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    The Punisher Arcade (Hepburn: Panisshā) is a 1993 beat ’em up arcade game developed and released by Capcom.

    It stars the Marvel Comics’ anti-hero the Punisher (Frank Castle) and co-stars S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as the second player’s character as they embark on a mission to kill the crime lord the Kingpin and bring down his organization. While following the same general formula as Capcom’s previous beat ’em ups, the game has a range of usable weapons and a comics-style presentation.

    The Punisher Arcade is a beat ’em up where Punisher and Fury embark on a quest to thwart the New York crime lord Kingpin, engaging on various foes and stage bosses mostly in hand-to-hand combat. Several established Marvel Universe villains appear throughout the game, such as the Mafia captain Bruno Costa, Bonebreaker, Bushwhacker, Jigsaw, and the Kingpin himself as the final boss. As well as the standard punch and kick moves, Read More

  • How to Play The Punisher Arcade

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Rom Load, Reset, Save and Load, Shader 4x Scale
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    he Punisher (1993 video game)

    The Punisher
    Punisher game flyer.png
    North American arcade flyer
    Sculptured Software (port)
    Director(s)Noritaka Funamizu
    Designer(s)Akira Yasuda
    Jun Keiba
    Junichi Ohno
    Programmer(s)Kazuhito Nakai
    Tomohiro Ueno
    Yoji Mikami
    Artist(s)Haruki Suetsugu
    Eri Nakamura
    Hiroaki Minobe
    Composer(s)Yoko Shimomura
    Isao Abe
    Platform(s)Arcade, Mega Drive/Genesis
    Mega Drive/Genesis
    • NA: December 1994
    • EU: April 1995
    Genre(s)Beat 'em up
    Mode(s)Single-player, co-op
    Arcade systemCPS-1 + QSound
    DisplayRaster, 384 x 224 pixels (horizontal), 4096 colors

    The Punisher (Japanese: パニッシャー Hepburn: Panisshā) is a 1993 beat 'em up arcade game developed and released by Capcom. It stars the Marvel Comics' anti-hero the Punisher (Frank Castle) and co-stars S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as the second player's character as they embark on a mission to kill the crime lord the Kingpin and bring down his organization. While following the same general formula as Capcom's previous beat 'em ups, the game has a range of usable weapons and a comics-style presentation.

    The Punisher gained significant popularity in arcades and is widely regarded as one of the best titles in the beat 'em up genre as well as one of the best video game adaptations of comic books. A Mega Drive/Genesis port was developed by Sculptured Software and published by Capcom to mixed reviews and commercial failure.


    The Punisher follows the same side-scrolling beat'em up formula Capcom established in Final Fight and Captain Commando as the protagonists engage ordinary foes and stage bosses. As in most beat'em up games of this kind, progression through the game is achieved by systematically dispatching all common enemies and proceeding to the right (or left), and defeating the bosses met at the end of each stage. Unlike in Final Fight, the size, abilities and tactics of both player characters (the Punisher and Nick Fury) are essentially interchangeable; they both use the same basic moves, such as punches, kicks and throws, which can be chained into combos, as well as similar special attacks. Basic attacks can be combined to cause extra damage to enemies. The game is presented in a comic book-like style, including featuring on-screen onomatopoeias such as "BLAM!" for gunshots.

    Various melee (including baseball bats and Japanese swords) and thrown weapons (including knives and shuriken)[5] as well as improvised weapons (such as lead pipes, car tires[6] and a crude flamethrower) can be picked up during regular combat. Weapons can be dropped by killed enemies or obtained from smashing various containers throughout the stages. When the player is armed with a weapon, its durability will be displayed alongside the player's health, showing how much it can be used until it breaks apart. Treasure can also be found in containers, awarding the player with bonus score points once collected (jewelry also appears after defeating female enemies). Health can be replenished by picking up food, which can also give bonus points.[5] The game distinguished itself by the relatively high level of violence in a video game of the era, as well by the frequent use of firearms, including an Ingram and a M16. There are several sections of the game when gun-wielding enemies appear to which the characters draw their handguns, enabling the player to shoot them. Player characters can also pick up and collect hand grenades that can be deployed at a moment of choice.


