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    Twin Cobra, released in Japan as Kyukyoku Tiger, is a 1987 helicopter themed shoot ’em up arcade game developed by Toaplan. It was published by Taito Corporation in Japan, and by Romstar in North America, and is one of Toaplan’s most popular arcade games. It is a spiritual sequel to Tiger Heli, and is itself followed by Twin Cobra II. TC was later ported to the NES, Sega Genesis – Mega Drive, PC Engine and the Sharp X68000. The NES version was developed by Micronics, published by CBS Sony in Japan and by American Sammy in North America.
    You will fight small helicopters, tanks and stationary guns, defeat the large helicopters to get power-ups. By picking up colored icons (blue, yellow, red or green) you can change to different weapon types. Read More

  • How to Play Twin Cobra

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Save and Load
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  • Twin Cobra Wiki

    Twin Cobra is a helicopter shoot-'em-up and the sequel to Toaplan's earlier arcade game Tiger-Heli.
    The game is known as Kyuukyoku Tiger in Japan, which continues the tradition set by Tiger-Heli to include the word Tiger in the title of each game in the series. Subsequent Japan-only sequels would use the same title, which roughly translates as "Ultimate Tiger". The game was originally released in arcades, but subsequently received a Famicom/NES version, a PC Engine version (which never saw a Turbografx-16 equivalent) and eventually a version for the Genesis.

    The FM Towns Marty version is arcade perfect but was released 7 years after the arcade cabinet. It is much harder than the other home versions as it penalises much more harshly on continue points.


    The helicopter comes equipped with a default forward-firing weapon that is able to hit both air and ground targets, as well as a finite supply of bombs which hit enemies in a wide radius for massive amounts of damage. The player can find power-ups by shooting down the relatively sturdy Chinook enemy choppers, which initially allow the player to upgrade their standard gun to include more shots, but will eventually allow them to pick up weapons that can fire in different patterns. These include a four-way shot that fires in the four cardinal directions and a spread shot that fires forwards and outwards in a cone. The player can also find additional bombs by destroying this type of enemy.

    At the end of each stage, and occasionally partway through, is a boss. These take considerably more damage than regular enemies and can fire a lot more projectiles as well.

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  • Twin Cobra Walkthrough

    Power Ups

    Bombs - You start with 3 Bombs. Push A to use a bomb. A bomb will form asmall cross, damaging anything within its radius. If you find an item with aB in the middle of it, it will increase your bomb capacity by one.

    Special - These have an S in the middle of the item, and increases theeffectiveness of the weapon you're using.

    Circles - There are four types of colored circles in the game:

    Red: The default weapon of the game. It shoots out red ammo at the enemies ina straight line. The maximum level of this weapon has a 4/5 spread as youshoot.

    Blue: This one shoots out blue spheres that spread out in the area, dependingon what Special level your weapon is on. The maximum level of this weapon hasa 5 way spread shot.

    Green: This is a quick shooting weapon that shoots out green bullets in astraight, narrow line. The maximum level of this weapon has a quick burst ofa narrow spray of bullets, with the first few being bigger than the rest.

    Brown: This is basically a homing weapon that will hit anything it's near,including hidden items. The maximum level of this weapon has ammo coming outall four sides of your Helicopter, homing in on enemies.


    Level 1

    -Once you launch off the pad, some blue copters will come in view. Startpushing B to start firing your normal weapon and take them out. Make sure toavoid their shots, as one hit and you lose a life. As you continue up, you'llbump into a Green Helicopter. It fires three ways, so make sure to dodge itsshots and the blue copters shots. Upon being destroyed, the Green Helicopterwill drop a Special upgrade. Pick it up. As you advance further into thestage, you'll notice a red canister on the ground. Destroy it to find aBonus Star, which will give you bonus points in the end. Make sure to pickit up.

    You'll eventually reach the city area of the level. Watch out for the tanksand blue copters here as you destroy them. You'll bump into back to back GreenHelicopters, so take them out and pick up the power ups they drop. Destroy thered canister along the way (you may need to move a bit to the right to find it)and destroy the enemies along the way.

    You'll reach a parking lot, which is filled with nothing but tanks and bluecopters. Destroy them and you'll eventually reach the boss of the area. Youhave two options here: either stay and fight, or tuck yourself in the upperleftcorner of the area to avoid its gunfire. The green tanks shots are prettydifficult to dodge, so I would recommend waiting it out in the top left cornerand you'll eventually fly past it. That's the end of that stage.

