ShellShockers is a unique .io game in which you take control of an egg and wield a variety of weapons. Your goal in this game is to kill your online opponents. You must crack the other eggs open using your advanced weaponry while avoiding being cracked yourself. You can select one character and customize his look and equip him with your favorite weapon. ShellShockers enables the player to play with a team or he can choose ‘free to play’ and fight on his own. What fun it is to play Shell Shockers since you will have to battle in a game world fulfilled with eggs. Your weapon only has a limited supply and you must collect supplies from the ground and from defeated enemies.  Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital. Read More

  • How to Play

    WASD = Move / Mouse cursor = fire / Shift = aim / R = reload / E =  switch weapons / Q = grenade
  • Wiki, called "Shell Shockers" in the game, is an online multiplayer shooting arena. In the game, you play as an egg equipped with a pistol, grenades, and one of 4 "class" weapons. The main goal of the game in general is to get as many kills as possible, especially in a row, but certain game modes also have certain goals within themselves as well.


    The game automatically sets control bindings for all of your actions, but you can change them in the settings.

    FireMOUSE 0
    Swap WeaponE

    In the settings, you can also change a few other settings, like Master Volume, Mouse Speed, Invert Mouse, Hold to Aim, Enable chat, and Auto Detail.

    Primary Weapons

    The primary weapon that you use during a game of Shell Shockers is your weapon based on your class.

    Free Ranger

    The Free Ranger's primary weapon is the CSG-1. This weapon is primarily considered to fit the sniper role, but it is currently often used for close quarters, as it has a chance to kill up close in one shot with a larger magazine size than the scrambler. It can either kill an egg in one shot, or it will occasionally require two. there is little to no accuracy advantage for using the scope, so it is often not necessary.


    The Soldier's primary weapon is the EggK-47. This weapon is a fairly basic weapon, mainly able to do good damage at close range as it has an enormous spread. As of now, it has the highest fire-rate in the game. It is very beginner friendly and quite easy to use.


    The Scrambler's primary weapon is the Dozen Gauge. This is a very short-range shotgun weapon that is only effective against very close targets. however, it has a very short time to kill if you can land your shots, and so it can be extremely effective in the hands of a good player. It has two shots which fire in semi-auto. It then needs to be reloaded with two more shells to fire again.


    The Eggsploder's primary weapon is the RPEGG, which shoots rockets and has a scope. This weapon is only useful in close range or long range if there is a wall or floor that can be aimed at. Furthermore, targets closer than a set distance cannot be fired at, as the weapon will only fire when you are not in its blast radius. This makes it very difficult to use. However, it is the only primary weapon with area damage, or a 100% unlimited range one-shot kill potential, and so it can be quite effective if in the right hands. This gun is often used for meme-strategies, as it can kill many eggs at once.

    Secondary Weapons

    Currently there is only one secondary weapon: the Cluck 9mm.

    Cluck 9mm

    The Cluck 9mm is the secondary weapon for all four classes in the game. It is a rather slow-shooting, high-spread, and low-damage weapon, but is useful in some situations, for example as a further-ranged weapon for a Scrambler or a close-combat weapon for a Free Ranger or Eggsploder. It can also be switched to in order to finish targets once primary ammo has run out.


    Another form of damage in the game is through Grenades, a collectible item in each game. You can store up to 3 Grenades at a time, and they can be thrown with different strength depending on how long you hold the throw button. Clicking a grenade while still holding the Q button will cancel the throw.

    Character Customization

    Once you link an Email, Google, or Facebook account to the game, you have the ability to change the appearance of your egg in-game. You can change four things: Chest DecorationHat, Weapon skin and Shell color. Only six chest decorations and six hats are free, while the rest can be purchased with golden eggs, which are collected via kills during gameplay. Any weapon skin other than the default skin can be purchased with golden eggs. All seven shell colors are free, with the exception of the other seven shell colors that can be unlocked by purchasing a Golden Chicken. If you purchase a Golden Chicken (for only $9.99!), you get twice the number of shell color options that you usually have (14 shell colors in total), for a period of thirty days. On the main screen, you will also be able to view your game stats, which include Kills, Deaths, KDR (Kill-to-death ratio), and Streak.

    Game Modes

    There are currently three game modes in Shell Shockers: FFA (Free-For-All), Teams, and Captula the Spatula. For each kill, in any of these game modes, you earn 10 golden eggs, which can be used to purchase chest decorations, hats, and weapon skins. With a Golden Chicken (Only $9.99!), you get twice the amount of golden eggs per kill; in other words, you get twenty golden eggs per kill with a Golden Chicken. In FFA mode, every egg is for himself, and aside from in-game created alliances, there are no teams and you can fire against anyone. In Teams mode, there are two teams, and you can only shoot or damage people on the other team, although you can still kill yourself with a grenade or RPEGG. Captula the Spatula mode works similar to Teams mode, but you also try to capture a golden spatula. The score on the top of the screen increases for your team as long as your team possesses the golden spatula, and your team loses points when the other team possesses the spatula. In addition, you can create private servers and share the links with your friends to play solely with them. You can change the game mode of your private game based on what mode you set it to before starting the private server. You can also select the map in which you want to play in.


    There are currently 10 maps in the game. You can find the name of the map you're currently playing on the bottom right of the screen while on the in-game pause menu.

    Map 1 - Blue

    Map 2 - Castle

    Map 3 - Dirt

    Map 4 - Feedlot

    Map 5 - Fort Flip

    Map 6 - Moonbase

    Map 7 - Ruins

    Map 8 - Shipyard

    Map 9 - Shellville

    Map 10 - Two Towers


    Items -

    Egg Cartons - Give you a small amount of maximum ammo. For Free Rangers and Soldiers, give one clip worth of extra ammo. For the Scrambler, gives 4 clips worth of extra ammo.

    Grenades - You can pick up from the ground to gain an extra grenade. You can hold 3 at a time.


    Some other features of the game include:

    Reporting Bugs

    Creating/joining private games

    Viewing live Twitch Shell Shockers streamers

    Link to buy Shell Shockers merch and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Discord)

    Purchase Golden Chicken - For only $9.99! Benefits - More eggshell colors, 20 golden eggs per kill (instead of 10), and no ads for thirty days

    Turn on browser notifications for Shell Shockers

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  • Walkthrough

    Tips and tricks:

    Follow your teammates if you are playing in Team mode.

    Always lean on a wall if you are able to so you can avoid the enemies that are about to attack you from behind.

    Make sure you recognize the three different egg-soldiers: Soldier, Scrambler and Free Ranger.

    Collect packs of eggs in order to increase the number of bullets.

    Lag! What should I do?

    If your shots are getting off really late, or you're bouncing around all over the place, here are a few things you can try:

    Close any other open tabs.
    Pause or cancel any active downloads or streams. Turn off that cat video!
    Close any file-sharing applications
    Close apps that download in the background (Steam, etc.)
    Try a different server
    Restart your router
    If you're on WiFi, try a wired connection if you can

    System requirements

    A mouse (or trackpad; ew!) and keyboard. No official mobile support (yet!)
    2.0Ghz processor
    4GB RAM
    A graphics accelerator that supports WebGL
    A broadband connection
    A WebGL and WebSocket-compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera
    Internet Explorer is not supported!

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