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Renegade Racing

Speed to the front of a crazy pack of cars while performing jumps and stunts in Renegade Racing. Do flips and wheelies to fill your turbo boost energy so that you can blaze ahead of the pack ! Complete missions and then head to the garage to unlock a variety of vehicles. Upgrade them to suit your race style and gain advantages. Which car will be your favorite - the ice cream truck ? The police car? Or maybe the London bus ? Enjoy Renegade Racing .

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Game Category: Driving

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How to Play Renegade Racing

W or UP ARROW to accelerate.S or DOWN ARROW to brake and reverse. A or LEFT ARROW to balance the car and preform back flips and back wheelies. D or RIGHT ARROW to balance the car and preform front flips and front wheelies. X or SPACEBAR to make the car jump (...)

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