    Level 2

    -As soon as you launch off the pad, some little sub turrents will appear onthe screen forming a wavy line starting from the left. After that, theyscatter out, so make sure to move around and avoid their fire. You'll find aship as you go up further. Destroy the turrents and destroy the highest pointof the ship to reveal a Bonus Star. There's another Bonus Star in the redbox behind the first one. Move over to the right to find some more turrentsand another ship. Like the first one, destroy everything on it to find twoBonus Stars. You'll start running into a lot of Green Copters now. These aremore dangerous than the blue ones, because they move around while firing.Along with those, a Jet will appear and start attacking, so either use a bombto take it out or use your main guns. You'll then be on a green plane with abunch of gun turrents, so make sure to take them out along with the GreenCopters that come into play. Another Jet awaits you near the end, so take itout. Once you reach the end of this section, a battle ship will come out frombelow and start firing. It takes a lot of ammo to take it out, so keep firingor dodge it all together. It's your choice.

    The next part of the area contains a brown background with a bunch of GreenCopters, and at the end of this area is the boss, which is a Blue Tank. Thisthing has an odd shooting pattern, so study it carefully if you're going tofight it and either bomb the living hell out of it or use your main guns as youdodge the bullets. That's the end of this level.

    Level 3

    -As soon as the level starts, you'll be treated to a Green Helicopter andseveral Brown Copters. These move around all over the place like the Greenones from the previous level. Try to get a maxxed out Blue Super weapon, asit'll come in handy for this level. If you hang to the right, you'll run intothree towers that each contain Bonus Stars if you shoot at the centers.You'll eventually run into tanks that have two ends you need to destroy, orelse it'll keep attacking. If you stay to the right, you'll find two moreships, with a Bonus Star on the left one, and a Bomb on the right one. Takeout the Brown Copters as they come along, as well as the dual headed tanks andyou'll fly into two mini ships. Destroy the guns on them and destroy the endsof the ships to find more Bonus Stars. If you stick to the right, you canavoid the massive amount of dual headed tanks on the left side. Keep goingand you'll eventually reach the boss.

    You'll fight a Brown Tank this time, and it's actually quite simple. It willonly shoot in your direction in small bursts, meaning stay still and fire yourweapon at it and move to the side once it fires at you. Repeat this until it'sdestroyed and you'll have to fight a second Brown Tank. Use the same tacticyou used with the first one. Fly up and the level will end.

    Level 4

    -Once the level starts, get ready for an all out assault. You'll be bombardedby Red Copters, Green Helicopters, AND ship guns, so make sure to carefullymove and shot around to avoid being hit at all costs. The first ship containsa Bonus Star at the end, but that's assuming you can get through it with allthe other enemies firing at you at once. More enemies will start attacking youas you advance further, so you can either take the risk and get the Bonus Starson the ships along the way, or take the safe route and just attack anything inyour way without worrying about the bonuses.

    As you venture further, you'll have to start dealing with a bunch of dualheaded tanks, as well as underground guns. These things are annoying, mainlybecause they only appear for a split second before going back into hiding, soyou need to be right in front of it to take it down. Thankfully, it only takesone shot to destroy one. There's a Bonus Star at the end of this area in a redbox, so make sure to get it while avoiding the underground guns. You'll needto deal with a large swarm of Red Copters next. You'll eventually reach theboss of this area.

    This is a smaller version of the previous boss, but it's very mobile. I foundthe best way to take it out besides bombing the crap out of it is to move sideto side, firing your weapon and go between the bullets shot at you. I only gothit once with this, but that's because the controller slipped out of my hand.Once the first one is defeated, another one will appear, so use the same tacticas before. Once the second one is defeated, this level will end.

    Level 5

    -Once the level starts, you'll start being assaulted by Blue Copters and GreenHelicopters. You'll be getting assaulted by a lot of these, so make sure toaim and dodge carefully as you sway back and forth. Once you reach the shore,destroy the gray and red barracks to reveal Bonus Stars. Once you reach thestreets, there are hidden Bonus Stars on the left and right side of the screen,so take your pick and start firing, but make sure to either avoid the dualheaded tanks or take them out. After this part, you'll need to deal with acrap load of Blue Copters. These things know how to fly around, so take themout as soon as possible and you'll reach the boss eventually.

    There are a bunch of guns around the boss, and the boss itself shoots plenty ofbullets at you, so either bomb the side guns or shoot at them while avoidingthe big guy. The big green turret here only shoots straight down, and the sideguns shoot diagnolly in front of it, meaning you can stay on the sides and bombit, or sway back and forth as it shoots to dodge its bullets and hit it at thesame time. Once it goes down, this level comes to an end.

    Level 6

    -This stage starts out with a bunch of Blue Copters and Green Helicopters, somake sure to take them out. Once you reach land, you'll find a couple of redboxes that contain Bonus Stars. Now you'll need to deal with land tanks, BlueCopters and Green Helicopters. Destroy them and the red boxes along the wayfor Bonus Stars. If you have the Brown homing ammo, you can sit on the rightfor a bit and destroy the tanks without much of a hassle. After this part ofthe stage, it's nothing but land tanks and Blue Copters, so make sure to avoidand shoot. Soon, the boss will come into play.

