japanese version when the player completes a stage ("Round") the "victory" screen has text pertaining to the storyline. In the overseas versions, there is a "generic" victory screen with generic text ("You are a brave fighter to have cleared such a difficult stage."). However, the overseas versions feature a different attract sequence which shows all the items that can be obtained by the player along with their effect.

    In "Rastan Saga" there are far fewer bats during the bat swarm sequences in the castle of level 1 than in "Rastan."


    Rastan was initially ported to various 8-bit home computers in Europe (the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC) by Imagine Software in 1987. The ZX Spectrum version was awarded 9/10 in the July 1988 issue of Your Sinclair and was placed at number 54 in the Your Sinclair's Top 100 list. Taito imported Imagine's C64 version to the United States, releasing it alongside two additional versions for the IBM PC and Apple IIGS both of which were ported by Novalogic.
    A previously unreleased version for the Atari ST was discovered in demo form only.

    In 1988, Taito developed its own conversions for the MSX2 in Japan, and the Master System in North America and Europe. Both ports featured redesigned level layouts, with the Master System version replacing some of the boss characters as well. As Rastan was released before the formation of the ESRB, it is one of the two known games for the Sega Master System to feature frontal female nudity (the other being Miracle Warriors). Both in-game sprites and illustrations in the instruction manual depict several female enemy monsters as topless or fully nude. This version was itself later ported to the Game Gear and released exclusively in Japan on August 9, 1991 as Rastan Saga.

    An emulation of the Rastan arcade game is included in Taito Legends Vol. 1, released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows PC in 2006.

    Sequels and related releases

    The game was followed by two sequels, Rastan Saga II (also known by two other names, Nastar in Europe and Nastar Warrior in North America) and Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III. Rastan also made an appearance in another Taito game titled Champion Wrestler as "Miracle Rastan".

    The Saffire Corporation developed game Barbarian was released under the name Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. Barbarian in Japan as Taito published the game in the region. The game has nothing to do with Rastan Saga dispute the title change. The game was released there on the PlayStation 2 and also was the only country to get the Nintendo GameCube version, who's release was cancelled in North America and Europe due to poor sales.

    Indie game Völgarr the Viking, developed by Crazy Viking Studios for Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, and Dreamcast, was described on its Kickstarter page as based on Rastan.

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  • Rastan Walkthrough


    * If you die on the final stage, the game ends and you cannot continue; this means that the entire final level must be completed on a SINGLE credit. In order to make this even remotely possible you should deliberately die at the end of the fifth stage while fighting the boss (a multi-headed dragon). You should then use another credit to continue and defeat the dragon with your first man (with as little damage as possible). If you cannot defeat him with the first man and little damage, kill off the remaining men and start with a fresh credit. Always go after the special weapons where possible; if special weapons run out, jumping and striking doubles the damage done with the sword. Pushing up and the jump button will jump higher than pushing the jump button alone.

    * The game attract sequence does not reveal the purpose of the rod. If you are carrying it, killing an enemy of any type causes all other on-screen enemies of the same type to die.

    * If you are going for a high-score, always 'pick-up' the poisons. They are worth a lot of points.

    * The ring can always be obtained in the first level castle. Proceed past the 3 ropes, down the next long chain and then up the next long chain. Slowly nudge this chain offscreen and two enemies appear on the left-hand side, one of which always carries the ring.

    * Chains in castles can often be traversed upwards much quicker by repeatedly jumping against a nearby wall. Others needing to be traversed downwards can be missed by jumping off and falling. The level 4 boss is virtually impossible to defeat unless this tactic is used, in order to meet him carrying the hammer.

    * Repeated high vertical jumps are a good method to use to 'stall', when on slopes approaching bouncing fireballs.

    * Many players don't know that the 'mud' first encountered on level 2 does not actually kill you, it just causes you to sink down requiring many quick jumps to get out.

    There is a common theme that runs through just about every level in thegame (the exception being boss fights), and that's darkness. If you take toolong to complete a level, night will fall and a lot of small, highly annoyingenemies (Bees and Bats) will come out to play. If you're a fan of exactness,it begins to go dark at roughly the two-minute mark, with night falling littleunder a minute later. Lovely concept, but something that's nearly always fatalwhen it happens inside a lair.