    The game begins in an illegal casino and the streets of the New York City, with the merciless vigilante Frank "the Punisher" Castle (optionally partnered with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury) in pursuit of the Mafia enforcer Bruno Costa; the chase ends with a fight against Chester Scully (a minor villain from the comics). Still on track of Bruno, the Punisher infiltrates the mob's Pantaberde resort via a water duct. He breaks into a hotel and corners Bruno, who is suddenly killed by a robot called Guardroid, which the Punisher must then take on.

    The Punisher then raids a major drug-smuggling ring at the local harbor, which ends with him confronting Bonebreaker in a waterfront warehouse. After that, the Punisher attacks the Kingpin's poppy field at a cave in Arizona. The Punisher boards and destroys a freight train which is commanded by Bushwhacker.

    At that point, the Kingpin decides that he has lost enough henchmen and money to the Punisher's actions. He puts a hefty contract out on him, and he is chased by assassins from his hideout and through a forest. After defeating another Guardroid, the Punisher in turn assaults the King Building skyscraper. He fights his way through Jigsaw and other enemies to the final showdown against a second Guardroid and the Kingpin himself. After the Kingpin is defeated, the entire tower collapses, but the Kingpin is not found among the many dead criminals in the rubble.

    Development and release


    The Punisher for the arcades was released in April 1993, marking the beginning of the partnership between Marvel Comics and Capcom, which led to the series Marvel vs. Capcom. The game used a new arcade system, allowing over 10 enemies to appear on screen at the same time without slowdowns. A pre-release version included some cut content such as rocket launchers. Artworks from the game were featured in the 2012 art book Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works by Udon Entertainment.


    A console port of The Punisher was released for the Genesis in North America in 1994 and for the PAL region Mega Drive in April 1995. This version, while published by Capcom, was developed by an independent American company Sculptured Software. In addition to the worse graphics and sound, lesser variety of enemies, and a smaller number of objects on screen than in the original, many of the previously breakable background objects were rendered unbreakable due to the limitations of the Genesis' hardware.

    This version also contains some content censorship, including removing the most explicit violence as well as the animation of Fury smoking his cigar, and female ninja enemies with skimpy outfits becoming fully clothed. The port also comes with three difficulty settings,[4] but the Easy setting ends after only three stages and the game can be properly completed only on Normal or Hard. The PlayStation version was reported in works by Crystal Dynamics, but was never completed.


    Aggregate score
    GameRankings73% (Genesis)[15]
    Review scores
    AllGame2.5/5 stars (Genesis)[5]
    EGM6/10 stars (Genesis)[17]
    Hyper48% (Genesis)[18]
    Next Generation1/5 stars (Genesis)[19]
    GamePower33/40 (Arcade)[2]
    3.8/5 (Genesis)[20]
    Hobby Consolas81% (Genesis)[21]
    Man!ac58% (Genesis)[22]
    Player One60% (Genesis)[23]
    Superjuegos68% (Genesis)[24]
    TodoSega84% (Genesis)[25]
    Top Consoles13% (Genesis)[26]
    VG&CE7/10 (Genesis)[27]


    Upon its release, GamePower gave the arcade version of The Punisher a perfect partial score for the game's "fun factor". Its action was praised by GamePro, who remarked that "this game's outstanding feature is its gorgeous graphics, which capture the dark, somber mood of the Punisher comic books." GameFan reviewer wrote The Punisher "proved to be everything I dreamed of in a traditional Final Fight-style game," having previously described it as "definitely the greatest side scrolling fighting game ever" as well as "the bloodiest, goriest fighting game since Mortal Kombat" in his preview.


