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    Super Hang On is a 1987 motorcycle racing retro arcade game by Sega, and the sequel to the acclaimed Hang On. A version of this game, in the full simulated motorcycle cabinet used by the original Super Hang On, was released in 1991 as Limited Edition Hang On. A turbo button is enabled. Using this button allows the player to reach an even higher top speed of 324 km/h.Original Mode is only found in home versions and is much more in depth than the arcade mode, though the gameplay in the races is the same. The main screen is a menu where the player has several options, much like the main screen in Rock N’ Roll Racing. In Original Mode, the bike can be upgraded by buying new parts for it, and they will be better maintained by paying for better mechanics. Read More

  • How to Play Super Hang On

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load
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  • Super Hang On Wiki

    Super Hang-On is a motorcycle racing arcade game released by Sega, and the sequel to the acclaimed Hang-On. A version of this game, in the full simulated-motorcycle cabinet used by the original Hang-On, was released in 1991 as Limited Edition Hang-On.


    The arcade mode in Super Hang-On is similar to the original Hang-On. However, there is a choice of four tracks to race on which are based on continents, each containing a different number of stages. Also, should the player reach the normal maximum speed of 280 km/h, a turbo button is enabled. Using this button allows the player to reach an even higher top speed of 324 km/h. Each stage is roughly half the length of a stage in the original Hang-On. Africa is the easiest and shortest out of the four courses (six stages). Asia is the second easiest and is similar in length to the course from the original Hang-On at ten stages long. The Americas is the second to toughest course, containing 14 stages and Europe is the hardest course, being 18 stages long. When the player starts a race, they have their choice of four songs that will play during the race, a feature borrowed from Out Run.[citation needed]

    The Sega Mega Drive version of the game included the full arcade game, and an additional original mode, which allowed players to recruit sponsors and earn money to buy enhanced components for their bike.[1] The cover for this version has a bike and rider in the same colors as Shinichi Itoh, who competed in the All-Japan 500 cc Championship on a Rothmans Honda NSR500.

    The ZX Spectrum version was as accurate to the arcade as possible on that platform, scoring 10/10 in Sinclair User, and was rated number 27 in the Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Games of All Time.

    Computer and Console Releases

    Versions of the game were released for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 in 1987 with further home conversions following for the Sega Genesis, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, Sharp X68000 and DOS in 1989 and 1990.[7] The game also appeared on several Mega Drive compilations, namely Mega Games I (bundled with the console as Mega Drive Magnum Set), and Sega 6-Pak.

    It was included in Sega Arcade Gallery for Game Boy Advance.
    The arcade version was released on the Wii's Virtual Console service in Japan on September 14, 2010, and later in North America and Europe on May 3, 2012. Like Shinobi and its omission of any references to Marilyn Monroe, the Virtual Console version of Super Hang-On was slightly altered to avoid any copyright troubles. This includes the replacing of several in-game billboards which used to feature real brand names such as Cibie with similar billboards which mention other Sega games such as OutRun and After Burner.[8]. This version would be released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2012 as part of Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.

    Another version of the game was released for the Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop in Japan on March 27, 2013. The game feature stereoscopic 3D and tilt controls which emulate the arcade version. This version was released for North America and Europe on November 28, 2013.

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  • Super Hang On Walkthrough

    General racing principles apply. Try to hit the apex of your corners properly.Try to always stay on the track. You lose lots of speed by leaving it, and riskcrashing.
    Try braking before hitting the corner, rather than only braking once you'velost grip.
    The art to controlling the bike is tapping the direction buttons to control theextentthat you steer. Avoid colliding with competitors. It damages your bike andyou'll losespeed. Although you have a rival, they put out fixed lap times and you don'tencounterthem on the track, so you cannot cause your rival to crash out.
    On each stage (/level/course), you'll need 5 wins to advance to the next one.

    Level 1.

    With fresh parts and no crashes, you can hit 1'30"00 on the first lap with nobike upgrades,
    and perhaps 1'26"00 on lap two, for a total time around 2'55"00 to 3'00"00.Your rival will be hitting something awful like 3'40"00, so don't spend moneyon upgrades.
    There are few competitors, so you should be able to avoid hitting them.It is worth braking hard to do so, since lap times are unimportant.
    Each crash will set you back 10 to 12 seconds on lap time, so do go slow toavoid crashing!
    You should be able to do progress to Level 2 without replacing parts.

    Level 2.

    If you try to race on level 2 without repairing parts, your engine willprobably burn up.
    Replacing everything with no upgrades is one option. You'll see a welcomereturn to decentperformance for only half your cash. It is possible but challenging to win withthese parts.
    In particular, a right-hand corner near the end of each lap is very sharp andhas obstacles justoff the track. With basic tyres and frame it seems to be luck whether you falloff here, unlessyou hit the brakes pretty early and nail that apex. You can make your lifeeasier by spending anextra $100 on both your tyres and oil. An engine or frame upgrade are expensiveand not needed.
    Beware that your tyres will wear out faster on this course. Pay attention toreplace them aftera few races. If you crash once per lap you might find your rival winning therace. 1'34"00 on lapone and 1'30"00 on lap two are decent times that will see you win by around0'30"00.