    Items, they're lovely, but they don't always make sense. There are only threedefensive items; the Shield, the Mantle, and Armour. The Shield halves thedamage you receive from enemy attacks, the Mantle halves and damage you receivefrom making contact with an enemy, and Armour does the job of both.

    Special items are more plentiful, covering a range effects. Medicine (blue)restores your health by a set amount depending on the size (16% for small, 32%for large). A Golden Sheep will restore your life fully. At the opposite endof the scale, you have Poison (red). Poison will deplete your health by a setamount (8% for small, 16% for large). Poison may be harmful, but it also givesthe highest point value of any item (10,000 and 20,000 respectively).

    A Ring will double the points you receive for a limited time. A Rod increasesthe lifespan of defensive items, while a Necklace will do exactly the same foroffensive items (i.e. weapons). While slightly peculiar, grabbing a piece ofCloth will destroy every enemy on the screen. Blue, Pink, and Red Jewellerydo nothing more than increase your points (by 1000, 2000, and 3000 pointsrespectively).

    One more thing while I'm here. In most games, enemy appearance is a set thing,but not here. With the rare exception, the appearance, grouping, and quantityenemies appear in is entirely (sometimes extremely) random. My job is to tellyou how to kill them, your job is to kill them should they appear. Should theynot appear, your job is to get me cake.

    Round 1-1 02.01

    This level is predominantly occupied by Gardis. What are Gardis? Wait acouple of seconds and you'll see several. As long as you're crouched, theycan't harm you - they'll swing their sword about above your head for a littlewhile, then they'll get bored and wander away. Not like this matters too much,as they're slow, and your Barbarian Sword out-ranges them comfortably.

    When you reach the cracked block in the ground, hit it with a downward stab todestroy it. In this little tunnel, you'll find yourself a Mace. A Mace hasthe same attack power as the Barbarian Sword, but carries with it the benefitof increased range. After a set time (around one minute fifteen seconds), theMace will run out, leaving you with the Barbarian Sword again.

    Use the rope at the far side to make your way back to the surface. Speaking ofropes, there's one swinging backwards and forwards over the water not too farfrom here. Falling into the water won't kill you, but it *will* take around atenth of your health. Wait until the rope has swung as far to the right aspossible, then jump off as far as you can - you should land on the second rock.

    After you've slaughtered your way right a bit more, you'll encounter anotherrope. It's decision time: drop down into the cave or continue above ground.If you were to drop down into the cave, you'd find a Battle Axe to the left(much stronger than the Barbarian Sword, as well as having a slightly increasedrange), along with a Harpie to fight. Harpies will swoop in to attack you,then flee from your retaliation. Not too tricky; upward thrust is your friend.

    To the right, over a not-so-tricky jump, you will find a rope that leads todaylight. While I'm on the subject of daylight - this cave isn't a place whereyou want to be come nightfall. Bees, Bats, and Kemmler spawn quite frequentlyhere. Kemmler also appear by day, just not in the cave, and not as much.

    If you choose to ignore the cave and head right, you will find a Flame Sword.The Flame Sword is the most powerful weapon you can acquire - not only does ithave superior attack power, it will also send fireballs in whatever directionyou attack in. If you haven't encountered a Kemmler already, you'll probablyface one shortly. When you get close, it'll arc a fireball in your direction -make use of your maximum range, and be sure to be crouching, otherwise youwon't hit it. If you can attack from above, that's even better. The door tothe boss's lair is just ahead.

    Round 1-2 02.02

    The lava-filled pits containing fireballs ahead of you can't kill yououtright if you fall into them - just treat them like red water. However, ifyou do happen to fall into one, a regular jump won't be enough to get you out -remember that you can jump a little higher by holding up when jumping.

    Expect Gardis, Kemmler, and Swordthings in these here parts. Swordthings workalmost like Gardis; if you're crouching, they won't be able to hit you, whichis nice. Like before, they'll soon get bored and walk way, however, when theycome back, they'll attack low (providing you're still crouching). If you hitthem, they'll jump straight into the air, then come down and hit you with a lowattack (ideally, you'll kill them before they land from the jump).

    To make your way further into the castle, you're obviously going to need toclimb the rope found just past the pits. Of course, not so simple, if you lookup the right wall, you'll see two little points just protruding from it - theseare spears, they will slide out of the wall as you get close. Inch your way upthe rope to trigger them, then climb past as they're retracting.

