• Toki

    Toki Arcade, known in Japan as JuJu Densetsu is a 1989 shoot ’em up platformer arcade game, or a “run and gun” developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and published in North America by Fabtek. It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features elements of tongue in cheek humor combined with the action in Toki. The player takes control of an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game is a typical platformer in which the player must traverse several levels with a miniboss at the end. Read More


  • How to Play Toki

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load

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  • Toki Wiki

    Toki is a 1989 shoot 'em up platformer arcade game, or a "run and gun" developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and published in North America by Fabtek. It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features elements of tongue-in-cheek humor combined with the action. The player takes control of an enchanted ape who must battle hordes of jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth. The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spell on the title protagonist; thereby transforming him from an ape back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The game was ported to several video game consoles and home computers.


    The game is a typical platformer in which the player must traverse several levels with a miniboss at the end. Despite his apparent handicap, his slowness as an ape, and the fact that almost any attack can kill him, Toki is able to spit powerful shots that will help him in defeating enemies and obstacles that try to slow him down in his mission. There is a timer for each stage.

    Toki can make use of items such as power-ups for his spit; lucky rabbit feet which can give Toki bursts of superhuman agility and jumping skill; clocks which add extra time to the countdown; fruit which can add to Toki's bonus points; keys which unlock bonus areas; a special helmet that protects him from upwards attacks (the helmet rather comically resembles an American football helmet); extra lives; and magic coins (food in the Genesis version) which when collected in abundance can obtain Toki an extra life.


    The protagonist of the game is a muscular, loincloth-wearing, Tarzanesque tribesman named Toki (known in Japan and in some ports as JuJu), who up until recently lived a primitive yet contented life in the jungles of a vast and wild island in the South Seas.

    This all ends tragically when the beautiful Miho, princess of Toki's tribe of jungle men, and a potential suitor to Toki, is kidnapped by the treacherous witch doctor Vookimedlo. Miho is taken to a vast golden palace at the summit of the island, which Vookimedlo has conjured up for himself to reside in. The wicked shaman then casts a spell to transform all the human inhabitants of the island into various animals and beasts, before they can defend themselves against the evil magic.

    Toki himself is transformed into a Geeshergam, one of the ape-like minions of Vookimedlo, although in his primate form, Toki more resembles a gorilla. Fortunately, the great warrior discovers that he is still in control of his own faculties and as an unexpected side effect of the spell cast on him, he can breathe fire and shoot forth various projectiles from his mouth.

    Toki then sets off on a quest to pursue and defeat Vookimeldo, rescue princess Miho, and undo the curse which has befallen the island. However, to reach Vookimedlo's golden palace, Toki will have to travel through murky lakes, steep canyons, over frozen ice-capped mountain ranges and lava-spewing volcanoes alike. To progress in his quest and be ultimately victorious, Toki will have to battle all manner of dangerous wild animals and various mutants of Vookimedlo's creation; not to mention Vookimedlo's own abominable guardians who act as level bosses.

    In some ports of the game, Toki was named "JuJu", Miho was named "Wanda" and Vookimedlo was named "Dr. Stark". Also, in some ports it was not Vookimedlo who kidnaps princess Miho, but his chief henchman, the half-invisible giant known as Bashtar. In some ports Bashtar was the final boss of the game, and not Vookimedlo.

    Ports and related releases

    Due to its popularity, within the next two years the game was ported to a larger number of home video game consoles and home computers of the time. Ocean Software published versions for the Amiga and Atari ST versions, They also advertised versions for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC and the Spectrum version was previewed in issue 90 of Crash Magazine, but neither port materialized. Taito published ports for the Atari Lynx and the Nintendo Entertainment System. The latter version of the game was slightly altered and featured a health bar so that Toki didn't die after one hit. Sega would later reprogram and retool the game into an exclusive version for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis known as Toki: Going Ape Spit. This version lacks the non-spit power-ups, but it features additional levels and more detailed graphics compared to the NES version.

    An arcade-style platform game with similarly-looking simian characters was in development by Ocean Software for the Atari Jaguar under the working title Apeshit but was later renamed to Toki Goes Apespit at one point during development due to Ocean still retaining the license to Toki, with plans to be published in Winter 1994 but it was never released, likely due to the failure of the Jaguar both commercially and critically.

