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    Vigilante Arcade is a 1988 beat ’em up arcade game developed and published by Irem in Japan and Europe and published in North America by Data East. It is considered as a spiritual sequel to Irem’s earlier Kung-Fu Master. The game takes place in downtown New York City. The game’s plot involves a lone, professional martial artist who became a vigilante to fight an evil gang called the Skinheads ruled by a man known as the Giant Devil, in order to protect his “turf” and save a female hostage named Madonna, who was kidnapped by them. There are five levels in all, each with an end-of-level baddie some of which return in later levels as mid-level bosses. The arcade game was later ported to several different home computers and consoles. Puplisher: Irem Read More

  • How to Play Vigilante Arcade

    RShift = Insert Coin / Enter = Start / Setup your Controls in game up to 4 Players / Suported Options = Gamepad, Fullscreen, Rom Load, Reset, Save and Load
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  • Vigilante Arcade Wiki

    Vigilante (ビジランテ) is a 1988 beat 'em up arcade game developed and published by Irem in Japan and Europe and published in North America by Data East. It is considered as a spiritual sequel to Irem's earlier Kung-Fu Master.


    The game takes place in downtown New York City. The game's plot involves a lone, professional martial artist who became a vigilante to fight an evil gang called the Skinheads ruled by a man known as the Giant Devil, in order to protect his "turf" and save a female hostage named Madonna, who was kidnapped by them.


    Players control the titular character using punches and kicks to defeat the Skinheads in a 2D platform manner, while sometimes picking up and using nunchaku against them. If players get hurt while holding nunchuku, they become unarmed. There are five stages in order of appearance: a street, a junkyard, the Brooklyn Bridge, a back street scene and on top of a building that is under construction. Skinheads with Mohawk or spiked hairdo attack the vigilante with knives, chains, motorbikes, rifles and other kinds of weapons. They will also cling to him if he stands too close to them.

    The arcade game was later ported to several different home computers and consoles. The Sega Master System version was ported by Arc System Works and published exclusively in North America and Europe by Sega, and is one of several games in the console to include an FM sound switch for enhanced music quality. In the Sega Master System version, Madonna was renamed "Maria" and the Skinheads were called the "Rogues".

    The ones for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga and the Amstrad CPC were reprogrammed by Emerald Software and published by U.S. Gold mostly in Europe. The MSX version was ported and published by Korean company Clover.

    The TurboGrafx-16 version was ported and published in Japan on January 14, 1989 by Irem and published in North America by NEC the same year. This port matches the arcade more than other ports. The TurboGrafx-16 version was later re-released globally for Nintendo's Virtual Console for the Wii in North America on February 5, 2007,] in Japan on February 6, 2007, in Europe on February 9, 2007, and in Australia on July 6, 2007, but was delisted on March 30, 2012 (on March 31 in Europe) before it returned in September 2013. It was also released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan on February 10, 2015, in North America on September 14, 2017 and in Europe on October 5, 2017.

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  • Vigilante Arcade Walkthrough

    Stage 1:

    Shortly after the first stage begin, Stranglers will approach you, first from the right and then from the left. Eliminate them as quickly as you can and walk forward. Once you reach the ice cream shop, you should see a pair of nun-chucks on the ground. Around the same time, the first Red Mohawk should approach you. Try to grab the nun-chucks before the Red Mohawk attacks you, but don't risk your life to get them. Eventually, a second Red Mohawk will approach you from the left, and you should have more than enough time to grab the nun-chucks. Use them to take out any enemies who get close to you.

    Stranglers will continue to appear, and eventually the first Dirty Jack will approach you from the right. Stay out of his stab range and use the nun-chucks or kicks to defeat him as quickly as possible. It is likely that another Red Mohawk will join the fight from the left. By the time you reach the music shop, another Dirty Jack may attack you from the right.

    When you are by the doors for the club known as the Pipi Room, Stranglers will pour out from the doorway. Another Dirty Jack may join them from the left. As you proceed forward and pass the second door, a Hit Man Joe will exit the building and attempt to shoot you from behind. Be sure to duck underneath his bullet and then carefully walk backwards if you wish to attack him. Alternatively, you can ignore him and proceed to the right. It's a short distance past one other closed storefront before you reach the boss.

    Boss: Axe

    Also known as Raging Bison. He stands back, leaning against the van that Madonna is being held in, and lets a Crow Bar do the fighting for him. A second Crow Bar will appear behind you. However, you only have to focus your efforts on the one between you and Ace. Take that Crow Bar out as quickly as possible, and the second one will run away, leaving you to fight the boss.

    Axe is strong and can knock you around a bit, but he's also very slow, and can't properly defend himself against a constant stream of attacks. It is quite possible to simply move in close to him, and tap the kick button as quickly as possible. Every attempt he makes to attack you will be interrupted by one of your kicks. He can block those kicks for a period of time, during which he will gain a little bit of health back, but he will eventually try to attack you again, and get struck by your kicks. Once you knock him out, the van carrying Madonna will drive off to the junkyard.