    Jump from the top of this rope over to the next one, there's nothing to theleft other than a Mace that you don't need. At the top of this rope, you'llsee two smaller ropes - below each of these is another set of spears. Use theropes as a quick way to avoid them. There's another set shortly after, but norope, so you'll need to time your jump. Towards the top of the final rope,there's one more set of spears. To your right is the boss door, and more thanlikely a Swordthing or two.

    Round 1-3 02.03

    This one is really simple. Stay on your starting platform and perform adownward stab as Kentorous walks below you. That's it, really. If you can dothis three times, he's guaranteed to be done for.

    Round 2-1 02.04

    You may have detected the theme of heading right. Nice one, now go right.The block that's situated in the river will constantly move up and down - it'sperfectly safe to stand on for the most part, but it *will* move slightly belowthe water's surface. Be quick, and use it to reach the other side.

    After a little walk, you'll come to a tree stump - it is around here where youwill encounter two new enemies. Mantises attack by throwing knives at you -attacks are delivered both high and low, so the best method for dealing withMantidae menaces is to simply jump over the first knife and downward stab them.If you don't have at least a Battle Axe, they'll take two regular hits to kill.Handily enough, there's a Battle Axe sitting above the tree stump.

    I said two enemies, the second being a Gorgon. Gorgons fly around and try todrop Snakes on you. They're frail and the Snakes disappear once they reach theground. Ahead of you lies another section of river, this one, however, is fullof Flying Fish. They don't attack you directly, but they can bump you whenthey jump out of the water (which will happen a lot). You need to do your bestto avoid said Fish while you jump from the moving block to the rope. When youget to the next river section, try to be quick when jumping to the rope, asthat section of bridge will collapse when stepped on.

    If it happens to collapse, just hop back to the left - you can still reach therope without it. When the rope has swung all the way to the right and is onits way back to the left, that's the time to make a jump towards the platform.And yes, Flying Fish abound. When you reach the branch with the rope, you'llsee a Flame Sword hovering in the air to the left. Even if you rushed here asfast as your little legs would carry you, stopping to get it is going to do youno favours, as night falls soon. If you really want it, high jump towards thebranch, then perform a standing jump as soon as you touch it, you should findyourself standing on the branch and able to jump over to the Flame Sword.

    Just one more river section for you, then it's a straight walk to the boss'slair. The river section in question is similar to the previous one, but it'swide enough to necessitate two ropes. The last bridge before the lair has amultitude of Flying Fish that are guaranteed to cause trouble as you battleother enemies - don't stop, just high jump your way across.

    Round 2-2 02.05

    The ledge in front of you isn't a nice place to jump to, as it contains aset of spears. The Mace that lies above them is a cunning lure. To bypass theextra holes in your body, you'll need to wall jump. Wall jumping is somethingthat the manual neglected to mention, but is something you cannot do without.Jump into a wall, then press the direction you want to jump to in conjunctionwith the jump button. You can high jump from a wall (which is what you shouldnearly always be doing), and you can keep doing it as long as there's a wall toland on.

    Climb the rope, then smash the cracked block at the top to continue your jaunt.Once the floor level drops, you'll notice another cracked block embedded in thefloor, with a pair of Swordthings more than likely skulking about. You need tobreak the block to continue, but to your right is a Battle Axe. The Battle Axeis high up, so you'll need to wall jump or high jump from below it and upwardthrust.

    There's a possibility that you'll come up against a Macething instead - theyact like a Swordthing, but with the increased range a Mace grants. This meansthe normal tactic of ducking their initial attack and slaughtering them won'twork with a degree of regularity, as they'll be out of range. High jumps anddownwards stabs all round.

    Anyway, smash the block in the ground and head down the tunnel. There's a setof spears just a fraction down the tunnel, so watch for that. An assortment ofSwordthings and Macethings have no doubt found their way into this tunnelalso. The Battle Axe, providing you make it a goal to approach the Macethingsrather than wait for them to approach you, will have just enough range to allowyou to cut them down.

    You need to use the moving block over the fire pit situated ahead to reach therope - it's not hard, but the fire stings more than a bit. There's anotherfire pit and another rope at the top - just before the slope that leads to it,there are some more spears in the ground. The pit itself conceals a fireball,so you'll need to hang around on the slope a bit until it's safe. At the topof the aforementioned rope, to the right, you'll find the boss door.