    Reviewing the Genesis conversion, VideoGames called it "a decent exercise in vigilante mayhem" that is "surprisingly fun, yet fairly standard game." A preview by Mean Machines Sega opined it "looks good" and features "fantastic weaponry", but EGM criticized the characters for being too small on the screen, also stating that there was little to no skill involved in defeating the bosses. EGM praised the number of weapons and moves available but nonetheless concluded that "the whole game comes across as routine and bland." Mega Play reviewers especially criticized the port's removal of gore and the "drab" and "dull" color palette, issuing it four scores of between 67-72%.

    GamePro outright panned the port, commenting that the special moves are too difficult to pull off, the sound effects are weak, the gameplay is generic and unimaginative beat 'em up fare, and "the graphics never come close to the coin-op game that this cart is based on." It was also lambasted by Next Generation, who stated that "not much good can be found" in the game and "the person responsible for putting out The Punisher deserves a good spanking." Hyper even had The Punisher as the worst rated game of the month, describing it as "almost like an 8 bit game: scrappy graphics, stilted animation, sloooowww scrolling and only two (yes, two) buttons on the controller used." The game sold poorly, resulting in it becoming one the rarest PAL region titles for the platform.


    Notwithstanding the flawed home port and limited commercial success, the arcade original has achieved a cult game status. Sega Saturn Magazine and Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine both wished for The Punisher to be included in Capcom's arcade compilation releases for the Sega Saturn and the PlayStation, respectively. According to GamesTM in 2005, "Capcom's The Punisher was a brutally violent fighter that perfectly captured the anti-hero it was based on. Featuring buckets of blood, some nasty moves and hordes of enemies, action came thick and fast, and so did the excitement." The magazine too expressed a wish for it to be included in a compilation re-release for a more modern gaming system, in this case the PlayStation Portable, but noted that the chances of this are slim due to a long-expired license.

    Retro Gamer called it "a forgotten gem in Capcom's back catalogue" that "is bursting with character and is extremely enjoyable," surmising the game did not sell well because the market was already flooded with beat 'em up games. Some media outlets also singled out for a special praise the game's particular elements, such as with Complex regarding its arcade cabinet and regarding its game over sequence. Crunchyroll's Patrick Macias wrote: "I'll confess my heart skipped a beat when I read The Punisher arcade game, the legacy of a misspent youth and countless tokens whittled away at Chuck E. Cheese."

    Some critics regard The Punisher as among the best of the beat 'em up genre, as well as among the best video game adaptations of comic books, especially of Marvel titles. In 2010, it was ranked as the tenth top greatest superhero game by IGN's News & Features Team and as the fifth top Marvel arcade game by iFanboy's Josh Richardson. Nerdist Industries included it among the top ten most iconic Marvel video games in 2013, calling it "one of the few games that benefits from its cheesiness" and stating that in 1993 the two-player experience "was pretty much what Army of Two wishes it was today." That same year, it was also listed as one of top beat 'em up games of all time by's Elton Jones, as well as being included amongst the best looking beat 'em up games from the 16-bit era by Kotaku Australia's Gergo Vas. David Hawkins of WhatCulture! declared it number one best comics-based arcade game in a 2011 ranking, being "above and beyond all other arcade adaptations of comic books and their heroes," and Jon Ledford of Arcade Sushi opined that "in terms of pure enjoyment, ingenuity, control, and graphics, The Punisher is the Best Retro Beat 'Em Up of all time.

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  • The Punisher Arcade Walkthrough


    * Super Kick : Down, Up+Attack

    * Super Air Kick : Forward(x2), Jump, Down+Attack

    * Special Ending : finish the game without having to continue to see a different credit sequence (badguy parade).

    * On 2nd area of first stage, the enemy Cool will appear for few seconds from a open door, then he will flee : if you're fast, you can kill him before he disappear with the handgun that the players draw automatically in that moment.

    * When you're in the 2nd area of stage 2, the gangsters' mansion in Florida, there are 3 jail cells in which 3 girls are being held hostage. Break open the cells and then stand still. The girls will give the players thank-you hugs that restore energy to their lifebars.