    Stage 2:

    The junkyard is home to many Crow Bars. They like to wait on top of disposed vehicles and leap down to attack anyone that walks close by. A few Stranglers may try to strike before you reach the first Crow Bar. Wait for him to jump down to the ground before rushing in to knock him out with a flurry of punches. Keep advancing, one by one, up to each Crow Bar, but always let them jump down before trying to attack them. If you walk directly beneath them, they will reach down and strike you with their bar, and you won't be able to counter attack.

    After you fight your way past several Crow Bars, you will eventually see nun-chucks on the ground. These will certainly help you, but you must remain on your guard. Around that time, a Crow Bar will jump down to the ground to attack you, a Strangler will likely appear from the left, and the very first Chain Gang will appear. He may arrive from either direction. Carefully keep all of these attackers at bay with your nun-chucks, and proceed when it is safe.

    From this point on, Crow Bars may appear from either side of the screen, in addition to the ones you encounter on top of vehicles. A second Chain Gang will also join the fight at some point. He might appear on the same side as a Crow Bar, or the opposite side, forcing you to split your attention between them. Eventually, a final Crow Bar may appear from the left side and follow you all the way to the end of the stage where the boss is waiting. But as soon as the boss is visible on the screen, it will run away.

    Boss: Tough Brothers

    Also known as the Mad Brothers. These two large men initially start off on top of the van carrying Madonna. They will jump down to the ground when they see you, trying to pin you in between both of them. Despite their size, they are quite acrobatic, and can leap back on top of the van if need be. They also like to perform jump kicks towards your head. Take a note from their book and do the same. In fact, if they have you surrounded, you can perform multiple jump kicks off of both of them by holding the joystick in the opposite direction when you successfully strike one of them and pressing kick again to strike the other.

    The brothers share one health meter, and it's not uncommon for this fight to drag on to the left, and take you back through half of the stage. Concentrate on persistent jump attacks, and regular kicks attacks when you are on the ground and about to be attacked. With the right timing, a standing kick can take the brothers out of their jump attack. Once the boss health meter is nearly depleted, one of the brothers will pass out, leaving you to fight the remaining brother alone. Without the assistance, the second brother should be easier to defeat. You'll have to walk all the way back to the van on the right if the fight pulled you away, before you get to see it take off for another stage.

    Stage 3:

    This stage takes place on a bridge, and for the first portion of it, you must defend yourself against attacks from bikers known as Hell's Angel. They will race across the bridge in an effort to run you over. The only attack that will work is a jump kick which knocks the rider off and sends the bike skidding along the ground. However, the bike will explode a short while later, and you will take damage if you're in the vicinity of the explosion. Wait for the bike to explode before moving on.

    By the time you see nun-chucks on the ground, the bikers will stop and the Stranglers will begin to appear. Around the same time, two Red Mohawks will approach you from either side. Use the nun-chucks to attack them by alternating left and right. When the path ahead is safe, proceed to the right. Around the time you encounter another Red Mohawk, a Hit Man Joe will appear on the right, squatting low to the ground. Before you get close enough to him, he will shoot along the ground, forcing you to jump in the air in order to avoid the bullet. Once you are within range, he will stand up and shoot at the regular height.

    For the remainder of the stage, you will have to face several Stranglers, a few Red Mohawks, and another Hit Man Joe or two. Ignore the attackers on the left as much as you are able to, and fight them if you are forced to because of another attacker on your right. Once you reach the boss, any enemies chasing behind you will turn around and run away.

    Boss: Spike Boss

    Also known as Hammer Thrower Gool. This boss likes to attack with a weapon, a spiked ball on a chain that he swings over his head before sending it flying toward your head. While it's important that you avoid getting hit with it at all costs, one solid attack to the Spike Boss will cause him to lose his grip on the weapon, sending it flying.

    From that point on, this boss is not very different from the very first boss. He's incredibly susceptible to a non-stop barrage of attacks. Alternate between punches and kicks, standing or jumping. If you strike him fast enough, he will either block your attacks, or attempt to strike you back, only to get hit by another kick. Occasionally, he will leap over you and attack you from the other side, but the strategy against him will remain the same. Stay close to him and don't give him an opening to throw his fists. Once he connects with you, it's hard to get him to stop.

    Stage 4:

    In the downtown stage, you will have to contend with a large number of heavy hitters. Although your encounters through this stage may not match the description in this guide exactly, it will be fairly close. One thing is for certain: if you get killed, take advantage of all the invulnerability time that you are granted when your next life begins.

    The action starts almost right away with a Dirty Jack that approaches you from the right. Do not attempt to go toe to toe with him, as the knife gives his attacks better range than your kicks. Instead, try to rely on jump kicks against him, which he has little defense against. Moving on, you're likely to encounter a Red Mohawk next. While you're fighting him, a Dirty Jack will approach from the left, and this is where the trouble really begins.