    You'll no doubt find enough Swordthings/Macethings to make your own Rugby team,but you have your trusty Battle Axe - it's especially effective against faces.The spike trap on the ceiling only drops down so far, so as long as you'recrouching, it won't hurt you.

    Round 2-3 02.06

    Head to the right and drop off the platform. Slayer will fly straight upand then down to the left. When she's close to the ground, high jump to theleft and stick your sword through her forehead. After you hit her, she'll flystraight up and smack you back - once she's above you, you can get several freeupward thrusts in before she flies back to the right.

    When she's close to the ground again, high jump over to her and downward stabagain. You will take another hit as she flies back to the left, but this leadsto another chance for you to stab her. It will only take a couple more upwardthrusts at most to finish her off. If you don't let the fight play out likethis, she has fireballs and a dive attack at her disposal. It becomes rathererratic, really.

    Round 3-1 02.07

    Most of the enemies you're familiar with have undergone a palette swap -this means absolutely nothing, so don't worry or start thinking they've beenbuffed. Amongst the old, there is, of course, the new. A Spartoy is a livingskeleton - it attacks in exactly the same fashion as Gardis, requires threehits to slay, and slides into the ground when approached. Stay crouched andwait for them to come to you.

    As you jump up to the next level, a rock will drop down from the top of thescreen and bounce towards you - common sense dictates you should jump over it.Down the slope and on the first island in the river is a Spartoy - the islandsthey tend to appear on are relatively small, with little-to-no standing roomfor the pair of you. A little bit tricky, but it at least means you won't missa downward stab.

    After this, you'll face several tricky jumps across water. Most of the pitsare quite deep, so you'll need to wall jump out if you fall in. When you reachthe Mace, the pit after it is made more dangerous by the mud that drops downfrom the top of the screen - it's just as toxic as the water and, while notlikely, can knock you out of your jump and into the pit.

    The Flying Fish make their return up ahead, as they flip-flop about the movingblock that you'll need to make use of to pass the next watery section unharmed.What follows is a slightly less troublesome set of jumps. You may have to dealwith another few Spartoy along the way, but it's better than having to dealwith Kemmler, as they can follow you effortlessly.

    Reaching the other side marks the return of Gorgons and Bees. There's a set ofspears ahead, followed by another moving block sitting in the middle of water,followed by yet another set of spears. After the little slope across the gap,you're presented with the choice of dropping down or using the rope to swingacross. If you do the latter, you can obtain a Flame Sword. You dropped down,right? Just one more gap to jump across, another Fish-filled pool to swingacross, and one more set of spears to jump over and you're at the door to theboss's lair.

    Round 3-2 02.08

    The wall ahead contains a set of spears, so pay attention when climbingthe rope, eh? The next bit is quite tricky; you need to cling to the firstrope and slide down far enough so you can see the moving block in the lava -once the block rises, jump to it, then high jump to the next rope. The littlewall section to the left houses some more spears.

    The scary red blocks above you? They're Face Rocks - they spit fireballs whenyou get close. There are several up ahead. The secret to avoiding them is toclimb up the rope until you're touching the purple shadow in the background,then hop left quickly. Don't climb the other ropes, just keep hopping left.

    The next rope ends in a slope afore a pit (with a fireball). There's a highchance you'll meet a new enemy here - the Wizard. They aren't overly hard tokill, in fact, apart from a fireball that flies high and straight, they offerno resistance. However, they're tricky - if that fireball makes contact withyou, it'll remove your offensive and defensive items. However, it travelsslowly, and doesn't do any damage.

    Continuing with the theme of jumping over pits, you have another two to theright to clear. The second pit introduces you to the variant of the regularfireball - this one jump from its own pit over to the third one. Both this andthe fireball that sits in the third pit make it a little awkward to jump to therope without getting hit. Ideally, you'll want to jump as soon as the secondfireball starts heading back down.

    At the top of the rope, you'll find another Face Rock and maybe a few moreSwordthings and Macethings, accompanied by a Wizard over on that little island(not uncommon to find a whole load of Wizards here). At the top of the slopeahead is a set of spears and the boss door.

    Round 3-3 02.09

    High jump towards Shukumas as the battle begins; he'll make his one-and-only attack, a set of three ricocheting fireballs, then teleport away from you.The fireballs are fast - if one of them hit you, they'll all disappear, leavingShukumas to fire off another set. Anyway, that very attack will miss you thefirst time.