    A new, independent enhanced remake was announced in October 2009. It was being developed by Golgoth Studio and was originally targeted for release on PC via Steam and on home consoles through XBLA, PlayStation Network, and WiiWare. It missed its original 2011 release, and while it wasn't officially cancelled, it was considered vaporware for years, even after being approved on the (now-retired) Steam Greenlight service at the end of 2013. However, on April 5, 2018, Microids announced that the remake will finally be released by the end of the year (on December 4), exclusively on Nintendo Switch. It was eventually released on that date.
    The original game was also ported by Magic Team for iOS on September 7, 2009 in the United States.

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  • Toki Walkthrough

    Tips nad Tricks

    -I haven't adopted the terminology of the official bestiary.I think this would be messy and would confuse the reader. For example, I use the term "Monkey Head" to name a Galartor (official name) since it is much more selfexplanatory. The official bestiary is presented when you beat the game. I also use the term "bounce" which means jumping over enemies.

    -This is a hard game. It requires to play many times before you beat it. Is the kind of game where knowledge and experience is more important than reflexesor instinct. That's why I wrote this Faq. There are many ways of solving the game, but I tried to find the easiest and safest solution for each section of the game and I think this minimizes a lot the risk of dying.

    -Each level is described in sections. The'se sections are made in such as way that when you die in one of them, you will appear in the beginning of it. I named the sections in a way that the reader would recognize.

    -The most powerful and valuable item in the game is the Helmet. Although it could be designed for protection aspects, it is more an offensive item than a defensive one (very useful to eat spikes!). you can touch almost every normal enemy in the game (not bosses) and they will be killed immediately!! Regardless of the hit points they need!! However be careful...only the upper and front part of Tokis head are protected. This is extremely useful in certain parts of the game, specially when dealing with demons or monkey heads or sharks. It is so important that parts of the game are very easy with it andvirtually impossible without it, so you shouldn't miss your chance with your Helmet on, cos in your next life, you probably wont be able to get it!. When you get a Helmet, it is a very good idea to advance fast and kill as many enemies as you can. And remember... never get Shoes with a Helmet on, since Toki can only wear one of the two at a time, and the Helmet would turn into a pair of Shoes. The opposite is desirable (get Helmet with Shoes)

    -There are several types of shots, power-ups that Toki can take. The Flame is very good but for short distance only. The Bigball is an enhanced version of the standard shot and it is a very good power-up.The Scramble is a two standard shot combination, its ok. However, the best shot it's the Triple, since u cover a huge angle and you shot 3 shots instead of one. The Fireball seems quite powerful but its not so much since you wont use the blue fireball (fully charged) often.

    -This Faq is meant for a normal difficulty game. There are 4 levels. Easy, normal, hard and hardest.The difference between them is that enemies need moreshots to be killed (therefore, the Helmet becomes even more valuable). This completely changes the strategy to follow in a few sections. To know if you are in normal or easy level, shot at the first rabbit at the beginning of the game. If you kill it with one shot, then you are in easy/normal. If you need 2, you are in hard/hardest. There are comments in some sections with a D*. Those are tips to be used in harder levels of play.

    -The difficulty doesn't increase with the levels. The order would be: 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6 or 1, 4, 2, 3, 6, 5. Very weird that the Ice palace is placed the fourth level, even more if we consider the glitch of its final boss.

    -U get an extralife in three ways: reaching 70000 points (and only 70000, not 14000), taking 50 coins and getting an extralife item. If you die in a sectionwith an extralife item, in your next life, the extralife will be substitutedby a coin. If you lose all your lives and continue, the points will be reset to 0, but your coin counter will prevail. Can you beat the game with 7 lives?


    Shoot the first green-rabbit and walk forward. you will see another green-rabbit, duck and shoot him. Go on. Coin-holders will appear, shoot diagonally and vertically to kill most of them. By that time,a monkey should have jumped at you. Kill him when the coin-holders disappear on the left. Then, they will appear again (if you didn't kill them all) from the right.Finish them. Pick up the BigBall shot. Go on. A zombie-monkey will sprout from the ground. Kill him.