    * At the end of the 2nd stage you'll fight against the Guardroid. At the end of the room where the battle is set, you'll found an huge bed and a painting in the wall. Destroy this objects for obtain extra weapons and energy that could help you during the fight

    * In the 3rd stage (the harbor) you'll encounter several cars, where gangster carrying machine gun will exit from there for attack the players. If you destroy those cars before they'll exit from there, they'll disappear in the explosion: also, you can see the poor driver carbonized after the car's explosion!

    * The Punisher and Nick Fury's personal handguns are usually drawn automatically whenever enemies carrying firearms - and also the robots called 'Pretty Boy' - turn up. With the exception of the robots, which are tougher to deal with, try to refrain from killing the enemies armed with guns until after you've killed some of those who aren't carrying guns. This certainly comes in useful during the showdown at the end with the Kingpin, who's drawn much larger here than he was in Sega's own "Spider-Man - The Videogame", made 2 years earlier.


    Starting Point
    Objects: Chairs, Casino Machine, Barrel
    Items: Money, Food

    The moment you jump down, you'll see two punks ready to fight you. They are easywork, so fight them off and grab all the items. Also, bust down the chairs andthe Casino machine on the left. Then go all the way until you can't go anymore.More punks will appear and a barrel containing food. Kill off the punks and ascene will generate.

    Outside the Building
    Objects: Phone Booth, Tire, Barrel
    Items: Food, Grenade

    Once Bruno flees the scene, you'll be outside the building. A couple of gun guyswill come out, so gun them down and take whatever items are available. Go rightuntil you can't anymore, and a bunch of punks will come and slaughter you. Killthem off and a Yan Lee will come out eventually. If you need healing, the phonebooth there will provide you something very healthy and regenerating. Anyway,careful though, as some punks will have weapons, so kill them off to make themdrop their weapon, and use it against them. Once all are dead, you are ready tofight their big brother, named Scully.

    Boss: Scully
    Objects: Tire
    Items: None

    Once you get on the bus, the driver will still be driving. Don't worry aboutthat, as Scully is there wanting you dead. If he isn't enough, his littlebrother punks will aide him. The quickest way to beat Scully is to launch allyour bombs at him. The slower way is to keep Scully on one side of the busand don't lose view on him. When you knock the punks down, you should focuson Scully next. Scully only has one full life bar, so you should be able totake him down pretty quick. Don't let him launch a kick or smack you, becauseit takes a pretty good chunk of your overall health. Once you manage to killhim, Punisher will get some information from him and kill him off...


    NOTE: If at any time you used up all your bombs on a previous Round, yourBomb Counter will be stocked up to 3 once you begin the next round.

    The Pool
    Objects: Benches, Flower Bucket
    Items: Grenade, and Various Jewelry

    Once you come out of the pool, hit all the benches to reveal various items.There will be some enemies that will want you dead, so kill them off and goall the way down to the right until you can't go anymore. Ninja women willappear. Watch out, as these ninjas have Bisen Osafunes and can do a lot ofdamaging moves. If they weren't enough, Yan Lee is there to back them up.There is a grenade in the flower bucket in the northeast. If you have touse a bomb, it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and use one. Once all of them aredead, you will jump through the window and head to the next part..

    Main Hall
    Objects: Flower Bucket, Picture Frame, Doors(3)
    Items: Grenade
    People: Girls(2)

    The moment you reach the ground, you will be presented with a couple of gunguys and more as soon as you kill one of them. Kill all of them with your gun,grab any items, and head up to the screen. Hit Door 1 to reveal a girl whowill hug you and give a 20% boost to your health. Do not move or else she'llmiss you. Hit Door 2 to reveal a rat, and hit Door 3 to reveal another girlwhich will hug and give you some health. Hit the Picture Frame to reveal agrenade and pick it up. Ok, I may not know how to describe them, but Tuxedoguys will come out and give you a nice welcome. A she-male will also be herewith a Flamer. Hit that person to force the Flamer to be dropped, and use theFlamer against them. A Hammer Guy will show sooner or later, so kill him offto make him drop his hammer. Once you beat them all down, it's time for theRound 2 Boss..