    The key to victory is to stay as grounded as possible. While Shukumas hasfireballs out, he can't do anything other than teleport between the left andright side of the screen. After you hit him, he'll stay stunned for a littlewhile, allowing you to hack away freely. If you get hit once, don't worry - ifyou hit him before he fires out more, he'll become stunned, then teleport tothe other side of the screen, allowing you to hit him again to stop the attack.

    Round 4-1 02.10

    Drop down and prepare to face a new enemy, the Meduza. Rather than justturning you to stone with a single look, they spit poison at you. Like severalother enemies before her, she's limited to only attacking high. Unlike severalother enemies before her, she won't turn around and leave after a few missedattacks, she'll bump right into you. Two hits will see Perseus out of a job.

    The rope to the right gives you two choices once you reach the top: either jumpoff to the right and continue or jump over to the platform on the left. If youare quick, you can jump from that platform over to the Mace suspended in mid-air before you're dropped back to the ground. Give it a go if you like, butlimit yourself to only a couple of tries, as nightfall is as always, a partyfor Bees and Bats.

    If you decided that grabbing the Mace was a stupid idea and chose to head rightinstead, you'll have to make a couple of tricky jumps over water. What makesthem tricky? You have to land on a relatively small slope. The next few jumpssee you working your way up again, but are by far more dangerous. If you fallinto the water, there's no way out other than a high wall jump, which carriesthe risk of jumping straight into more water.

    No more taxing jumps for a little while, instead, you need to swing over to amoving block and avoid some Fish to make it back to solid ground. Well, notquite solid - you still have three inconsequential jumps before you reach solidground proper. Before you get back to your favourite hobby of jumping acrosswater, you'll need to traverse two sets of retractable spears. Don't use thehigh jump when clearing them, as you'll just bounce off the ceiling and getyourself spiked.

    A couple more watery platforms to the right, then a little drop. If you lookto the left of where you land, you'll see a Flame Sword in the water. If youwant it, you'll need to go in there and get it - fortunately, you can do itwithout suffering for your greed. High jump to the left and you'll land on aninvisible platform, from said platform, you need to high jump, grab the FlameSword, then wall jump back to the platform. Not as hard as it sounds.

    You can't clear the next bit of water without use of the rope (not hard, evenwith the Fish). Now for the hard bit - the next few jumps are the hardest youwill make in this level. If you fall, you'll be flip-flopping in the water,wall jumping from one pit to the next. There shouldn't be any distractions,save from a couple of Harpies, so take your time.

    The platform covering the next pit gives way when stepped on, but it's not likeyou can't clear the gap without it. Rather awkwardly, you have to wait on theslope for the raft to arrive. The Flying Fish here make this journey a greatannoyance, as they tend to come from below the raft and slap you on the bottomlike some ageing fishy Lothario from a television talent show. At the end ofthe ride is the door to the boss's lair.

    Round 4-2 02.11

    Your Flame Sword is probably a bit low on fire right now, so make note ofthe Battle Axe to your left. The spears to your right are in a really horridplace - you have a second once they're going back into the ground to jump over.If you time the jump wrongly, you'll bounce off the ceiling and get stabbed.The rope above you is a little high up, so you'll need to wall jump to reachit. At the top, be sure to make a small jump to the left, so you can have timeto duck under the spiked ceiling when it drops. Nothing to do here other thanclimb the next rope.

    Now, here's something fun. The platform above the fire will drop when steppedon, as is expected. Depending on where you grab the rope, the following jumpwill be easier or harder. If you're as close to the bottom as you can be, youcan high jump from the rope without hitting the ceiling and falling into thefire. The pit ahead holds a fireball - be careful when jumping to the slope,as it's really easy to miss.

    At the top of the rope, you will find a set of spears in the ground, a spikedceiling, then another set of spears (also in the ground). After this, you willneed to undertake a set of jumps over a large pit. There are three ropes ofdifferent lengths - you have to jump from one to the other. The second ropehas a fireball below it, so wait for it to drop before jumping over. The thirdrope also has a fireball, but it only appears after you've actually jumped overto it (climb that rope as soon as you can and you'll be fine). Once it's gone,you'll need to climb to the bottom of the rope in order to be able to make thejump to the left without falling into the lava.