    -There's a Helmet down there

    Advance a little. A bird will pass over your head. Shoot up and pick the crambleshot. Duck and kill the green-rabbit. Move to the lowest platform. Kill the monkey shooting diagonally. Then jump and destroy the cone. Wait till the spikes go behind you and eat the apple. Walk over the elevator and duck. Get the Helmet and immediately jump till you go away the elevator. Move till the end of the platform on the right and kill the fly and the bird. Then bounce on the zombie-monkey and land to his right. Immediately, duck to the left and shoot so you kill the moray and the zombie. Use the balance beam.On your way up, a dragon will go out his egg. Bounce on the broken egg, and then on the dragon twice to kill him. This could seem difficult at the beginning but its not that hard.

    -The gate of Moornar

    Shoot upwards to kill the crab and the fists of the machine. you can do this faster by shooting them from the liana. Climb it and go to the right. Shoot upwards till you kill all the steamers. Climb up along the liana of the right till the end. Kill both monkeys from there and you defeat the machine. Pick up the Flame. Kill the crabs that are moving on the liana. you can do this from the liana as well when the crabs move down (In a liana, with theFlame, it is possible to shoot in ALL directions). Kill the bird. Then climb down till you see a moray waiting for you. Jump a bit on the left, turn right, land, duck and kill it. Turn right and kill the monkey.

    -The cone, the ghost and the spider

    Take just one step down the ramp. Duck and fire a little to just kill the cone.Then immediately go right and crawl so you avoid the spike. This technique isoften used. Now go down the ramp till you see a ghost appear. Stay there and shoot upwards till you kill him. Now avoid the red projectile of the spider! Kill her from a distance to avoid the its explosion projectiles. Continue. youwill see a Triple up there. A zombie will appear so you jump on it and get theTriple. Finish the zombie.

    -Going up... nice pair of Shoes!

    Walk till the edge of the trap. Kill the monkey. Now jump over the cliff but don't stay in that instable platform! Walk left till you are in safe ground and kill the zombie. Jump to the left platform and kill the spider from there. Go up the staircase and kill the fly from the previous last step. Be careful with the spider ball! Kill her from the last step and avoid the possible red balls when she dies. Reach the left platform with the help of the moving rock and kill the fly. Get the Shoes and climb up. Once up there, a ghost will appear. Mash the shoot button so you don't let him shoot. Move then a bit to the left and kill another ghost.Use the balance beam to get the left platform.Shoot the cone and jump the following spike. Jump and get the Helmet (only reachable with Shoes).

    -The boss

    Jump to the right and kill the coin-holders. Walk on and a kill the bird and the zombie. Continue. Jump over the fountain to the right and face the Boss.This boss is easy, should be no problem at all. She will throw monkeys at you when she is in the corner,so stay half screen distance from her and keep shooting to kill the monkeys. She may jump at u, time her jumps so you walk under her. She may run at you so you keep shooting. She may make a big jump from one corner to another, just move so you keep the mentioned distance. This boss should take 10-15 secs.


    Theres a monkey with a cannon up there. See his pattern,and when he is firinglong distance, jump straight up and give him some shots to kill him. Take ridof those flies. Take the Bigball and climb the right liana. A bird will appearon the left, kill him from the rope. Keep climbing and jump on the platform inthe middle. Shoot upwards to that circle of bats. Try to kill the middle oneand then the rest will die. Jump to the left, get the Flame and go up the rope. Kill those flies. Now jump over those rocks to the right. Now walk (not jump)when you are at the end of the last rock so you land on the ground. A bird will appear, kill him when he's over you and get the Helmet he will give you. Ademon will have approached u, fire him and he will get away. you can kill himinstantly with the Helmet, its easy but make sure you hit him with the frontpart of your Helmet.Kill the Flying coins.


    As you go up the ramp, take rid of the monkey. Now it is time to swim. Be verycareful when swimming, take your time, kill monsters and go little by little. Sharks are very dangerous if you don't kill him soon. Ok, lets go. Drop urselfinto the water, go down a little but don't get the Triple yet. Mash the buttonso you kill the small piranhas, the big one and the shark. Get the Triple. Swim forward always shooting, since shooting doesn't freeze you. Kill the chameleon and the shark, also the big piranhas that are slow but chase you. Now you will see a passage underwater.