    Objects: Bed, Picture Frame
    Items: Various + Food

    So Bruno gets what he deserves, and it's time for a big machine..

    Yep, its name is Guardroid(or however you spell it..), and it is one bigmachine for all I can say. Anyway, hit the bed to reveal some items andfood. If you need to replenish your health, grab the food. Then start usingthe weapons you get against it. The perfect strategy to beat this guy is tohit him some and then walk away before it has a chance to hit you! If youdon't care about score and just want to take this machine down, it wouldn'thurt to use all of your bombs against it.. This boss is fairly easy and hasno backup to help it out.


    Objects: Cars, Barrels
    Items: Various and Food

    The streets is one long place, so go and destroy the car to prevent anyonefrom coming out, and then go all the way until you can't go anymore. A Gusand Red will be waiting here, as well as a Yan Lee and other enemies. Sobe careful. Use a bomb to clear the enmies out if they are trying to gangup on you. The bomb will take a huge amount of their lifebar and give youa nice head start. Once everyone is dead, go all the way to the right againuntil you can't go anymore. Destroy the car as usual to prevent the machinegun guys from coming out. Gaullee with the M-16 is waiting for you here, sogun him down and all the other Tuxedo guys. Grab the M-16 that Gaullee justdropped and head on to the right until you can't go anymore. Two punks andtwo Leons will be coming out. Shoot them all with the M-16 to take out mostof the enemies and kill the rest that survives. Hit all the barrels toreveal various items for you to collect. And then head right.. This is thelast part of the streets. Some female ninjas and Pretty robots will becoming for you. Luckily, you might have saved some weapons from the lastpart, so use it against them. The female ninjas are FAST, so watch theirevery move and you should be fine. If you manage to destroy ALL of thePretty robots, they'll give you some refreshments to recover your health.Once everyone is dead, you head inside the hangar...

    Hangar - 2nd Floor
    Objects: Tires
    Items: Food

    Once you get in, head up the screen and a Bat guy and Leon will be waiting.Kill them both off and keep going, but WATCH OUT! Saxon will come flying atyou with the Flying Kick, so stay down touching the rails to avoid that. Agood strategy would be to use the bat against him and save the knife forthe next part. Once Saxon is gone, head left.. and keep going until youcome across a Red Lamp and two punks. First, head down to get some foodbehind the tires, and then go kill the three baddies. Once all three ofthem are dead, it's time to face a boss...

    Objects: None
    Items: Various, including a grenade

    Bonebreaker is a tough boss, I'd tell you. He's half human/half tank,which I like to call it a Tanktaur(or something like that). Anyway,the good news is that most of the time you are able to use your gunagainst him. The bad news is that he takes very puny damage for eachshot, but rapid fire will take care of that. The key thing to beatthis tanktaur is to hit it in the back where he is most vulnerable.Once you get use to it, you can fight him with ease. For example, ifyou DO get a Bisen Osafune, use that and hit him in the back repeatedlyand it should take off a HUGE chunk of his life bar as long as youhit every point of him. Killing him rewards you with a nice bonus andallows you to move on to the next round..


    In a one-player game, you will have 20 barrels to shoot before the bonusround ends. Each barrel will give you 2000pts as you shoot them. Shootthem all successfully will reward you with a 200,000pt bonus, plus anadditional 2,000pt per barrel. Fail to shoot them all will only give youthe 2,000pt/barrel bonus.

    In a two-player game, both of you will have 30 barrels to shoot beforethe bonus round ends. Each barrel shot will give that player 2,000pts.