    Level 3.

    This track has long sweeping corners, with a middle section of four cornersalternating indirection. You need to put in lap times faster than ~1'30"00 to beat your rivalon this 3-lapcourse. With the first upgrade to tyres and oil you can just scrape this, but asingle crash andyou'll lose. Now's the time to invest with the 13000-14000 cash you shouldhave. If you don't yethave the first oil upgrade, get that as it is the best investment in the gamein terms of cost-benefit ratio. Upgrade tyres to RADIAL if you haven't, and take the firstupgrades to engine andframe. Those alternating corners justify the frame upgrade, which doesn'treally cost much extra.
    With these upgrades you should be hitting 1'25"00 lap times without crashing,just enough to win.
    Taking the second engine upgrade (DOHC V4) instead is a viable choice, since asingle win onLevel 3 nets you $10k, which is more than the cost of that engine. However,upgrading your tyresto HIGH PERFORMANCE is a much better investment and will shave a few secondsoff your lap time forconsiderably less money. If you upgraded tyres and oil part way through Level2, they'll needreplacing part way through Level 3 anyway, else they'll force you to retire.For only 15% performance increase, the brakes upgrade probably isn't worth ityet, but once youhave chalked up a win or two, and if the brakes and muffler need replacing, youcould upgrade byone step each to make life easier.
    With the first frame, engine, oil and muffler upgrade, and the second tyreupgrade, you can nowhit 1'20"00 lap times (with a slower first lap of about 1'28"00). Maintain thislevel of bike andsave your cash to finish Level 3 with a cool $50k in the bank.

    Level 4.

    This track has short, sharp corners. You simply can't win with the bike spec oflast level, whichby now will have seen a lot of wear, too. Time to splash that cash and upgrade!You can spend about $25k to get the second upgrade to the frame (ALU DOUBLE),engine (DOHC V4),and oil (TOP). The first upgrade to brake (DISC) and muffler (COL) are fine. Gofor the third tyreupgrade (SLICK), as this is still relatively cheap but allows you to hit thosesharp corners fast.
    You should still try hard to avoid collisions. You should comfortably hit1'29"00 on lap one andmaybe 1'22"00 on subsequent laps, allowing you to win with one collision. Donot take thethird engine upgrade to the V4 TURBO, because it doesn't offer betteracceleration and there arevery few sections where you can hit 280 kph to go turbo. Pro tip: with yourSLICK tyres you cantake most of the short sharp corners at full speed if you hit the apex nicely,but beware ofcompetitors in your racing line!

    Level 5.

    This track has four laps and more of the long-and-sweeping type of corners.There are plenty ofstretches where you can reach the 280 kph needed to go turbo, but the bikebuild from the previouslevel is actually solid enough to win without turbo or other upgrades here.
    Prize money for a winincreases from $30k to $130k, so if the engine needs replacing and your cashreserves are burninga hole in your pocket, grab the turbo and have fun. With the turbo engine youcan put in laps of1'15"00, but you'll find yourself replacing the frame and muffler more often,as with greaterspeeds come inevitably more collisions.

    Level 6.

    This one is a night race and has five laps which your rival will do in about1'17"00 each.
    With very good racing you can manage this with the bike from Level 5 with theturbo engine, butbetter brakes are advisable for avoiding collisions. The next engine upgrade isa bit out ofreach until you win once on this level, so perhaps go with some better oil fora little moreacceleration. You can also afford a frame upgrade now, but do beware ofcrashing if you go forALU SPACE as it is not cheap to replace! So a good configuration is ALU SPACE,TURBO V4,DOUBLE DISC, WORKS ORIGINAL, PRIVATE ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL SLICK. Lap times ofbetter than1'05"00 are achievable with this spec, though the average lap might come out ataround 1'09"00due to collision avoidance.
    Pro tip: since you need to be at 280 kph to go turbo, you'll want to maximiseyour exit speedfrom the corners. Brake early, accelerate through the corner and be sure to hitthe apex.

    Level 7.

    This course has six laps and is an easier track than the last. It is easy toput in laps that areseveral seconds faster than your rival with the bike build from Level 6, butthe challenge is tofinish a race without braking your frame. Braking hard to avoid competitors isoften necessary, asthey are all over the track on this level. So which parts should you upgrade?If you're havingtrouble avoiding competitors, a better frame and brakes would help, but bewarethat the TITANIUMSPACE costs $500k and you'll probably need to replace it every race. If yourlap times aresuffering because you are braking to avoid competitors all the time, then theengine upgrade isworthwhile. You get $2m for a win now, so buy what you like :)

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