    -After the submarine passage

    Stay there firing so you kill the circle of tortoises and the chameleon. Go through the passage and go to the surface. Kill everything you see on your wayup. Now you will see a fly on the surface, guarding a Triple. Stay 5 secs hereand make sure there are no monsters around in the water.(Take special care to big tortoises which can move upwards very nastily) Then you have to see the pattern of the fly, go out the water (Toki will do a small jump), bounce on the fly and get the Triple. Swim along the surface, kill the enemies (keep an eye on tortoises below u). you will see a bird flying over the sea, you can kill him and get a Helmet,which can save you occasionally. If you swim a bit more to the right, you will see a column and bit further, the midboss Neptuna.


    Pass the column, and fire to Neptuna. you will not harm him cos of his shield,but you will kill a nasty big tortoise and small tortoises that cover him. Once the big tortoise is killed, go down as you keep firing, so you kill the piranhas Neptuna shoots at you. His weak point is his lower part which is not protected. Fire him from almost the bottom of the sea as you kill piranhas that could hit you and you will soon kill him. It is very easy with your Triple, so you should do it at the first time. When you kill him, you should receive an extra life cos you should have reached 70000 points by now. Go through the passage getting objects, killing fishes.

    -The Boss

    Go to the surface. Kill the fly. Use the moving platform to get to the right. Be careful cos a ghost is going to appear as soon as you go down the highest platform. Kill him before he shoots and face the second Boss. This isn't hard either, but could be complicated if you don't do things right. Shoot him diagonally till he throws his eyes. Shoot at them as he throws them and then go back, shoot at the eyes to kill them. Do this as fast as you can, doesn't matter if you don't hit the monster itself. Otherwise you will have many eyes on the screen! He will teleport after throwing his eyes. When he appears again then it's the time you have to shoot at him if you don't have more eyes to kill. Just don't rush, you have plenty of time. you can bounce on the eyes but this is not recommended at all since the monster can teleport and kill you.


    Time your jump so you land on the moving rock. Reach the platform. Zombie sprouts; kill him and get the Fireball. Reach the ground on the right. Two geysers are awaiting. you can walk over them when they don't spit fire but jumping is safer. In this case, jump over the first geyser AND turn around in the middle of the jump so you land in the same place. If done correctly, a ghost will appear. Kill him. One fully charged shot is enough. Now jump over the first geyser. Another ghost. Kill it, no problem. Jump over the second geyser and go down the elevator.

    -The first firebird

    A firebird will appear in the middle of the screen. you have your Fireball. Letthe bird appear and then aim accurately and land the blue fireball on him. If you succeed, 4 or 5 normal shots more will be enough. However, this way is easier: go immediately to the left and get the Helmet. The bird will come downyou. Just jump and he will be killed! Easy!!. If you don't kill him that fast,beware of the triple shot he throws at u, avoid them jumping, don't try to be in the middle of the shots. you can bounce on the firebird as well, and this is a recommended thing if he goes v low. Take the Helmet, the key and go down.

    -Down the cave (D* Ignore the Bigball completely, cones need only 1 standard shot)

    Ignore for the moment the BigBall on the right and land on the left. A demon will fly along the ramp towards you. Kill him with your Helmet, or with a blue fireball. Go to the ramp, shoot at the cones and let the spikes die on your Helmet. If you haven't, just jump them. Now take the elevator again, kill the fly, evade the first geyser and get the Bigball. Go down the ramp and take the elevator down. With patience, one at time, handle the three cones.

    -Some monsters on the way to the left

    The wild boar is very simple to kill. A ghost will appear. Kill him, the zombie and the spider from a distance, as always. you will reach a ramp going upwards, shoot diagonally to kill the bird and the monkey. Go up. Go down, killthe fly by jumping on it, or from the vine. Take the clock. Now you will see aspider firing at the platform on the left where you want to land. Do so when you feel safe and fire at the spider as you evade his balls. Time your jump on the rock and cross the pit. Go down the liana and from there kill the circle of birds(remember, aim to the middle one). Cross the pit while you take the Scramble.