    Here is the score system for the two-player game:

    W: Wins(More barrels shot than the other player)
    L: Lose(Less barrels shot than the other player)

    If all barrels are shot:

    P-1/P-2(Barrels Shot) Points
    --------------------- ------
    15/15 100,000pts/player + Bonus/P-1+2
    W/L 200,000pts/P-1 + Bonus/P-1+2
    L/W 200,000pts/P-2 + Bonus/P-1+2

    I believe if both players do NOT shoot all the barrels down, they willonly get the 2,000pt/barrel Bonus only.


    ***************Starting PointObjects: CratesItems: Various***************As soon as you start the round, move forward, hitting the crates as yougo. Several Jacks will appear and try to shoot you. You can use your gunhere, so blast them away and grab every item that the crates produce.Now it's time to go on the train and beat down some more enemies!On the Train
    Objects: Various
    Items: Various/Random

    The second you get on the train, a few punks and a Leon will come outof a door. Kill them and move forward to where the generators and fansare. Smash all of them and more enemies will jump down including ninjawomen and Red Lamp. Stay on a corner and don't move elsewhere and keepattacking. Grab every item you find and use their weapons against themto knock them out. Once all of them are dead, which should be aroundtwo sets, you are ready to go to the roof of the train.

    Roof of Train
    Objects: Various
    Items: Various/Random

    The second you get on the roof, a couple of punks will come out andtry to beat you up. Kill them and smash the metal compartment toreveal a weapon. Keep going right and more punks will come out. Killmost of them will trigger two Bakosus. Watch out, as these guys aredifferent from Leon. These knife-weilding punks can roll up to youand slash you. Once all of them are dead, keep going right and a RedLamp will come out with a Bizen Osafune from the left. BatBoy andLeon will come from the right. Stay on one side, just to be safe andmake sure you get Red Lamp to drop his weapon. Keep going right afteryou knock them out and don't stop until you reach the other end ofthe roof. Yan Lee and Saxon, plus some punks will come out and try togang up on you. Stay on one side as usual, namely the right side. Thesecond they are all knocked out, you will jump down to the next part.Over here, there is a Gus on the left, and Leons coming from a dooron the right. Stay on one side. One of the barrels here will give youa Giant Meat. SAVE IT if you have near to full health and take it ifyou have near to low health. Once those guys are knocked out, it'stime to face Bushwhacker.

    Objects: Windows/Random
    Items: Random

    Bushwhacker is a tough muthamissileman. He is armed with a MissileLauncher and a tough fist. Also, he is protected by backup whichconsists of weapon guys and ninjas. If you don't care about yourscore and just want to take out this guy, use ALL of your bombs.Other than that, use the weapons you see against him. One hit froma weapon may look as if you're doing puny damage to him, but hittinghim with everything makes a difference. Keep repeating this patternuntil he is finally dead. You will be awarded 480,000pts for bustingthis guy to hell!


    Computer Room
    Objects: None
    Items: None

    From here you will only have a few Jacks to take care of, and all ofthem go down in one shot, so it should be pretty easy work.

    Objects: Barrels, Tires
    Items: Various weapons

    The minute you come out of the drain pipe, keep going right until youcan't go anymore. Lots of enemies including a Saxon will come out andtry to ambush you. Keep them on one side or go to the top right andface right. Keep pressing the attack button as much as possible. Saxonwont be able to hit you no matter how hard he tries. Once all of themare dead, head to the right while staying on the top side and soon aYan Lee will come flying out of nowhere from the right. Also, the doorwill open and some punks and a WOW-CAT will be here with his trustyFlamethrower. Be careful, as there are a LOT of enemies in this area.Don't hesistate to use a bomb to give you a nice head start, so youcan pick them off one by one later. There are enough weapons in thecrates and barrels to let you use it against them.