    Your safest attack when you are surrounded like this, is to perform a jump kick, and then push the joystick back in the opposite direction while you kick off the first opponent in order to attack the enemy on the other side of you. Which ever enemy you focus on, the other one will surely assault you, so do your best to alternate your attacks as frequently as possible.

    As you continue on in front of the next building, Stranglers will flood the screen, appearing from both the ground level doorways, as well as the ledge one story above. The ones above you will drop down to the ground behind you. In addition to all this, a Red Mohawk or Dirty Jack is likely to be following behind as well. Walk forward as far as you can before you are forced to turn around and attack the closest Stranglers. Then proceed forward again until you are once against forced to deal with the situation.

    By the time you reach the end of this building, you will be forced to deal with whichever strong enemy was following you, and a Chain Gang will approach from the right to surround you. Deal with them and advance forward. After a short distance, you are likely to be attacked by more Chain Gangs, and Dirty Jacks.

    After you pass a fence between buildings, you'll have to deal with another surprise: Crow Bars dropping down from the roof tops. You can't see where they are waiting for you, but they will join the fray, often in pairs that surround you, in addition to whatever tough enemies you are already facing on the ground. Making your way through this stage unharmed is incredibly challenging, if not impossible. Fight your way through the waves of tough enemies by relying primarily on jump kicks, and the occasional fast ground kick (standing or squatting) before turning around and dealing with the opposite side. You'll spot a pair of nun-chucks on the ground when you are getting close to the boss.

    Boss: Skin Head

    Also known as Skinhead the Horrible. Skin Head starts out by tossing sticks of lit dynamite towards the ground at your feet. These sticks fall and take quite a while to explode. Naturally, you don't want to be standing anywhere near them when they do finally explode. In the mean time, jump up and perform mid-air punches (or swing your nun-chucks in the air if you're still holding them) to damage his feet until he finally gives up and decides to face you on the ground.

    Once he jumps down, you no longer have to worry about the sticks of dynamite, and this becomes a more conventional boss fight. However, unlike the boss in stages 1 and 3, this boss is no push over, and won't be taken in by random fast attacks. You'll have to be a bit more calculated, and rely more heavily on jump kick attacks. If you still have the nun-chucks, you can try to swing them continuously, but don't do it squatting down, as that seems to give him an opening.

    Alternate between jump kicks and kicking him immediately upon landing. If one doesn't hit him, the other one is likely to. You'll need to watch out for the moments when he tries to leap over you. He will typically do this if he is getting too far to the right and he begins to feel cornered. Pull back a little bit to keep him on one side of you, and attack him as soon as he lands.

    If he does leap over your head, continue with the strategy of jump kicks, and kicks upon landing. Once he is defeated, walk all the way to the right, ignoring any basic enemies as much as possible. Once you reach the lift at the end of the building, you will advance to the fifth and final stage.

    Stage 5:

    The final stage takes place atop a construction site, and you will be walking along a girder that extends across the stage. When you begin, a Strangler will approach you. Depending on how quickly you move to the right, you might be approached by a Hit Man Joe from the right if you are slow.

    After the screen has scrolled a short distance, the Stranglers will display a new behavior unique to this stage. They will jump up and hang on to the girder that you walk along. While they remain hanging from the girder, they will grab your ankles and drain your energy just as though they were grabbing your throat. You'll have to shake them off if they grab hold of you. As you walk forward, stop to crouch kick off anyone who arrives in front of you. Try to ignore the ones behind you until they pull themselves up and end up walking behind you.

    When you see a girder hanging above the one you're walking on, and some nun-chucks on the floor, the hanging Stranglers will stop. Instead, a Crow Bar will be waiting to leap down and attack you. A second Crow Bar will approach you from the right. Take them out carefully, the nun-chucks should help. Then you will proceed forward, and a Hit Man Joe will be waiting for you from another high girder. A second Hit Man Joe may appear from behind you. If you want, you can successfully move forward and ignore both of them, stopping only to squat beneath the bullets that they fire.

    You will notice a break in the girder. Jump over the gap, and you will arrive at the final boss. Any enemies that were following you will turn away.

    Boss: Big Boss

    Also known as the Giant Devil. The Giant Devil doesn't require a particular complicated strategy. The thing which makes the fight difficult is that the boss can arbitrarily block many of your attacks. In order for your punches and kicks to land and do damage, they have to hit at just the right time, in just the right way.

    The Giant Devil will attack you with a lunging kick, or by picking you up by the head and punching you back. His attacks will send you backwards. If you happen to fall past the gap in the girder, you will grab it before falling off, and pull yourself back up. You can never actually die from falling off the girder.

    In general, you should try to jump kick him from a good distance so that you are on your way down when the kick connects. In attacking this way, you will bounce back far enough away from him even if the kick doesn't connect. On occasion, you may land at just the right distance to deliver a series of standing kicks that will always connect. After around four or five hits, however, he will go back to ignoring these attacks.

    Once you successfully knock the boss out, you can approach the lever on the right to lower your girlfriend and finally rescue her. Congratulations.

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