    -The second fire-bird

    Go down the elevator. Now you face the second fire-bird. This time is harder cos you don't have the Fireball nor a Helmet. Go to the right so you can shoot at him diagonally as he flies to the left. Then he goes down, up again and shoot a triple. Avoid it by jumping to the right. Shoot at the bird upwards, but move to the left soon, cos he's going down. If he goes down enough you can bounce on it (recommended). If not, keep firing and evade his projectiles. This firebird could be difficult. Take the key, go up the formed staircase.Another tricky problem. That spider is not letting Toki go down. Just time yourfall so she wont throw any ball on your way down. Kill her while you jump her shots and be very careful when she explodes.

    -A very risky EXTRA LIFE!

    Go down the ramp and take the moving rock to the right. Kill the first fly. Now we should try to get that extralife up there because even if its risky, once we get the life, we don't lose anything if we die. I thought this life was very difficult to get but its not so much if you do it the right way: Land on the moving platform and shoot forward to kill the first fly. Then keep firing FORWARD to kill the top right fly (even if you don't see it yet) Then bounce on the midfly, then on the top one, get the life and land without shooting in the platform again. NOte that the last fly should be dead by your previous shots) Anyway, If we didn't succeed or we don't want to get the extra life do this: stay on the left edge of the platform. Kill the lowest flies and when you are just about to reach the end of the pit, shoot diagonally to the right. The'se shots must kill a bird. Then jump to safe ground shooting at the incoming monkey. This part is quite tricky and instead of winning a life, it ispossible to end up with at least one life less.

    -Many dragon eggs

    Shoot at the cones on the ramp going upwards. you don't even have to dodge anything. Jump and shot at the cone on the opposite ramp. Take rid of the last one shooting and retreating. Now there is a swinging vine. See how it moves and time your jump very well and Toki will grab it. Jump to the other side picking up the Bigball. Move fwd a little till the coin-holders appear then STOP or the egg will open. Kill the coin-holders from there, doesn't matter if you don't get all the coins. There is a dragon hiding in that egg. Move fwd a little till the egg opens. Jump over the egg and mash the button cos in that jump you have to kill the dragon, don't let him shoot. Jump to the platform where the dragon was and move so another dragon below will break his egg. The dragon will move to the left a little and will fire fireballs. Jump on it now, and bounce over him till you kill him. (DON'T jump on a non firing dragon cos he will evade u). Move a little forward till the third egg breaks. Then, immediately, jump to the left, to the platform where the first egg was. From there, you can kill the third dragon easily.

    -Two swinging lianas

    Bounce on that monkey jumping on the platform below. Time your jump very wellon the swing. you will have to take another swing to cross the pit. Stay on the first swing and decide when it is the best moment to land on the instable platform and then jump to the second swing. you can do it. Jump to safe ground and kill the monkey and the bird. Move to the top platform. A bird will fly over you. Kill him when he's over you and get the Fireball. Now you should bounce on that dragon when he is firing to kill him.

    -The boss

    Jump that column, kill the fly and the two cones. Now Toki has a serious encounter here with the third boss. It is easy to be killed here if he behaves in a nasty way. you should stay at the very left on the screen. Keep jumping and firing while he is hopping. When he stays still, shoot him grounded till he "BURPs" at you. When so, shoot upwards to kill the letters. When he gets very close to u, he will try to hit you with his fist or leg. When so, duck till he lets you up. The deadly part of this boss is when he BURPs at close range. Cos then he will jump towards you firing a letter. you will have to take rid of the BURP, the incoming letter by jumping and shooting and then duck for the fist or leg. (Ducking is really not necessary provided that you stay at the very left of the screen)


    Kill the green-rabbit. Move forward till a bird comes. Let him be over you and kill him to get the Flame. Jump on the ice platforms fast cos they will break, although they will re-construct. you could get the Bigball if you want (it is not hard) and go thru the pit. Keep firing on your jumps to kill the monkeys and the green-rabbit. Kill the next monkeys with your flame. Go up the staircase to the right and then to the left. Kill the circle of birds. Use the ice blocks to get to the next platform. Kill the green-rabbits before landing and take the elevator.

    -A vital Helmet on your way to the east.