    The final jump before the door is as hard or as easy as the enemies over on theplatform. The jump is quite exact in itself and, as for timing, it's easy toavoid the falling mud, but two or three Macethings or Kemmlers waiting for youcan ruin things. If they're there, you're gonna have to take a hit to ensuresafe footing.

    Round 4-3 02.12

    Aryous is both big and immensely fast, so you'll need to spend a lot oftime chasing him down. While he won't hesitate to smack you with his sword(high) if you get too close, his principle attack is an aerial fireball.It travels in three different directions (diagonally-left, diagonally-right,and down), and covers quite a lot of space below him, making it quite risky torun up to where he's going to land from a jump.

    However, he really does love that sword, and given the choice between stabbingyou or hopping around like a loon, he's going to stab you. When he's standingon the ground and you're on one of the platforms, his sword will just miss youand yours will hit him square in the face.

    At the start, wait for him to walk up to you, then step forward a bit and stabhim from a crouch. He'll walk away before coming back for more. Because hissword is longer than yours, if you don't walk backwards, he'll make his nextattack from out of your range. when he walks backwards, you walk backwards.When he walks forward, you walk forward. If he's stuck going backwards, walkforward to spur him into action. If he leaves the screen, jump over to thenext platform to continue the cycle.

    Round 5-1 02.13

    This is a fairly simple affair, and compared to the previous level, that'sreally very welcome. The only new enemy you will meet is the Snake. Yeah, youhave technically seen them before, but these ones slither along the ground asopposed to being dropped from a great height upon your noggin. Very fast, butnothing a crouched swing won't see to.

    In the pit after the rope, you'll find a Mace. Outside of the pit, you'll morethan likely find a Mantis or two that wishes to ruin your day by using you as adartboard. The pit at the bottom of the little slope ahead may not hold water,and in fact holds sand, but it still has the exact same effect. Be wary of thestepped area, as it hides two stalagmites. Similar to spears, but taller andwider, and certainly harder to spot. Same deal, though - approach one and itwill pop out of the ground. The pit that follows is the usual fare of jumpingto a moving block, then over to a rope to reach solid ground.

    Another slope now, and what appears to be a leap of faith, well, drop of faith.Drop straight down and you'll grab a Battle Axe for your trouble. The platformyou land is far from stable, so you'll need to quickly high jump to the rightto avoid being dropped into the sand. While enemies are usually quite random,as you know, you're quite likely to find Spartoy and his friend, Also Spartoy,here. A couple more jumps and ropes for your pleasure.

    At the top, venture a little to the right to trigger a boulder from the top ofthe screen - once you jump over that one, another will drop down to join theparty. At the end of the slope ahead, don't drop straight down, hop over tothat enticing platform. As you can see, part of it is solid and part of itwill drop when stepped on. You need to high jump from the collapsible part -you'll land on another such platform - a quick hop to the right puts you backon solid footing with a Battle Axe. Big jump right now, may as well save somewalking (be sure to strike a downward stab pose just in case you land onsomething). The door to the boss's lair is at the top of the slope.

    Round 5-2 02.14

    The mud poring into the water ahead of you shouldn't cause you too muchtrouble. Across the other side, the area is often a meeting place for Things.Swordthings, Macethings, and Axethings. Yes, Axethings - they attack, as youmay have already guessed, by throwing axes. Mainly the same as its brethren,but inclined to bump into you rather than just turning around and walking away.Interestingly enough, they also take three hits before dying.

    As you approach the step up, you'll find a spear missing your head by an inch -there's one after you've jumped up, too. When you approach the slope ahead, aboulder will drop down from the top of the screen. The area is quite cramped,so avoiding it is hard - there is, however, a chance to walk past it after thesecond bounce.

    After you drop down, prepare yourself to run a gauntlet of falling stalactites.They mainly fall in pairs with enough space between them for you to stand, butaren't disinclined to fall individually. Very slow, though. At the end ofthis bit, you have a Face Rock spitting at you, necessitating the need to duck.If things weren't already bad, it's a sure thing that there'll be a pair ofBees here, too.

    You probably don't need the Mace living at the top of the rope, but it's niceand certainly no extra trouble to get. Don't bother risking getting hit by theFace Rocks as you climb down the rope, just hop off to the left and fall pastthem. You'll land on a slope, immediately sliding towards a pit and a fallingboulder.