    Bottom Level
    Objects: Barrels, Computer System
    Items: Various pick-ups

    The second you jump down, Gus and Red will come from the right andtry to body smash you. You'll know when they'll do it, as they saysomething like "Go up!" before executing the move. If you can manageto get them to the left wall and keep them there, you can trap theboth of them. They have no means of escaping no matter how hard theytry. Once both are wiped out, hit the barrels to collect some itemsand head to the right until you can't go anymore. Pretty robots willdrop down and start to gang up on you. Use a bomb if you have to, asthese are machines overall. If you manage to blow them off completelythey will drop various health regeneration items. Make sure you hitall the barrels and collect various items and use the rest againstthe metal muthas into junk.

    Objects: Rolling Barrels, Barrels
    Items: Various pick-ups

    Once you come out and into the forest, keep going right until youcan't go anymore. Punks, BatBoys and a Leon will come out. Keepthem on one side of the screen and pick them off one by one. Onceall of them are dead, WATCH OUT!! Barrels from the east will startrolling towards you. Hit them to collect various items and healthrefreshments. Now head right and keep going until you can't goanymore. A couple karate men, Leons, and some punks will come outfrom all sides. Yan Lee will be showing off with his num-chucks, sokill him if you despise that. It's always good to use the lowerlevel enemies to throw them at higher level ones. The karate menusually loves to do safe fall sometimes. Once all of them are dead,keep going right.. and barrels will start to come out from theright again, so hit them to collect various items. Now keep goingright and Jacks and Jaggers will come out with their handy pistolsand make a fool out of themselves. Shoot them to death, includingthe Automatic Rifle guy that shows along with them. Now keep goingright, and barrels will come from BOTH ends, so either do a escapemove or be FAST at hitting all of them to collect more variousitems. Keep going... and then 3 female ninjas will spawn, alongwith 3 barrels on the right side. Once of them contains a GiantMeat. DO NOT HIT IT IF YOU HAVE FULL HEALTH!! In fact, grab thebarrel once you defeat the three girls, so you can have some healthregeneration when you face against Guardroid!

    Guardroid II
    Objects: Glass Windows
    Items: Pick-ups

    Lovely, a pink/reddish version of the big robot we saw since Round 2.Ooo, now two henchmen will be backing it up. Shoot it with your gunas much as you can. Avoid Guardroids attacks as well as the henchmen.If you kill the henchmen, you're going to have to fight the robotwith your bare fists. If you manage to save some bombs, use it allagainst it. Once you knock out enough energy from it, a Pretty Boywill show up. Yay, you can use your gun again!! Keep shooting it, aswell as avoiding its attacks plus the Pretty Boy's. If you are inserious need of health, bust down the Pretty Boy so it can give youat least something to recover. Guardroid II is not that hard, aslong as you manage to avoid its attacks easily. It is basically afaster and more powerful version of its first counterpart.


    Starting Point
    Objects: Walls
    Items: None

    The minute you bust through the window, keep going right and a coupleof pistol guys will show up. Kill them, and henchmen will start showingup from the left. Kill them ALL and take the Uzi from the Luis Allegrethat dropped it. Now keep going right, kicking down every wall. Butdon't go too far yet, as some pistol guys and Buddies will show upgiving you various items such as pistols and grenades. Now you can goright and keep going to the main hallway.

    Main Hallway
    Objects: Knight Armor, Columns, and Crates
    Items: Various pick-ups

    You can bust down the columns on the south for some easy score, butkeep heading right and go until you can't go anymore. Punks willstart to show on the way, as well as some MORE coming out from thedoors! The more you kill, the more they come back. When you reachthe part where Yan Lee comes flying out from the left, you'rehalfway there. A WOW-CAT will eventually appear and try to burnyou down. Using a bomb here wouldn't hurt. Remember to bust downthe columns in the south as some of them will produce valuableitems. Now keep heading right until you can't go anymore, hittingany barrels or knight statues along the way. Female Ninjas as wellas TrenchCoat guys and Pretty robots will appear. A bomb wouldn'thurt here. There is some food up there(just hit the plant) if youare in some serious trouble. The good part is that you can useyour guns here to take out the trenchcoat guys quick. The bad newsis that the female ninjas might teleport near you(especially Misa)and try to piledrive you. Just be careful this part. Save someenergy, as the next part will be the toughest of all.