    Don't rush to get the Flame! First, let a ghost appear and kill him. Get the Flame and kill the rabbit. Jump to the platform over the moray. Kill the bird and the monkey. Now fall and turn left on your way down so you stomp the moray. Kill the coin-holders. Kill this new moray the same way as before and when you land, kill the two rabbits, the penguin and the bird that will come to you. The penguin will give you an EXTREMELY important Helmet! When you get it, you will have to move fast (u have plenty of time really, don't get too idle tho) cos we want it to last for a deadly enemy. Ok. Pick it up and keep going to the right. A demon will slow Toki down. Remember that you can kill him withyour Helmet by touching him with it. Take your time to kill him and go up to the elevator. On its way down, face left to kill the moray.

    -The nasty monkey head

    Now that monkey head is one of the nastiest enemies of the game. But Toki has a Helmet. Keep walking towards him. He shoots projectiles that hover on the floor, you can jump them or you can duck and block them with your Helmet. When you are close enough, let him go down on your Helmet and he will die. Phew! Was easy, uh? The problem is that without a Helmet, it is extremely difficult to kill him! If you are killed, shoot immediately when you reappear to the penguin and get the Bigball. Then go back to the right and fire at him. When he is about to die, he will jump at you shooting. Keep shooting at him to kill him and avoid his shots. you can bounce on him as well. If you go pass him he can't turn around and you can go on...but, really, kill him with the first time with your Helmet. Good luck.

    -To the left and down to the lake

    Kill the rabbit, the ghost and the penguin. Another ghost. Get the Bigball. Go up the ramp, kill three monkeys and go down. On your way down, go immediately to the right, bounce on the rabbit and get the Helmet. Take the key and lets take a bath again.

    -Swimming again

    Remember, extra careful when swimming. Kill three sharks and the small piranhas and face the squid. Shoot him from a good distance so you kill the small squids at the same time you hurt him. The Helmet is very useful here. When you kill him, go thru the passage and face another squid. It is possible to let it be but he is guarding a very important Bigball. DON'T stay on the left wall this time, but a bit more to the right. This is because the small squids can bounce on the ground and hit you from below. When you kill him, get the Bigball. (Note: if you are fast, you can kill both squids with the previous Bigball and the Helmet, and it is safe too. Remember, the Helmet is very powerful killing enemies). Kill the chameleon and go to the surface.

    -The Boss

    Kill the circle of birds, go down the ramp and face the easiest boss ever. Once he appears, go to the left, duck and shot at him LIKE CRAZY with your Bigball. Yes, that is all. If by any chance, you get killed, I recommend you to go back to get the Bigball of the squid and face the boss with it.


    (D* The chameleon requires retreating to the other side of the pit and repeat )

    Move fwd a little till the pelican gets close to you. Fire at him, he will freeze by your shots and when he dies, will give you a bonus that will fall down the screen if you don't get it on its way down. Jump over the pit. It's a long jump, so be careful and rectify if you think you didn't jump from almost the very edge of the pit. Now, go step by step, very slowly, till you start to see a cone. Fire it from there and avoid spike. Now move fwd and a chameleon will sprout. Go back (so his tongue wont reach u), turn around, duck and fire like crazy till he dies. He had time enough to throw a triple mortar, avoid it by staying in the middle of 2 projectiles. Keep walking carefully. Shoot at that fly. And that cone. Keep walking. Kill that new fly. Another cone. Walk a little bit more and kill the ghost that will appear up there. Last cone. Now cross the bridge.

    -Carnivorous plants

    One of most annoying creature of the game will sprout now. A pair of carnivorous plants. The trick is to go back and bounce on them after they jumpthe first time. Keep bouncing on them till they die. The problem is that sometimes, they don't jump together. In that case, keep going back and decide when to bounce on them. They are frustrating.Kill the wild boar and stay on the left of that cliff. A seed will fall on the other end and a plant will grow and shoot seeds at you. Mash the shot button like crazy to kill her fast.Jump the pit.

    -Keep going with that Helmet on!

    Kill the spider as soon as you see her. There is a priceless Helmet up there. Move forward and a chameleon will appear. Bounce on him fast, get the Helmet,and run over him with it crouching. He might had time to shoot , but just staythere and theHelmet will do his job. Now we got a Helmet, we have to hurry. Jump the pit, and kill the seed plant fast. you can run over it with your Helmet. Run over the chameleon with your Helmet. you will see now some cones to the right. Keep moving and a pair of carnivorous plants will sprout.U can kill them with your Helmet or by jumping at them. I would recommend the first option but maybe you don't have a Helmet by now. Jumping on them is dangerous cos a bird might come from the right and kill you while you bounce on the plants. Destroy the cones and go on. Another couple of carnivorous! Good luck with them, you know how to handle them. Cross the bridge.