    When you make the jump, you need to be mindful of where you land - your targetplatform is small, and the second half conceals a stalagmite. As you leavethis platform, the shower of stalactites begins again. To make things worse,there's a chance of Harpies, Gorgons, and Bees across the region. Look closelyat the ground (still raining), this next section conceals three stalagmites.They're roughly the same distance away from each other. Up the slope at theend is the boss door.

    Round 5-3 02.15

    Start by aligning yourself with the second column in the background.When Fedorak approaches, jump straight up and hit it with a downward stab - itwill turn around and slither away. This will be the only time you can playthat trick, as from now on, it'll keep moving.

    When it turns around, it'll spit two fireballs that have a small homing effect.If you get hit by them, it's more likely that it was because they persist forquite a while, rathe than because they were good at chasing you. Of course, itonly does this when it reaches the end of the screen, so follow it for a while(don't get too close, or it might fire a couple of blasts without bothering toeven turn around).

    When it reaches the third platform, it'll stop and turn around. Once you reachthe end of the second platform and just before its head touches the third, jumpas far as you can to the right and downward stab, you should just catch itshead while avoiding damage yourself. When it starts heading back to the left,don't let it go further than the end of the second platform. It will stop tofire its blast, then head back towards you. Jump over it and follow alongagain, jumping and smacking it on the noggin when the chance arises. Once youhave a health advantage, you can kill it off quickly by trading hits.

    Round 6-1 02.16

    Nice change of scenery - volcanic death. The game clearly loves you, asthere's a Battle Axe at the top of the slope. Just after that, a new take onan old pain - you need to jump to the collapsible platform, then over to amoving rock before said platform drops you into the lava. Scrolling the screena little way reveals a Face Rock, they're never anything special, so just hopup and avoid it.

    Once you've fought your way past whatever random assortment of timorous weebeasties are thrown at you, you'll need to jump over to that rope (note theFace Rock). Of course, that rope happens to be out of your reach by a pixel,so your good self will land on a moving rock instead. Fortunately, you don'teven need the rope, just wait for the rock to rise suitably, then high jumpback to solid ground.

    The jumps ahead look a little trickier than they actually are, even with themean fireballs attempting to evaporate your moisturiser. It doesn't matter ifthe fireball in the first pit is in the air or not, just hop over it at yourleisure. Towards the bottom of the slope, the next fireball will trigger, butyou'll be able to make the jump without injury, same goes for the next slope.

    Break the block ahead and make your way up. On the next level is a stalagmite;approach it to trigger it, then continue onward as its retracting. Once youreach the cliff, it doesn't really matter if you jump to that platform or hurlyourself face-first to the ground. Actually, the second one sounds more fun.Head over the pit and use the platforms to the right to clear the next pit(there's likely a Meduza at the end, but you should jump over her, mainly forplacement reasons for the next jump).

    Make your way up the slopes, being careful not to jump too soon, and smash theblock at the end. Inside is a Flame Sword. When you approach the foot of theslope ahead, a boulder will drop down at the top. After the first bounce, highjump up the slope to avoid it rocking your world. Another cliff and anotherleap of faith. It doesn't matter if you jump or drop, the result is the samein that you'll land in front of a small lava pit with a collapsible platformspanning it. Cross the gap and jump up onto the next level (being wary of theFire Stone set in the cliff). The door to the lair is just ahead.

    Round 6-2 02.17

    As you can see, there's a rather fast-falling stalactite just after thepit. It's highly likely that you have at least one Harpie making its way ontoscreen - dispatch and continue, of course. Between now and the point you needto drop down, expect another stalactite and quite possibly a Swordthing or oneof his relatives. Speaking of Things, they all take three hits before dyingnow.

    When you *do* drop down, there's a slight chance you may have to deal with aWizard or two. They're quite fond of this area. Wizards or no Wizards, theFace Rock behind you means you need to be quick. When you drop down, you'llland on a collapsible platform above some lava, which is quite dangerous, butmaybe not as dangerous as the stalagmite to your right. To make matters morepainful, there's a falling stalactite just behind it. After this, two reallyeasy jumps (just be mindful of the falling mud).