    You'll fight a Green Tank here. It's pretty easy, as it fights the same waythe Level 3 boss fights, meaning it only shoots in your direction, so sit andfire and move when it fires. Repeat until it's down. You'll then fight asecond Green Tank, but this one fights differently. It will spread out itsshots with 5 bullets per shot. It looks similiar to the your maximized BlueShots, so make sure to find a gap when firing and keep moving as it moves.

    Level 7

    -You'll start off fighting those little subs from Level 2. Oddly enough, ifyou get close to them, they won't fire at you at all. Once you're past thatpart, you'll reach a ship with some guns on it, so destroy the guns and thenthe end of the ship for a Bonus Star. Do the same with the right ship and grabthe Bonus Star there. The next part of the level is dangerous, as you'll bedealing with a lot of Red Copters and gun turrets as you fly up. If you needto, drop a bomb to clear a path. There are also a handful of red boxes alongthe way, so if you want the Bonus Stars in them, destroy them. After this areais done with, you'll find two little battle ships. Destroy the guns and thenthe centers for Bonus Stars. The last part of the level has several RedCopters and land tanks. The tanks don't come in large numbers, so you'llmostly need to worry about the Red Copters. You'll soon reach the boss.

    This thing is actually pretty tricky. It shoots non stop, and shoots twobullets at a time. I found the best way to take care of it is to stay at thebottom of the screen and keep moving left to right, and right to left, stoppingfor a second in the middle to shoot at it. You may need to move around a bitto dodge the bullets as you move to the sides, but you shouldn't have manyproblems with it. Once it's defeated, a second one will appear, so use thesame tactic as before.

    Level 8

    -Once the level starts, you'll reach land pretty quickly. Take out the Coptersthat get in your way and shoot the Towers on the left side of the screen forBonus Stars. You'll eventually reach two ships. The right one contains ahidden Bonus Star, whereas the left one contains a hidden Bomb. You'll haveto deal with Green Copters mostly now, so stick to the left to reduce thenumber on the screen as you take out the towers to reveal more hidden items.You'll have to deal with a massive assault of Green Copters now, so take themout and bomb them if necessary. You'll eventually reach the boss.

    This is the exact same boss from Level 3, so use the same tactic you did withthe Level 3 boss. If you don't remember it, just sit and fire at it and thenmove once it fires at you. There are two of these.

    Level 9

    -Once the level starts, you'll be assaulted by Brown Copters. You'll soonreach a ship on the left and right side of the screen, so take the guns outand grab the Bonus Stars hidden in the ships by destroying the hatch at thetop. You'll eventually find a purple landing strip with a red box on it.Prepare yourself, because there are a lot of dual headed tanks here, so eitherbomb your way through or quickly take them out with gunfire. There are alsoplenty of red boxes with Bonus Stars and Bombs just sitting in the middle ofthe level. The next part consists of more underground turrets and an assaultof Brown Copters. After the underground turrets are gone, all that's left areBrown Copters. You'll eventually reach the boss.

    This thing will shoot out 4 quick bursts of ammo in your direction beforestopping for a few seconds, so stay at the bottom of the screen and move sideto side while stopping for a split second to hit it. Repeat the same for thesecond one.

    Level 10

    -This is the final level of the game, so if you at least made it here, thencongrats to you. Tt was no easy feat, was it?

    Once the level starts, you'll be assaulted by several Blue Copters and a GreenHelicopter. As you make your way further into the level, the number of BlueCopters will increase, and you'll also have to deal with dual headed tanks andregular land tanks along with the Blue Copters. Shoot the gray barracks asthey come along to reveal hidden Bonus Stars and Bombs. The dual headed tanksare on the left side of the screen in the street, and there are a handful, sotake them out as quickly as possible and another batch of Blue Copters willtry to take you down. Once you reach a purple looking area, get ready.

    Quickly take out the turrets as they appear, as they're part of the boss. Ifyou can take them out quickly as the screen rolls up, you shouldn't have anyproblems. The main part of the boss are the two massive gun turrets at thetop that shoot a couple quick bursts of ammo and then stop. Two from thebottom, and one from each side. Use your bombs on one of the sides to quicklytake it out. Make sure to dodge the ammo as you bomb one of the turrets.After the first one is gone, the second one shouldn't be that hard to handleconsidering the ammo goes in your direction, so just shoot and move aroundafter it shoots at you. Once it's defeated, you'll reach the final landing padof the game.

    Congratulations! You've beaten Twin Cobra.

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