    -Some swings

    Now swinging vines again. Time your jump and get the rope.Swing BUT don't jump to the other side at the first time. Some coin-holders will kill you if you do that. Jump at the second swing. Once in safe ground, kill the coin-holders without moving more to the right. It is possible that you receive an extra life by now, after collecting 50 coins. Move a little till a zombie comes from the dead. Kill him and FORGET that Flame up there.

    -A gift (an EXTRALIFE)

    Go on and kill the circle of birds. Now move forward and DON'T shoot. you will see two flies on the right of the balance beam. Kill the UPPER one and bounceon the lowest one when she's flying highto get the Shoes. Get the balance beam and jump to a higher platform on the right. Go down and kill the fly. you have Shoes, so no prob on getting those coins AND that extra life!! So easy! Don't forget to kill the guarding fly first.

    -The waterfall

    Jump to the platform from where you can jump to the vine and kill the crab. Jump on the vine. Go the lowest part of the vine. Jump so you just show your head over the platform on the right and then fall down again. If done correctly, a pair of carnivorous plants will appear. Now climb up the vine since the plants should have gone forever.Go to the right, and jump over those caterpillar guarded platforms. you can't destroy thembut you can bounce on them. you will reach a right platform. Go up the vine, jump and get the Triple.Get the Shoes taking care of the caterpillar. Now go to the platform on the left.Go to the very left of that platform and fire at the spider. The upper shot of your triple should hit her. Be careful with her projectiles, and when she dies, let you down to the lower platform where the caterpillar is moving. It seems risky but I honestly couldn't find a safer solution. Besides,the probability of being killed by the caterpillar is very little since you can bounce on it. Use the moving rock to keep on climbing, get the apple on the right and take the balance beam on the left. Kill the rabbit, dodge the caterpillar and enter the cave.

    -Three elevators

    Another swinging liana. Go thru the pit. Jump on that column and jump over that large pit looking at the timing of those elevators. Notice there are spikes down there. On the last platform, duck to get the Bigball (very important to face the monster) and jump to the ground on the right.

    -The boss

    It is a hard one, but if you are careful and fast it shouldn't be a problem. Let him appear and stay in a bit on the left of the middle of the screen. The right hand will go down and up zigzagging. Pass under it when it goes up. Now shoot at the heart like crazy for a pair of secs and go to mid screen to prepare to avoid the right hand again. Once you do so, shoot at the feet that walk towards you to push them back. Once they are retiring, don't shoot at them or they will go towards you again!! Repeat this process till you beat him.If the left hand protects the heart, shoot at the feet if they are coming to you. The most difficult part is handling with the right hand. you can't bounce on anything here. If you are killed, go back a little and take the Bigball of the elevator!!


    Start shooting IMMEDIATELY to the soldier to prevent him from firing at you. Look at the'se spiked rods. Walk under them but not let the spikes touch you (even on their way up). In the third one, a bird will come to you. Don't shoot at it, stay where you are and bounce on it. Kill the rabbit too. Keep dodging rods. On the last one, repeat the bird-rabbit process. Go on and kill the monkey.

    -Two devils

    Go to the right and you will see a platform but on its corner, there is a geyser. Don't jump on the platform yet, approach a little let the rod go down and on its way up, move a little bit more. Jump and fire to the two demons that come to you. They are tricky. Its easy if they stay together, if not, you should shoot one to make him back, then takecare of the other one, etc... shooting upwards and diagonally. Once they are dead, jump on the platform,be careful with the laser and dodge the rod. Go to that lower platform, duck and kill the soldier. Advance a little and you will see another soldier, go up that platform again and repeat the process.

    -The second monkey head!

    Now there is a mountain with 2 geyser in each side. Dodge the first ones by passing the 1st and crouching in the middle of 1st and 2nd. Go down the mountain but not completely. Stay on the ramp after the 4th geyser and shoot that nasty monkeyhead. If you are in the ramp, the hovering projectiles wont reach you but be careful with the shots he may shoot you from the very up of his vertical trajectory. Keep shooting him till he advances to you. Then comes the most tricky part. Just when he comes to u, you have to retreat to the top of the mountain but be careful with the geysers!! Once there, wait the head to come, bounce on it to kill it. Now go down the mountain again.