    All the way to the right, past the rope, is a Flame Sword. It's surrounded bystalagmites and has a falling stalactite right next to it. In other words, atrap. Now, ponder something; getting the Flame Sword may get you killed, butit makes for an easy boss fight. Personally, I'd grab the sword.

    Once you've made your mind up, climb the rope (the Face Rocks aren't a worry ifyou keep moving). The next few jumps are plagued by Bats and Bees. From therope, drop to the first platform, then hot foot your way over the remainingjumps. The third platform isn't safe, mind you, a fireball jumps from thefirst pit and lands right in the middle of it. Just ahead of you is the door.

    Round 6-3 02.18

    The Read Dragon isn't like any boss you've encountered thus far. For astart, the boss is massive, taking up most of the screen. Its weak point isits head - unfortunately, it has a really long neck, so you'll have to jump andfollow it with an upward thrust. When it stops moving its head, that means itsgoing to spit fire at you - three fireballs to be exact. They're not hard toavoid, and they don't have any funky homing effect (it can't change its aimonce it starts firing, so if you avoid one, you avoid them all).

    Normally, if you were to jump and attack it, you'd make contact with it and gethurt. However, you can safely land blows to either side of its head, on itsfrill, once it stops moving. If you took the Flame Sword, you'll slice it topieces incredibly quickly (incidentally, the Flame Sword loses its projectileattack during boss fights).

    Round 7-1 02.19

    Not a conventional level as such, more of a labyrinth. Head in the wrongdirection and you'll be seeing the same few screens for a while. Head right,just after that large block, there'll be spears in the ground. After the thirdsuch block, you'll see a rope - you need to wall jump up to it. At the top,use the other ropes to avoid the spears below, then enter the door.

    Round 7-2 02.20

    You need to head right again. The spears here are quite hard to avoid dueto the low ceiling (you have two before the slope). The slope drops you downonto a collapsible platform above a pit - obviously, you'll need to get offquickly. Along with two closely grouped spears in the ground, daggers arefalling from the ceiling - they're fast, too. The last spear in this area isreally easy to avoid. You need to wall jump up to the rope. At the top, jumpoff to the left and head through the door.

    Round 7-3 02.21

    This room is a nice shade of pink. Don't ask me why. As soon as youenter, two boulders drop from the top of the screen. The first one is behindyou and can safely be ignored, the second is right in front of you and needsjumping. Continue right, over the spears. When you reach the pit, you'llhave to wait for the raft to drift back over. Daggers fall from the ceilingabove the pit - if you're standing to the right of the raft, you shouldn't gethit.

    Ignore the first rope and instead opt to take the second rope. They both leadto the same place, but the second rope is slightly safer. Make your way downand to the right - there are two daggers that fall from the ceiling near thefoot of the slope. At the top of said slope, jump to the rope and climb likea monkey. If you should miss the rope and fall, don't worry, as you can highjump back up to the slope, even if it looks like you can't. You'll find thedoor to the boss chamber at the top.

    Round 7-4 02.22

    Behold the mighty ? Dragon (yes, that's its official name). Not quite asimposing as the last boss, but much more inclined to see you dead. When theDragon is wandering around, you're quite free to high jump over its head andthrow out a downward stab. You'll either catch its neck or the space betweenits wings, but it doesn't really matter which, as the Dragon has a rathergenerous hit-box.

    If the Dragon stops abruptly, that means it's going to dash at you. It doesn'tdash far, so a single high jump away from it will suffice. When it takes off,jump away from it and wait for it to finish spitting fireballs at you. When itlands, it will likely be on one of the platforms, so you'll have to wait for itto drop down before you can continue your onslaught. With the Dragon slew,Rastan will treat you to a badly-worded ending of awesomeness.

    Cheats and Code 03.00

    === Infinite Continues ===

    Hold Down/Left + Buttons 1 and 2 at the SEGA screen. Keep all the buttonspressed until the title screen appears.

    A game walkthrough is a guide aimed towards improving a players skill within a particular game and often designed to assist players in completing either an entire game or specific elements. Walkthroughs may alternatively be set up as a playthrough, where players record themselves playing through a game and upload or live-stream it to the internet. Walkthroughs may be considered guides on helping to enhance the experience of players, to assist towards unlocking game achievements or simply as a means to socialise with like-minded individuals as a distraction from everyday life. Walkthroughs originated as text-based descriptive instructions in magazines for playing through a video game.

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