    Once all of them are dead, head right and meet the last part ofthe main hallway. Scully will be waiting for you here. The lastcolumn in the south will produce a grenade. Pick it up. Smashingthe object in the north will give refreshments. Now, in this part,you will face ALOT of enemies. There are two primary threats, oneof them being Scully and the other being the squad of Bakosus. Itwouldn't hurt to use a grenade against these enemies, as thatwill give you a nice head start. Create some angles and make sureto watch out for the close-up kick of Scully's, as that will take70% of a full lifebar away!

    Objects: Glass
    Items: Dynamite

    The elevator will start going up. You can hit the glass on the rightfor some extra score, but focus on the enemies that drop down more.Dynamites will eventually drop down and you can use those to blow upthe enemies for some decent damage. Don't hold them for too long orelse you'll blow yourself up. Keep repeating this process and youshould do fine.

    Boiling Room
    Objects: Heater
    Items: Flamer

    Ok, the elevator part was easy. Now head left, and a small squad ofpunks will come out trying to do combos. They are easy work, but thenyou'll have to watch out for the WOW-CAT that appears from the rightwith his trusty Flame Thrower.

    Pipe Room
    Objects: Pipes, Crates
    Items: Various pick-ups

    You can smash the pipes on the south for some easy points. Keep headingleft and bust down the barrels for some refreshments and weapons. Karatemen will come down as well as Pretty robots. Hit-and-run squads willalso appear on the right, as well as a WOW-CAT with his flamer. Itwouldn't hurt to use a bomb here. But keep shooting while avoiding asmany attacks as possible. Once you manage to kill ALL of them, you canrefresh some of your health from the food that the Pretty robots droppedfor you. Now keep heading left until you run across some Bakosus. ThreeBakosus can be a real threat if you don't know what you're doing. Notonly that, but some automatic rifle guys will also come out. The goodnews is that you can use your gun against them, and the bad news is thatthey might crowd up on you. A Red Lamp might show up here as well. Onceyou kill all of them, keep heading left, and bust down the crates forsome health regeneration. This is the last part of this area, and somefemale ninjas as well as a Red will show up here. Stay on one side,preferably the right side, as some Buddy guys will show up eventuallygiving you some grenades you can use for Kingpin. Or you can use a bombon this group of enemies for a easy head start. Once you manage to killall of them, it's time to face head-to-head with Kingpin!

    Objects: Benches
    Items: Pick-ups

    Look at this fat white tuxedo giant! God, why does he take up HALF thescreen!? Anyway, hit the benches to get some weapons you can use againsthim. He looks strong, but he is nonetheless weak. His primary weaknessis that he is slow and is vulnerable when he is knocked down. If youreally want a head start against him, use ALL of your bombs on him,which can take a pretty huge amount. Remember that the guy has two FULLenergy bars, but he's weak. Create some angles and use his henchmenagainst him. Sometimes henchmen with guns will start to show up. Youcan keep the gun-henchmen on one side and Kingpin on the other. Youstay in the middle and shoot the side that Kingpin is on. Also, itwouldn't hurt to throw some of the henchmen at Kingpin. It doesn'tmatter if it does puny damage, as every little piece counts and can drainhis energy pretty fast. You wouldn't even know it! Once you manage todefeat Kingpin, you have beaten the game! CONGRATULATIONS!

    A game walkthrough is a guide aimed towards improving a players skill within a particular game and often designed to assist players in completing either an entire game or specific elements. Walkthroughs may alternatively be set up as a playthrough, where players record themselves playing through a game and upload or live-stream it to the internet. Walkthroughs may be considered guides on helping to enhance the experience of players, to assist towards unlocking game achievements or simply as a means to socialise with like-minded individuals as a distraction from everyday life. Walkthroughs originated as text-based descriptive instructions in magazines for playing through a video game.

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