    U will see a soldier on a platform. Duck immediately and shoot. He will go down and be killed. Repeat this with the following 2 soldiers. Don't hurry and jump to kill them! Now it is time to skate. I will tell you how Toki moves whenhe's there: Once there, if you simply press jump, you will land on the skate again. If you jump+fwd, Toki will do a long jump and will go faster than the skate. Jump+back, makes Toki jump at less speed than the skate. Ok lets go. Jump on the skate. Stay there, you will take a Scramble. Soon the rail will endand you have to jump to land on another skate, you will have to move left in the middle of the jump to land correctly. JUST when you land on the 2nd skate, make a normal jump to get a very important Helmet! It is very difficult to get. Concentrate first on landing safely on the skate. Then the rail will end too and you have to jump and land in ""safe"" ground.

    -The Final Boss

    If you got a Helmet, you wont have problems with the soldier,cos you can block his beams with it. If not, then it is very easy to die, but at least you will have reached the last section of the game. If you are killed in this section (it is going to happen) startfiring IMMEDIATELY to the soldier to stun him. Kill the last soldier of the stairs. Now lets going skate again. After jumping, you will see an extra life up there. The only way to get it is jumping on the skate, then normal jump , eat the spikes with your Helmet(if you still have it)and take the life. It is easy but you need a Helmet. Anyway, after passing the spikes of the extra life, there are two spikes that you will have to jump. Then there are spikes, and a Helmet between them. you MUST get that Helmet, otherwise you will be killed. Jump the first spikes, get the Helmet and it will block the next pikes. Land on the skate again. Don't get the Shoes cos you will lose the Helmet. Don't get the Fireball but get the Flame at the end of the skate trip. The rail will end so make a long jump to land on the ground again. Keep firing as you kill all the monsters gathered there, the Helmet will block projectiles thrown at you. DON'T kill the bird flying over u,cos Toki will lose his protection while he is firing upwards. Walk on, kill the demon, the bird and take the clock.

    Now it is time for the Final Boss. Difficult...but not so much. Stay in the middle of the screen and wait till he transforms in that monster. From there, burn his robe. He will spit boomerangs in pairs that you have to jump. Land on the middle of the screen again and burn his robe till it goes out. This was the easy part. Now the monster has a face with a retractile neck, a pair of hands, and his body holding his heart, his only weak point. There is only one thing to be scared of: his head. He will do 3 of the'se things: he will throw his hands at you. So just jump over them and duck on their way back tododge them. That is easy. He may throw bombs at you that NEVER reach the veryleft of the screen, so get there and fire at his heart (this should be the onlytime you attack him). And finally, he can move his head to your currentposition and this, this is NASTY. He will always thrust his head to you after throwing bombs or moving his hands. The "easiest" way of killing him is to lure him to do the least dangerous things. If you are close to him, he will throw bombs.
    We want this to happen. When you see the bombs going from his back, go back immediately to the left of the screen and once there, fire at his heart. Keep jumping and you will see his head move. He is going to thrust it. The quid of this is to make the monster throw his head when you are in the top of ur jump, so he will move his head there. you will go down from your jump and you will be safe with his head over you. If he thrust his head when you are grounded then pray. If he sticks his head to the left bottom of the screen you are dead. you can jump it, yes, but you will land on it and you can't bounce on it. If he doesn't stick his head that long then you have survived. As soon as he is putting his head in his original position, go close to him to make him throw bombs. This is the process you have to follow. Be very patient and just focus on surviving and not on hurting him. It is difficult tho. Good luck!

    A game walkthrough is a guide aimed towards improving a players skill within a particular game and often designed to assist players in completing either an entire game or specific elements. Walkthroughs may alternatively be set up as a playthrough, where players record themselves playing through a game and upload or live-stream it to the internet. Walkthroughs may be considered guides on helping to enhance the experience of players, to assist towards unlocking game achievements or simply as a means to socialise with like-minded individuals as a distraction from everyday life. Walkthroughs originated as text-based descriptive instructions in magazines for playing through a video game.

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